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Wikimedia Summit 2019/Program Design Process

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The Wikimedia Summit will be a focused annual event for conversations on strategy, governance and organizational development across affiliates, the WMF and its committees. An event that carries the conversations from the Movement Strategy Process further into the future, and is constantly developed along with the structural changes that will also support the organized part of the movement to successfully implement the strategic direction in programmatic work.

The Wikimedia Summit 2019 will be designed along the needs and status of the Movement Strategy Process and its Working Groups, as well as the participants’ input. The 2019 event will be an important milestone of the Movement Strategy Process serving following goals:

  1. The Summit will be an occasion where the affiliates’ and WMF’s leadership will come together to check in on the broader direction of the Strategy Process, with the opportunity to reinforce their co-ownership in this process. Also, the Summit will focus on organizational questions including movement level decision-making and governance.
  2. After creating and assembling the Working Groups at/after the Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town, they will have had the time to diversify themselves and to work on their scope. Some Working Groups might have had the chance to commission research on their topics. The Wikimedia Summit will be a chance for many Working Groups (depending on their members’ presence) to meet for the first time, as well as to synchronize among the nine Working Groups. Thus, the Summit will be a good opportunity to look back and to give feedback (to the Core Team) on what happened over the last months.
  3. At the same time, the Summit provides the opportunity to look ahead on the next steps within the Strategy Process until Wikimania 2019, being an important platform for in-person discussions regarding the development of recommendations of the nine Working Groups. Ideally, by the Summit, all Working Groups will have reached the point in their work where they prepare to draft and discuss first recommendations within their thematic area.

The Wikimedia Summit will be an event with one thematic focus, that brings all participants together in broader plenary sessions and more specific break-out sessions. It will be three intense days where results will be reviewed and next steps will be designed. Participating in the event means that representatives will need to be present in the sessions all the time. We will make sure that the essential conversations will be held in the sessions, and don’t need to be moved to the corridor track.