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This is a list of all registered participants. This list is for informational purposes only and shall only be edited by the WMDE event team. Selected representatives must register by Monday at midnight CET, December 17, 2018.

For a list of participants sorted by Movement Strategy working groups, please check the sub-page.


Affiliate Name Representative Representative
Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia Susanna Mkrtchyan Gayane Vardanyan
Icons-flag-ar.png Wikimedia Argentina Galileo Vidoni Anna Torres (WMAR)
Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Österreich Ulli Zeller Claudia Garád
Icons-flag-au.png Wikimedia Australia Pru Mitchell
Icons-flag-bd.png Wikimedia Bangladesh Shabab Mustafa
Icons-flag-be.png Wikimedia Belgium Geert Van Pamel
Icons-flag-ca.png Wikimedia Canada Michael David Miller
Icons-flag-ch.png Wikimedia CH Rama Jenny Ebermann
Icons-flag-cl.png Wikimedia Chile Osmar Valdebenito
Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Česká republika Vojtěch Dostál Klára Joklová
Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Deutschland Lukas Mezger Abraham Taherivand
Icons-flag-dk.png Wikimedia Danmark Finn Nielsen
Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti Ivo Kruusamägi
Icons-flag-es.png Wikimedia España Florencia Claes
Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi Jaakko Pirinen
Icons-flag-fr.png Wikimédia France Pierre-Yves Beaudouin Rémy Gerbet
Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimédia Magyarország Bence Damokos
Icons-flag-id.png Wikimedia Indonesia Ivonne Kristiani
Icons-flag-il.png Wikimedia Israel Itzik Edri Michal Lester
Icons-flag-in.png Wikimedia India
Icons-flag-it.png Wikimedia Italia Valepert
Icons-flag-mx.png Wikimedia México Paulina Lordméndez
Icons-flag-nl.png Wikimedia Nederland Frans Grijzenhout Sandra Rientjes
Icons-flag-no.png Wikimedia Norge Hogne Neteland Astrid Carlsen
Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Wojciech Pędzich
Icons-flag-pt.png Wikimedia Portugal Ana Cravo
Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia Filip Maljković
Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia Stanislav Kozlovskiy
Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige Mattias Blomgren John Andersson
Icons-flag-tw.png Wikimedia Taiwan
Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine Yury Bulka
Icons-flag-uk.png Wikimedia UK Josie Fraser Lucy Crompton-Reid
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia District of Columbia Emily Temple-Wood
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia New York City
Icons-flag-uy.png Wikimedia Uruguay
Icons-flag-ve.png Wikimedia Venezuela Oscar Costero González
Icons-flag-za.png Wikimedia South Africa Bobbyshabangu

Thematic Organizations[edit]

Affiliate Name Representative Representative
Amical Wikimedia Antonio Hermoso Pulido

Wikimedia User Groups[edit]

Affiliate Name Representative
Algeria Wikimedians User Group Reda Kerbush
Art+Feminism User Group Walaa Abdel Manaem
Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group Wertuose
Wikimedians of Republic of Srpska Ljubiša Malenica
Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group Oleg Abarnikov
Basque Wikimedians User Group Galder Gonzalez
Wikimedians of Bulgaria User Group Justine Djadala Maria
Wikimedia Community User Group Belarus Mr. Zabej
Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire Yasield
Wikimedia Community User Group in China Fantasticfears
Wikimedians of Colombia User Group Sahaquiel9102
Wikimedia Digitization User Group Paula Domínguez Font
Wikimedistas de Ecuador Edgar Rosero Villacís
Egypt Wikimedians User Group
Esperanto kaj Libera Scio Ivan Quintero Santacruz
Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Mehman Ibragimov
Wikimedia Ghana User Group Sandister Tei
GLAM Macedonia User Group Snezhana Shtrkovska
Wikimedia Community User Group Greece MARKELLOS
Wikipedia Community Schools Association Greece
Wikimedia Community Ireland User Group Rebecca O'Neill
Iraqi Wikimedians Sarmad Yaseen
Iranian Wikimedians User Group
위키미디어 대한민국(Wikimedians of Korea) Motoko C. K.
Wikimedians of the Levant User Group Abbad Diraneyya
Wikimedia LGBT Thomas Schallhart
Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka Rehman
Wikimedians of Latvia User Group Mārtiņš Bruņenieks
Wikimedia MA User Group (Morocco) Nassima Chahboun
Maithili Wikimedians User Group Pankaj Deo
Shared Knowledge (Macedonia) Toni Ristovski
Wikimedia Community User Group Malta Toni Sant
MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group Bryan Hilderbrand
Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Kayode Yussuf
Wikimedians of Nepal Nirjal Shrestha
Punjabi Wikimedians Nitesh Gill
PhilWiki Community Filipinayzd
Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan
Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group Rinazh
Wikimedians in Thailand Athikhun Suwannakhan
Wikimedia Tunisia User Group Wael Ghabara
Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Elmacenderesi
Tremendous Wiktionary User Group Loganathan Rathinavel
Cascadia Wikimedians User Group Peaceray
Wikimedians of Colorado User Group Isarra
Florida Librarians of Wikipedia User Group
Georgia Piedmont Wikimedians User Group
Wikimedians of Iowa User Group
Kentucky Wikimedians User Group
North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians User Group thtriumph
New England Wikimedians Amy Carleton
Ohio Wikimedians User Group Maria Rimmel
Wikimujeres Ester Bonet
Whose Knowledge?
Wiki Project Med Shani Evenstein Sigalov
Wikisource Community User Group Gurlal Maan
WikiToLearn User Group
WikiJournal User Group Thomas Shafee
WikiWomen's User Group SusunW
WikiConference North America Andrew Lih
WikiDonne Alessandro Marchetti
Wikimaps User Group
West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Bodhisattwa
Commons Photographers User Group Hamed Gamaoun
Wikivoyage Association Roland Unger
Hindi Wikimedians User Group अजीत कुमार तिवारी
Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia SNN95
Karavali Wikimedians User Group Pavanaja U. B.
Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group Erzianj jurnalist
Wikimedia Tool Developers Group Youssef Ben Haj Yahia
Wikimedia and Libraries User Group Merrilee Proffitt
Odia Wikimedians User Group Pritiranjan Tripathy
Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
Wikimedians of Chicago User Group Brian Choo
San Diego Wikimedians User Group Melissa Ganus
Open Foundation West Africa Pamela Ofori-Boateng
Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana Mompati Dikunwane
Don Wikimedians User Group JukoFF

Allied Organizations[edit]

Affiliate Name Representative
Centre for Internet & Society - Access to Knowledge Program Pavan Santhosh Surampudi
Wiki Education Foundation LiAnna Davis


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