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CIS-A2K/IRC meeting 2011-05-05

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[8:00pm] Hmundol: Hey, shall we start the India Programs IRC now?
[8:01pm] Theo10011: I think so, its time.
[8:01pm] Mayur: yeah, we can start
[8:01pm] a_r_n: +1
[8:01pm] Hmundol: Sure.
[8:01pm] Hmundol: Well, first of all, thanks for attending. I thought i'd share an update on what's been going on and we could discuss these as we go along
[8:02pm] Hmundol: The first thing is the campus program. We put out the geo and central notices and got very encouraging responses. ~500 all-india, and ~70 from pune
[8:02pm] Hmundol: we are still in the process of sorting them all out and speaking to them and and responding
[8:03pm] Hmundol: i did mention on the mailing list that even those who we can't currently help as Campus Ambassadors (e.g., because they are not in Pune, etc.) should be invited and encouraged to join the community.
[8:04pm] Hmundol: This coming Sunday, we're inviting a bunch of them from Bangalore to attend the meet up there. (We'll be sending out email invites tomorrow.)
[8:04pm] Hmundol: Next Saturday, it'll be Pune and the weekend after, Mumbai
[8:05pm] Hmundol: Ideally, we should look at other locations also.
[8:05pm] Hmundol: Mayur/Theo: We have a bunch from Delhi so maybe we can explore something here as well.
[8:05pm] Theo10011: Sure.
[8:06pm] Hmundol: I also spent some time with students, teachers, professors and authorities to understand the ground reality in Pune for the campus program.
[8:06pm] Hmundol: I shared the report - and it is helping inform the design of the program for India. While we will take relevant learnings from the Public Policy Initiative, it's critical that we make it locally relevant.
[8:07pm] Hmundol: I'm also working on getting the Fellowships in place (at least 2 hopefully)
[8:08pm] Hmundol: Frank and Annie (from the Public Policy Team) will be visiting Pune in the 1st week of June to train Campus Ambassadors as well as to meet teachers and authorities
[8:08pm] Hmundol: The week after that, we're inviting a Professor from the US to join us in Pune for a week to talk to teachers and authorities on his experiences with using wikipedia in the classroom
[8:09pm] Mayur: Nice
[8:09pm] ragesoss: who will that be?
[8:09pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: have you come up with dates for training ?
[8:10pm] Hmundol: Actually, Mayur, one of the things we quickly noticed is that teachers respond best to peer recommendation. "Outsiders" can say whatever - but they receive messages from peers much much better
[8:10pm] Theo10011: hey sage
[8:10pm] Mayur: yeah, i do agree with you
[8:10pm] Hmundol: a_r_n: 99% it will be the weekend of june 4-5
[8:11pm] a_r_n: Hmundol:
[8:11pm] Hmundol: ragesoss: bob cummings
[8:11pm] Hmundol: what happened to you?, a_r_n
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[8:11pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: exams !!!
[8:12pm] ragesoss: Hmundol: great
[8:12pm] Mayur: @ Hmundol, Like pune Delhi is also hub of Universitis and student, I think we should concentrate on delhi also
[8:12pm] Hmundol: don't worry, it won't be the only session we have. see if you can attend for sometime. ...and start studying furiously now itself and not let things wait till the last night...
[8:13pm] Mayur: In delhi wiki community is very short
[8:14pm] Hmundol: Mayur: yes it is an education hub and I can well imagine it being an important city for the program in the (near) future. Just right now, though, even managing Pune alone is really difficult so I'd recommend we do the pilot in Pune and in parrallel work out how we roll it out to other locations.
[8:14pm] Mayur: yeah
[8:15pm] Mayur: bcoz it's just beginning now
[8:15pm] Hmundol: Another aspect I wanted to update on is the postings for team members. Had sent out links for these (on the WMF site as well as linkedin.) I'd really urge you to either apply yourselves or to forward this to people who you think would be good. I'm extemely eager to have as many community members in the team as possible.
[8:15pm] Mayur: We will be in good position in coming future
[8:17pm] Hmundol: mayur: you're absolutely right. We are still evolving the program and working out the logistics, etc. Once we have the design and systems in place, hopefully we can roll out to other cities more rapidly and with more manageable effort
[8:17pm] Cheeri: Hi...am from delhi...would be glad to help out here
[8:17pm] Hmundol: Hi Cheeri: Pleased to meet you. Welcome aboard. Appreciate your offer of help and I'm sure we'll work together very soon.
[8:18pm] Hmundol: Cheeri: Are you a student by any chance?
[8:18pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: for teacher's training, how are you planning to reach out to them to convince them to attend it ?
[8:18pm] Cheeri: spent 13 years in JNU, but not a student any longer:-)
[8:19pm] Cheeri: but have friends (teachers) in JNU, DU and other Delhi colleges
[8:20pm] Theo10011: Hey Bence
[8:20pm] Mayur: @ Cheeri, do you edit wikipedia
[8:20pm] Bence: hi Theo10011
[8:20pm] Theo10011: I am partly to blame for the recent inactivity in the delhi community.
[8:21pm] Cheeri: not a hard core editor...just updates, grammar, etc
[8:21pm] Theo10011: You should consider organizing a meetup Mayur.
[8:21pm] Hmundol: a_r_n: Great question. Here's what the current plan is. Send out an emailer / physical letter to heads of institutions outlining the program and requesting meetings. Follow up (phone) on each institute to get meetings. Encourage these meetings to include teachers. Outline the program in this meeting. Follow up with 1-on-1 meetings with teachers. Hold teacher seminars/workshops. Involve the WMF team from SF as well as the Professor I spoke a
[8:21pm] Hmundol: earlier) in all these meetings. Key messages in all of these: (A) wikipedia on campus is an innovative way of teaching that will get your students more actively invovled in learning (b) opportunity to network with a global teaching community
[8:22pm] Cheeri: and attending the occasional meetups arranged by Theo10011
[8:22pm] Theo10011: oh Mr. Cheeri, you prob. met Hisham too if you attended the 10th anniversary event at IIT.
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[8:23pm] Mayur: @ Theo, Yeah i think wikimeetups and editing workshops are not cnducted in delhi
[8:24pm] Mayur: We can target some colleges in near future
[8:24pm] Hmundol: Cheeri: A place like JNU woudl be a treasure house given it's student /academic body and the breadth of subjects thought and the diversity of students
[8:25pm] santhosh: Hmundol: When you interacted with Professors , students of Pune, did you get any information on how they see editing on wiki projects in their mother tongue?
[8:25pm] a_r_n: Hmundol: gotta go,
[8:25pm] a_r_n: see you all later...... only if I could return till 9....
[8:25pm] Hmundol: Sure, a_r_n, catch you around
[8:26pm] santhosh: are they equally aware about english and local language wikipedia?
[8:26pm] Theo10011: later a_r_n
[8:26pm] Cheeri: @Hmundol you bet...and they all have laptops +free wifi in the hostels, and loads of free time
[8:26pm] Hmundol: Santosh: Some are particularly passionate about their local languages - but even they dont' see it playing a role on the campus program per se - given the predominant language of education is english
[8:26pm] srikanthlogic: Cheeri: internet infrastructure is never an issue in urban india, its the motivation factor
[8:27pm] Hmundol: Cheeri: how times have changed. ...i'm of course referring to laptops and free wifi; not the free time. ...that'll never change.
[8:28pm] Theo10011: srikanthlogic he was talking about JNU in particular, wifi is still a security issue in Delhi.
[8:28pm] Hmundol: Santosh: Adding to my earlier point, we intend to attempt wikipedia editing as part of the formal teaching plan - which will be predominantly in English. However, one of the things I was thinking about was actively seeking out language colleges to do Indic wikipedias there. Will be very interesting to see if we can make progress
[8:28pm] srikanthlogic: theo10011 :ah okay ignorance. btw Hi !
[8:28pm] Cheeri: @Hmundol I was referring to the same:-) @srikanthlogic u r right on the button about the motivation factor- we are not used to doing anything for free
[8:29pm] Theo10011: Hi
[8:29pm] Theo10011: np
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[8:29pm] Theo10011: glad to have you here.
[8:29pm] Hmundol: In addition, Santosh, student clubs will also be encouraged and this is also likely to have some Indic language enthusiasts. One of the positives about Pune is that there are students from all over the country there (indeed the world)
[8:31pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: is the campus program restricted to wikipedia ? wiktionary and wikisource may be big interest areas especially for students from arts / linguistic background..
[8:31pm] Theo10011: thats a good idea.
[8:32pm] Odisha1_: hello.. sorry.. i m late
[8:32pm] Theo10011: np
[8:32pm] Theo10011: welcome Odisha1_
[8:32pm] Cheeri: @Hmundol I don't know about Pune but in JNU you could try to get interest going through the state based student associations...30% of students in JNU are from Bihar, or at least tht used to be the statistic when I was there
[8:33pm] Hmundol: ...currently, we are looking at wikipedia as the main focus area. I'd actually add commons as it's a very "accessible" way for newbies to contribute. I'll be honest and say I'm not sure how mcuh we can promote something like wiktionary in a direct classroom setting, though i can see how wikisource might have some relevance.
[8:34pm] Hmundol: Cheeri: that's a good idea. must look at it for JNU, Pune and indeed other places. ...One of the remarkable things I noticed about Pune is photocopied ads to sell cars - in English & Arabic.
[8:34pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: true.. wiktionary has relevance with language students
[8:34pm] Hmundol: Hi Odisha1_. Welcome
[8:35pm] Hmundol: Sure it does - and maybe something that we can do is to say "add x number of words to it as part of your semester"
[8:36pm] santhosh: Hmundol: in COEP Pune, there was a course on Free software
[8:36pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: or improve contents, add root, linguistic history, similar data related to x words..
[8:37pm] santhosh: I had helped in preparing the syllabus http://www.fosscommunity.in/wiki/Curriculum
[8:37pm] Hmundol: hey, btw, is there anyone here today who is not part of the Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune or Delhi commnities? Reason I ask was to check when your next community meet-ups are planned for because I'd love to attend.
[8:37pm] santhosh: Wikipedia was introduced in that course, its culture etc.
[8:37pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: i am at hyderabad and badly need to kickstart the meetups here.. just settled after moving from bangalore
[8:38pm] Hmundol: Santosh: Indeed they do. I spoke to a professor there and he is very keen on using wikipedia. He's also keen on Marathi Wikipedia so plan to spend more time with him when i am next there.
[8:38pm] santhosh: being a course of Engg students, focus was more on technology, but we can give some more focus on wikipedia
[8:38pm] Hmundol: Well, Srikanthlogic: Let me know a date and I'd love to come down. I do wish you well on this.
[8:39pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: thanks, surely will let you know
[8:39pm] anivar: santhosh: i send contact details to Hmundol
[8:39pm] RoanKattouw_away is now known as RoanKattouw.
[8:39pm] srikanthlogic: santhosh: how about making cs students learn more about technology behind wikipedia. mediawiki, related technologies and come up with mini gsoc type projects
[8:39pm] Hmundol: Santosh: I used to initially think that courses like Engineering and IT courses would be more difficult to convince - but the amount of stuff that is there on wikipedia on these topics is amazing. ...There is even greater potential for articles on both these.
[8:40pm] Hmundol: Sorry, anivar: what was that?
[8:40pm] Hmundol: ...or are you referring to the CoEP professor?
[8:40pm] anivar: Hmundol: Yes
[8:41pm] Hmundol: ah, yes. Thank you! It was a most useful contact.
[8:42pm] Hmundol: btw, I was going to send out an email on this to the various mailing lists but I've sourced some merchandise you can use for outreah events (t-shirts, badges, stickers.) whenever you have outreach sessions for new editors and you need some of these, do drop me a mail and i'll be happy to send it out to you all.
[8:42pm] Hmundol: Srikanthlogic: I'd be delighted to bring it down myself for you next Hyd meeting!
[8:42pm] Hmundol: Theo/Mayur/Cheeri: Hand delivery services available for whenever you plan Delhi!
[8:43pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: great! let me pull up my socks and make things !
[8:43pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: also some budget is available with repurpose of bangalore wiki10 meetup funds (~26k = 600$) with me
[8:43pm] Hmundol: ...don't have socks to bring.
[8:43pm] Theo10011: Thanks Hmundol.
[8:43pm] Theo10011: aw
[8:43pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: i would propose a repurpose grant soon and need your help in adding your inputs
[8:44pm] Cheeri: +1
[8:44pm] Theo10011: I was looking forward to wikipedia socks.
[8:44pm] Hmundol: Sure, Srikanthlogic: makes sense to repurpose it soon. Let me know whatever help you need. Hyd / Telugu are massively important.
[8:44pm] Hmundol: I shall promise to take this suggestion very seriously, Theo!
[8:44pm] Theo10011: heh
[8:46pm] Hmundol: Hey, I've pretty much covered the update I wanted to share. Do let me know if there were any questions on these, other related matters or unrelated things that you think we should cover (as we have 15 min let)
[8:46pm] Hmundol: after all, we have moved from the green pastures of JNU to wikipedia socks so we can't be accused of being narrow-minded this evening.
[8:46pm] Cheeri: Is Bob cumming to delhi?
[8:47pm] Hmundol: Not currently planning for that, Cheeri.
[8:47pm] Cheeri: Srry for the pun
[8:47pm] Theo10011: lol
[8:47pm] Hmundol: haha
[8:47pm] Cheeri:
[8:48pm] Hmundol: Was there a reason you asked, Cheeri?
[8:50pm] Cheeri: was looking at his profile...English prof could probably attract a JNU audience
[8:51pm] Hmundol: Srikantlogic: coming back to your point on making cs students learn more about mediawiki, etc. and doing mini projects is a great idea and is something i will feedback into the program
[8:51pm] Hmundol: HI Chakravarthy: welcome. I'm glad you resolved your IRC issues.
[8:52pm] Chakravarthy: thanks man .. for helping me to understand .. but am now connected by web .. not by chat client ..
[8:52pm] Chakravarthy: hope i'll resolve soon ..
[8:52pm] Hmundol: btw, Charkravarthy, given you had asked me offline about Hyderabad, let me introduce you to srikanthlogic who is in hyderabad.
[8:52pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: Hi !
[8:53pm] Chakravarthy: thanks for doing so .. Hi Srikanth ..
[8:53pm] Chakravarthy: by any chance are you there on the first wiki media meet on hyd
[8:53pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: i just moved into hyd in last feb
[8:53pm] Hmundol: Chakravarthy: btw, after these IRCs, Thoe puts up a log of the chat so you can always read the bits you missed
[8:53pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: i was in bangalore till then..
[8:53pm] Chakravarthy: Srikanth .. good to know
[8:54pm] Chakravarthy: there are a number of enthu wikipedians in hyd ..
[8:54pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: is it ? mailing list seems so mute though..
[8:54pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: ravi once sent a mail about meetup in feb, no response..
[8:55pm] Chakravarthy: Srikanth, yes, i too read that.. but unfortunately am not in country by then ..
[8:55pm] Chakravarthy: but offlate am back ..
[8:55pm] Chakravarthy: let's see how we can take this to next level ..
[8:55pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: can you drop me a mail /add on gtalk :- srik dot lak at gmail dot com , we must plan something soon
[8:56pm] Hmundol: Chakravarthy: If it helps in any way, I'd love to come down to Hyd and share with the wikipedians there the plans for india programs and the stuff that we are planning. so let me know when you might be planning this.
[8:57pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: i would surely keep you posted.. we need all the support I wish we can grow the community like bangalore over here..
[8:58pm] Chakravarthy: i have sent you ..
[8:58pm] Hmundol: srikanthlogic: 1 person at a time; 1 meetup at a time; 1 article at a time!!! I'm sure Hyd can expand rapidly
[8:58pm] Chakravarthy: please accept .. my mail id is varthy
[8:58pm] anivar: Hmundol: Just a question about Pune Campus Pilot . Does it coveres non-urban instiutions as well?
[8:58pm] srikanthlogic: Chakravarthy: sure.. thanks
[8:59pm] Hmundol: Anivar: It's focussed currently in the Pune municipal area.
[8:59pm] Hmundol: ...Was there a specific reason you asked?
[8:59pm] Chakravarthy: are there any other from Hyderabad in this chat?
[8:59pm] srikanthlogic: Hmundol: 1 at a time is a great principle
[9:00pm] anivar: Hmundol: yes . because pune have 2 different type of institutions . As a educational city many campuses are accessible & affordable for only elites .
[9:01pm] anivar: I feel we need to choose all classes of institutions to run an efficient pilot
[9:02pm] Chakravarthy: had to attend a client call by 9pm .. hence pl include me if there is any thing to be given attention
[9:02pm] Hmundol: Actually, Anivar: even the campuses in the city have some which are less "elite" than others. you are right, we intend to approach all kinds
[9:03pm] Hmundol: sure, Chakravarthy.
[9:03pm] Hmundol: ...I realise we have reached 9pm so if it's alright with everyone, shall we wrap up?
[9:03pm] anivar: their priorities and ways of working with wikipedia will be an interesting learning experience
[9:03pm] Theo10011: I think we've reached the end of this office hour session.
[9:03pm] Hmundol: Anivar: Agree fully
[9:03pm] Theo10011: I will put logs on meta and mention the link on india mailing list.
[9:04pm] Theo10011: Thanks to everyone for attending.
[9:04pm] Hmundol: Sure, Theo. Thank you, everyone, for attending.
[9:04pm] Hmundol: Have a good evening and look forward to meeting many of you in the next few weeks - and hopefully all of you relatively soon. Good night.
[9:04pm] Theo10011: Good night.