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CIS-A2K (Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge) is a campaign to promote the fundamental principles of justice, freedom, and economic development. It deals with issues like copyrights, patents and trademarks, which are an important part of the digital landscape.
If you have a general proposal/suggestion for Access to Knowledge team you can write on the discussion page. If you have appreciations or feedback on our work, please share it on feedback page.

19:59 Guest89655:

20:05 subas: where is Jayant

20:05 Akasmita has joined

20:06 Guest89655: hi

20:06 Raj_: Good evening friends!!

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20:06 Guest89655: here as Guest

20:06 Gapu: Hello everybody... Good evening

20:07 Guest89655: hello Gapu Welcome

20:08 Saileshpat: Hey, everyone 😊

20:09 mahir256: hello Sailesh

20:09 Satdeep has joined 20:09 Guest89655:

20:09 Raj_: Hello everyone

20:09 Satdeep: hello

20:09 Guest89655: Could you please everyone introduce yourself?

20:10 balaji has joined

20:10 Guest89655: I am Jayanta from BNWS, and CIS

20:10 Gapu: Hi, I'm Sangram Keshari Senapati, User name: Ssgapu22 from Odia Wiki

20:10 balaji: Hi all.. I am User:Balajijagadesh from Tamil wiki

20:11 Akasmita: Hi Everyone, I am Vinay from Kannada Wikisource and User name is Akasmita

20:11 subas: I am Subas Chandra Rout from Odia Wikisource

20:11 Satdeep: Satdeep Gill, Punjabi Wikisource

20:11 Raj_: I am Rajeeb(Marajozkee) from West Bengal Wikimedians Community

20:11 Vigneron: Hi, I'm Nicolas from France (French, Breton, Latin Wikisource), just here to observe ;)

20:12 Raj_: Interested to work in Wikisource

20:13 mahir256: I'm a sysop on Wikidata and bnwikisource, under this name

20:15 ramgun has joined 20:15 ramgun: Hi

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20:17 Guest89655: Hi @ramgun please introduce yourself

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20:19 subas: Pankajmala, most active in Wikisource has not joined, I dialled but no answer

20:19 Gram has joined

20:19 satdeep__ has joined

20:19 subas: I think there is some confusion of date.

20:20 Satdeep: Let's start the discussion

20:20 Gapu: it was 9th September in the mail.

20:20 Gapu: Even Ananth and Gopala had sent the message for the 9th Sept

20:20 Gapu: May be some are abscent due to that problem

20:20 Gram: Yes

20:21 subas: By chance I joined.

20:21 Satdeep: Yes, I agree. I came only because I got an email half an hour ago.

20:21 Gram: Hi satdeep

20:21 balaji: i too was of the opinion that the irc is scheduled for tomorrow..

20:21 Gram: Hi gapu

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20:22 Gram: Me too after seeing the mail

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20:24 jayantanth has joined

20:25 jayantanth: yes, but my personal planning a workshop for ORWS and PAWS, both community are here...

20:25 jayantanth: so we can talk

20:26 Satdeep: alright

20:26 Akasmita: So the main agenda which was informed in mail will be discussed tomorrow.?

20:26 jayantanth: next month planning for workshop, for TAWS, TEWS, KNWS, MLWS, SAWS

20:27 jayantanth: So Gapu, when when can we a workshop for ORWS? n

20:27 jayantanth: in next month

20:28 jayantanth: September end or October 1st

20:28 Gapu: There are two active users from Odia Wiki, Pankajamala and Radha mam, we could plan according to their opinion.

20:29 Gapu: @subash sir may help

20:29 subas: Pankajmala will join, told me over phone

20:29 jayantanth: And also want to know from each community, what issue are you facing now?

20:30 Pmsarangi has joined

20:31 jayantanth: @Akasmita, you can ask today also. I am available yesterday same time.

20:31 subas: Pankajmala, tell your problem

20:32 Akasmita: In kannada wiksource, OCR is not running at all, Getting a notification as "<error⧽ undefined Invalid language hints." Wrote in VP as well, no proper response.

20:32 Gapu: @jayantanath, I had mailed you one problem regarding the page issue in Odia Wiki. Hope you had checked that.

20:32 subas: In odia Wikisource, only 3 to 5 persons are active. What to do in such situation?

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20:33 jayantanth: as this page for KN ,it will not work

20:34 jayantanth: or KN you need Shrinis's script

20:34 Vigneron: @subas keep going anyway, on Breton Wikisource we're also 3-5 persons (and not all active)

20:34 subas: OCR IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. I observed that simpe translation is easier than taking the help of OCR

20:34 Vigneron: it's not a race, every proofread books is already a victory

20:34 jayantanth:

20:34 info-farmer has joined

20:35 Pmsarangi: OCR is not giving good response for old books

20:35 Satdeep___ has joined

20:35 Pmsarangi: So i have stopped using OCR

20:36 jayantanth: @Pmsarangi, its depend on scan quality

20:36 Saileshpat has joined

20:36 Akasmita: Okay. Thank you @Jayanthnath. I will check it out and ping you in case I face any issue

20:36 Gapu: Yes, ocr is a problem. It's better we could write them

20:36 Pmsarangi: And started typing

20:36 Gapu: For the old books, we could type

20:36 Gapu: It's ok for the new books, but some issues for some letters

20:36 jayantanth: please dot typed, if scan quality is bad

20:37 jayantanth: try to find some good scan

20:38 Gapu: some old books are in a different style font. The ocr is not working in the good quality scan copy also

20:38 Pmsarangi: Even if the scan is good we did not get good output for old books

20:39 Hrishikes has joined

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20:39 satdeep__ is now known as satdeep

20:40 Gapu: Pankaja mam, I think the old style fonts are not trained with their database.

20:40 info-farmer: Google OCR result vary according to language; scan dpi @Pmsarangi which language U R ?

20:40 subas: Users are unable to know the names and number of books available for writing as there is no list of books.

20:40 Pmsarangi: @Gapu may be

20:40 Pmsarangi: Odia

20:41 Gapu: In future, they might train those fonts.

20:42 jayantanth: for ORWS, better not concentrate on typing..

20:42 Gapu: we could focus on the new books, we have some new books too. We could use ocr for them

20:42 abartov has joined

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20:43 Pmsarangi: @jayantanth okey than,  will do proof reading

20:44 jayantanth: othan than old book OCR issue, any new issue for ORWS??

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20:46 Gapu: Yes, there is issue in page shorting.

20:46 Gapu:

20:46 Pmsarangi: Advance training for current editors

20:46 Gapu: You can check from the above link

20:46 info-farmer: @ Pmsarangi : After 2 year,  i did OCR for a book again. This time the OCR engine recognised few stylic fonts. So i think the engine is  having self learning algorithm.

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20:47 jayantanth: I need one person from each community to Interface administrator access for edit JS/CSS page, so please apply Interface administrator access

20:48 Pmsarangi: @info-farmer okay will check again

20:48 info-farmer: Yes. but few persions are enough for JS/CSS page,

20:49 jayantanth: @Gopu, I will teach you in depth in all aspect, then you can do it

20:49 Gapu: Yes, sure..

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20:50 Pmsarangi: @ jayantanth teach all

20:51 Pmsarangi: Keep a session for all editors

20:51 jayantanth: @Gopu, transclusion have not done properly

20:51 Gapu: Oh..

20:52 info-farmer: A suggesstion for interface: If floatable buttons (edit, preview, save) available, we reduce scrolling and also we can avoid wrist pain

20:52 balaji has joined

20:53 jayantanth: Yes ... will do for each community... please join the telegram group

20:53 Gapu: Yes, I joined today evening.

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20:56 jayantanth: And any other issue from any community??

20:56 Pmsarangi_ has joined

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20:58 balaji: in tamil wikisource display problem in main namespace after transclusion

20:58 balaji: The page numbers in the left side from the page name space is overlapping with the text.

20:59 balaji: also in bnwikisource i saw the option for changing the page width of the text in the main namespace..

20:59 balaji: similar coding exist in taws

20:59 balaji: but the options are not working..

20:59 balaji: dont know how to fix it..

21:00 KCVelaga has joined

21:00 balaji: with interface usergroup i wouldnt be able to change the css page too.

21:00 balaji: who are all having rights as interface editor usergroup in our group now..

21:00 balaji: ??

21:01 jayantanth: @ Balaji This is coming fron JS/CSS , I shall sit with with someday in coming month for fix this issue.

21:02 balaji: Thanks @Jayantanth

21:02 jayantanth: @ BAlaji, you need to apply

21:02 balaji: okay..

21:02 balaji: i ll try to apply

21:05 jayantanth: All you need a request at you VP, then submit here

21:06 jayantanth: today I am missing from Telugu Wikisource... may they will come tomorrow

21:07 balaji: okay.. i will do it..

21:07 jayantanth: I need one personal from Assamese and Sanskrit Wikisource

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21:13 info-farmer: How long we are going to chat?

21:13 Sushant has joined

21:14 jayantanth: Hi Sushant

21:14 jayantanth: welcome

21:15 jayantanth: @Info, Officially 1hr, but if discussion continue I shall be her....

21:16 Vigneron: I have to go, goodbye (and it was "nice" coming here, and seeing that other community have the same problems than the French or Breton one :) )

21:17 Subodh has joined

21:18 jayantanth: Bye Vigneron

21:18 Gapu: By Bye..

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21:19 Sushant: Does gues face problem while converting books to PDF in wikisource through create book?

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21:21 info-farmer: @ jayantanth Try it. we have to improve it

21:23 info-farmer: My aim is we should consider necessary interface simplicity.

21:23 Sushant has left IRC (Quit: Page closed)

21:24 info-farmer: then onlly we can get gains from the new contributors.

21:26 info-farmer: Srini is buzy in

21:27 info-farmer: we discussed about proof reading simploicity

21:28 info-farmer: He is going to use telegram bot

21:29 balaji: how this telegram bot will work?

21:29 info-farmer: If it comes, we do proofread form mobile itself. Let us wait for his words

21:31 info-farmer: The idea is as follows:-

21:31 jayantanth: @ Info please tell us in details

21:32 info-farmer: the bot show one image line and then we have to type or correct

21:32 info-farmer: It is a idea

21:32 info-farmer: long way to go

21:33 info-farmer:         i chatted with him for dictionary books

[19:46] <jayantanth>

[19:46] <jayantanth> Agenda

[19:49] == shrini [uid38773@gateway/web/] has joined #cis-a2k

[19:51] <jayantanth> hi Shrini, welcome here.

[19:51] <shrini> hi jayantanth

[19:51] <shrini> thanks for these initiatives

[19:52] <jayantanth> can it be possible the Indic Wikisource stats automatically in tool server?

[19:52] <jayantanth> its comming from

[19:54] <jayantanth> And I need one more stats for Indic Wikisource only, this one..

[19:55] == Pavan has joined #cis-a2k

[19:56] <shrini> possible

[19:56] <shrini> checking these pages

[19:57] <shrini> what are the data you need from these pages? and where to show them?

[19:57] <ankry>

[19:57] <ankry> UPS

[19:59] <jayantanth> @shrini , we need the same stats for Indic wikisource only, not all Wikisource, you can publish your tool server page.

[20:00] <jayantanth> @Shrini here

[20:00] == Pavan has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[20:01] <shrini> ok

[20:02] == HoloIRCUser1 has joined #cis-a2k

[20:02] == Shreekant has joined #cis-a2k

[20:03] <jayantanth> Hi Shreekant

[20:04] <Shreekant> Hi, good evening

[20:04] <jayantanth> Hi Pavan

[20:04] <HoloIRCUser1> Hi Jayantha

[20:04] <jayantanth> Hi Ankry , Welcome

[20:06] == HoloIRCUser2 has joined #cis-a2k

[20:06] == Gapu [67e4df16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #cis-a2k

[20:06] == HoloIRCUser2 has changed nick to pavan

[20:07] <Gapu> Hello everyone.. sorry I'm late

[20:07] <pavan> Welcome Gapu

[20:07] <ankry> Hi jayantanth

[20:07] <Gapu> Hi Pavan

[20:07] <jayantanth> Welcome all

[20:08] <jayantanth> Present stats of Indic Wikisource

[20:08] == Subodh has joined #cis-a2k

[20:08] <jayantanth> Hi Paval

[20:08] <jayantanth> Hi Subodh

[20:08] <jayantanth> Hi Pavan

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[20:08] == Titodutta has joined #cis-a2k

[20:08] == mode/#cis-a2k [+o Titodutta] by ChanServ

[20:08] <Subodh> Namaste to all!

[20:09] <jayantanth> Namaste

[20:09] <jayantanth> Hi Tito

[20:09] <shrini> hello all

[20:09] == Satpal has joined #cis-a2k

[20:09] <AnoopZ> Hello Titodutta

[20:09] <jayantanth> Hi Satpal

[20:10] <@Titodutta> Hello

[20:10] <jayantanth> Ho Anoop

[20:10] <Satpal> hi!

[20:10] <Anoop-Rao> hi jayanth

[20:10] <jayantanth> Could you please everyone Introduce yourself

[20:11] == Titodutta changed the topic of #cis-a2k to: Indic Wikisource IRC

[20:11] <jayantanth> Thanks tito

[20:11] == Anoop-Rao has changed nick to Minato826

[20:11] <Satpal> User:Satpal Dandiwal, Punjabi Community

[20:11] == AnoopZ has changed nick to Anoop-Rao

[20:11] <Subodh> I am Marathi Community Advocate (CIS-A2K) Pl put the agenda points

[20:11] == Ananth has joined #cis-a2k

[20:11] <@Titodutta> User:Titodutta, En Wikipedia community

[20:11] == Minato826 has changed nick to AnoopZ

[20:11] <jayantanth> I am fron Jayanta Nath , Bengali Wikisource

[20:12] <Ananth> I am Ananth subway from Kannada community

[20:12] <jayantanth> hi Ananth

[20:12] <Ananth> *subray

[20:12] <Gapu> I'm Sangram Keshari Senapati, User Name: Ssgapu22, Odia Wiki

[20:12] == Gopala has joined #cis-a2k

[20:12] <pavan> Hi I am Pavan, I primarily contribute to Telugu Wikimedia Projects and working for A2K as community advocate.s

[20:12] <ankry> I'a a guest here: Ankry from &

[20:13] <AnoopZ> I am Anoop Rao , ,Kannada wikipedian

[20:13] <pavan> User name - Pavan santhosh.s

[20:13] <shrini> I am TShrinivasan from Tamil Wiki

[20:14] <Gopala> Hello I am User:Gopala Krishna A. Kannada Wikimedian. And working as community advocate at CIS-A2K.

[20:14] <Gopala> I am traveling. I may go offline anytime.

[20:15] <Gapu> Hi Gopala

[20:15] <@Titodutta> Ok

[20:16] <jayantanth> Today I want to know your future planning for your wikisource... could please share your thought??

[20:16] <Ananth> Hello jayantanth

[20:19] <jayantanth> as per stats te ta bn gu working 11 Indic Wikisource

[20:19] <@Titodutta> Yes.

[20:20] == KCVelaga has joined #cis-a2k

[20:20] <Subodh> Wikisource proof reading activity as internships/online assignments/projects for students. We have conducted 3 such programs in last year with 3 colleges ;  To develop style guide in Marathi ; To complete 10 books in all aspects/ideal form ; To upload & OCR 50 books

[20:21] == Gopala has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[20:22] <pavan> 1. Increasing user base: We could get 2 new volunteers from outreach who retained for almost 1 year and currently contributing to project

[20:22] <Satpal> We digitised some books and uploaded on commons this month. So now we are thinking about a workshop. It will help us to proofread those books.

[20:22] <jayantanth> Hi Subodh , any documents?? in meta??

[20:22] <Satpal> May be this month we will do this.

[20:23] <Subodh> I am trying to build mr ws community, very few are active presently. We need admins also.

[20:23] <pavan> This is because those two contributors are from thematic interest group (a group of literature enthusiasts who are working online)

[20:24] <jayantanth> @ Satpal, for workshop I am going to Patiala in November possibly  

[20:24] <Subodh> Meta documents? pl explain. It is in our Workplan 18-19

[20:24] <Satpal> Great!

[20:25] <pavan> Trying to get people from more such groups. Mapping such cultural and literary groups

[20:25] == Gopala has joined #cis-a2k

[20:25] <Satpal> it will help us. because most of the active users on Wikisource are new comers. So if they got trained, it will be easy for them to contribute.

[20:26] <jayantanth> @subodh We have conducted 3 such programs in last year with 3 colleges, needs documents and share your experience to other wikisource community... it will help us to learn.

[20:26] <Gapu> In Odia Wikisource, we have less active contributors now. We are trying to convince more people to join for Wikisource only. By joining here, they could easily get books easily without any cost.

[20:26] <Subodh> We need some ideal books before us to follow. Could we prepare such list from Indic ws?

[20:27] <Gapu> In October last or November may be we plan 4th Anniversary and that is the best time to conduct an advanced wikisource training for ORWS

[20:27] <@Titodutta> On Odia Wikisource there is not an admin, which ''is'' alarming

[20:27] <jayantanth> @subodh, we have no list, but you can create one for your community... basic of your needs

[20:29] <Subodh> Yes, WP project pages are there in mr. I can create meta pages and circulate. Links of Best 10 or 5 books in bn, ta, te, en, gu

[20:29] <Gapu> @jayantanth, as per yesterda's discussion, we couldn't fix the exact date for the training. But, it would be better with the anniversary celebration

[20:30] <@Titodutta> (Or Wikisource admins:

[20:30] <@Titodutta> The problem of not having local admin is you don't have anything to delete or block non-constructive works

[20:30] <@Titodutta> Other than going to stewards,

[20:31] == satdeep [uid265017@gateway/web/] has joined #cis-a2k

[20:31] <Ananth> Having local admins is very important for all WS

[20:32] <Gapu> But, it's showing no admins for ORWS

[20:32] <@Titodutta> Yes, no admin on the project.

[20:32] <satdeep> That's strange

[20:33] <satdeep> Is it inactive ?

[20:33] == VBadikana has joined #cis-a2k

[20:33] <Gapu> I'm confused

[20:34] <@Titodutta> @Jayantanth, opinion?

[20:34] <VBadikana> ಹಾಯ್ ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ

[20:34] == mode/#cis-a2k [+v jayantanth] by Titodutta

[20:34] <+jayantanth> Hi VBadikana

[20:34] <Subodh> Gapu, then active members should become admin

[20:34] <@Titodutta> Hello

[20:35] <Gapu> Yes..

[20:35] <Subodh> We can take up admin trg also on priority. it is needed for mr also.

[20:35] <Gapu> It's time to focus on Wikisource also.

[20:36] <satdeep> Indeed

[20:36] == HoloIRCUser1 has joined #cis-a2k

[20:36] <Ananth> Wikisource is very important

[20:36] <Gapu> I think we should include the #100wikidays challenge for Wikisource also. If anybody would proofread at least one page per day. then it may help to improve the quality.

[20:37] <Gapu> One page not everyday, if he/she get more time, then could edit more pages.

[20:37] <+jayantanth> And as per this stats Indic book still not now so popular in present epub or mobi Kindle technology. Only bn and ta shown some result.

[20:37] <Ananth> It's open for all the projects.

[20:37] == pavan has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]

[20:38] <Gapu> I was inactive from May 25 2017 to December 4 2017, that's why i'm doing at least one page from 5th December.

[20:38] <@Titodutta> @100wikisourcedays idea is cook @Gapu

[20:38] <@Titodutta> cool*

[20:38] <Subodh> Ohh, that is the difference! WP editing is content development, WS editing is labour work. But it is the fact...

[20:39] <Ananth> It depends on how you see the work.

[20:39] == Shreekant has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[20:39] <Gapu> I'm continueing that for WikiYear. I know it's not a big achievement, but if more people would join the challenge, then it would be helpful.

[20:39] <HoloIRCUser1> In Telugu we are trying to improve articles in Te wiki using Ws books

[20:40] <+jayantanth> I want to know the future of from other community like te, or, ml, ta, te gu

[20:40] <Gapu> Aliva Sahoo also did that for 100 days in Wikisource, but due to some problem he couldn't continue

[20:40] <Subodh> We have to somehow pull student community into this.

[20:40] <satdeep> For Punjabi Wikisource, the main problem is not having all the required templates

[20:40] <HoloIRCUser1> To help more wikipedians understand how it can help sis projects as resource base

[20:40] <satdeep> We need to create a list of important templates for all Wikisources

[20:41] <HoloIRCUser1> We are trying to integrate ongoing scanning efforts from organizations like Manasu foundation to get more public domain works to Te.Wikisource. Krishna is going to help this by encouraging VVIT students Wikipedians to work on this.

[20:41] == HoloIRCUser1 has changed nick to Pavan

[20:41] <KCVelaga> For te, Pavan and me are working on project with a Library for digitisation, processing and proofreading of missing books, which are already in Public Domain. We met the library management today

[20:42] <KCVelaga> Hopefully, we'll organise a training program/workshop for three days in November or December

[20:42] <Ananth> @satdeep we can have the templates based on the editors level.

[20:42] <+jayantanth> @ KCV , good work , keep doing...

[20:42] == AshLin [2a6cec5e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #cis-a2k

[20:42] <Gapu> For Odia Wikisource, Sailesh, Prattek and Chinmayee did lots scans. But, we don't have many active members for proof reading.

[20:43] <AshLin> Sorry for joining late :)

[20:43] <Ananth> For Kannada recently we had a discussion with Hampi university, and they are ready to digitise at least 500 books very soon.

[20:44] <+jayantanth> @ Gopu, the volunteer problem is the same for all indic wikisource, we are 4 person is working on BNWS only..

[20:44] <satdeep> @Ananth: We need to have the list of templates to import at least. We can think about editor levels later.

[20:44] <Ananth> I will have a look at paws and let you know the templates required or to be imported

[20:44] <+jayantanth> Template should not be as per Editor level

[20:45] <KCVelaga> @jayantanth, I'll keep you updated about the progress on plan

[20:45] <Subodh> We can get the basic templates needed and their use by going thru the completed best books in few lang's. I request bn,ta,te members to give links here of atleast 2-3 books

[20:45] <shrini> yes, proof reading is tough when doing continously for hours

[20:46] <Satpal> @subodh good idea!

[20:46] <shrini> is there any offline proof reading tools?

[20:47] <AshLin> I assume you mean tools for Indic languages?

[20:47] * ankry is using a browser with 50-100 preloaded pages

[20:47] <+jayantanth> here is the list of templates, all WS should import,

[20:47] <ankry> as an offline proofreading tool

[20:47] <Subodh> We can copy paste the text in word doc, correct and then replace. I do like this

[20:48] <AshLin> How abou Baraha? Just asking.. Have no experience on it!

[20:49] <Subodh> Unicode input tools is not a problem for any lang now, I guess

[20:49] == Gopala has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[20:49] <satdeep> Thanks jayantanth

[20:50] <satdeep> We need to enlist all important gadgets as well. :)

[20:50] <@Titodutta> That's a good list @Jayantanath

[20:50] <Pavan> @Subodh we need to tweak wiki mark up, right?

[20:51] <Subodh> Yes, Pavan

[20:51] <shrini> I am discussing with a Govt Arts college in chennai, to proofread few tamil books. They are scared of the web interface. They look for offline tools. They printout one PDF book and all OCRed text as word doc. Now proofreading manually.

[20:51] <satdeep> Haha. That's an interesting approach.

[20:51] <AshLin> Word 10 has proofing support for Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu per en:WP article.

[20:52] <Ananth> I faced a similar situation at Christ, some how we convinced and trained faculty first. Then we were able to make them work on web.

[20:53] <Subodh> Shrini, why they can't do it in word file offline?

[20:54] == VBadikana has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[20:54] <shrini> @Subodh

[20:54] <AshLin> In my opinion, let the budding proof readers begin proof reading & get familiar with the process. Once they get familiar & feel fatigue at using laborious procedures, the web interface can be introduced.

[20:54] <shrini> they find tough to do it with computers.

[20:56] <AshLin> So we have three challenges in learning - computers, general proof editting, then using the prferred web interface?

[20:56] <+jayantanth> Its means for India, We need one offline tool same as line Proofread extension ???

[20:56] <Subodh> It is the best way to introduce them to unicode fonts, inscript keyboard etc. , the basic skills to edit on WP

[20:57] <AshLin> Offline is necessary also because of breakages in internet access.

[20:58] <+jayantanth> @ * ankry is using a browser with 50-100 preloaded pages, please share the documents....

[20:58] <Subodh> It is correcting the ocr output as per the original pdf text. It is not grammatical proof reading as such.

[20:58] == Lokesha has joined #cis-a2k

[20:58] == Pavan has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[20:58] <shrini> we have one more idea. Thinking on recruiting few tamil students as full timers, to proof read for few months to one year

[20:59] <shrini> is it accepted in wikisource?

[20:59] <Subodh> So familiarity with unicode typing is only skill reqd

[20:59] <ankry> jayantanth: nothing special: just opening an extra browser widnows and preloading ~50 pages in separate tabs for work when no internet access

[20:59] <AshLin> Basically, it is learning elementary type-setting also. That was what I experienced as a Distributed Proof-reader for Project Gutenberg.

[20:59] <ankry> i edit mode

[20:59] <ankry> in

[21:00] <+jayantanth> @Shrini, no issue I think so...

[21:00] <shrini> super then

[21:01] <shrini> will share the workplan and progress in mailing lists soon

[21:01] == HoloIRCUser1 has joined #cis-a2k

[21:01] <Subodh> shrini, it is a practical way...we can use training cum production concept. Some incentive/stipend during learning; we should avoid full time job kind of practice in my view

[21:01] <ankry> in we focused on looking for new users in ebook-related communities

[21:01] <ankry> with good results

[21:02] == HoloIRCUser1 has changed nick to pavan

[21:03] <shrini> @Subodh  we too think same. But training and volunteering also going. Like to explore few more options for few months. we can document the learnings so that others can follow

[21:03] <shrini> I had worked on BPO jobs on initial days, where got paid for OCR, proof reading, formatting for english journals

[21:04] <shrini> I can fund for one or two persons for few months for full time jobs. It is a mere experiment.

[21:05] <shrini> Will share on how it goes

[21:05] <Subodh> Is it a good idea to compile all the input methods for all the gadgets and their problems? We can then spk to google or other services as a community

[21:06] == AshLin has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[21:06] <Subodh> Yes, shrini. I also shared this concept with CSR projects. they also shown keen interest.

[21:08] <shrini> nice.

[21:10] == Lokesha has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[21:11] == AshLin has joined #cis-a2k

[21:12] <shrini> I am updating tool

[21:12] <shrini> if you need for any other language, inform me

[21:12] <shrini> will add for english soon

[21:14] <Ananth> We want that in Kannada.

[21:14] <shrini> sure

[21:14] == Gurlal has joined #cis-a2k

[21:16] <shrini> found this nice site on WS -

[21:18] <shrini> if anyone can think on how we can build a mobile app for wikisource works, please share ideas

[21:18] <shrini> I am discussing with few mobile app developers for contributing

[21:19] <Ananth> Ok shrini

[21:19] <shrini> As I dont use smartphone, I dont have much idea on how it can be done

[21:19] == Gurlal has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[21:19] <shrini> I am also thinking on a telegram bot for showing one word image at a time

[21:20] <shrini> user can see it and type it, then send it to ws

[21:20] <pavan> Issue is, in mobile interface we are getting editor window on up and pdf view down

[21:20] <shrini> I am exploring on how to split a image to lines then words

[21:20] <Ananth> That will be awesome

[21:20] <Ananth> That will be awesome

[21:20] <pavan> Everytime we have to scroll down and up to type each line or proofread each line

[21:21] <pavan> @srini awesome

[21:21] <shrini> it is still in idea phase

[21:21] <shrini> will update the status, if we get some progress

[21:22] <pavan> So, as per idea: we will get each line to type, right?

[21:22] <Ananth> We may

[21:22] <pavan> Okay

[21:23] <satdeep> That's going to be awesome!

[21:23] <+jayantanth> hi

[21:23] <+jayantanth> hi

[21:23] <satdeep> We did discuss something along the same lines at Wikimania during the Wikisource meetup

[21:24] <ankry> jayantanth: It seems MKar was the only admin in orwikisource and their right expired in Jan 2018

[21:24] <shrini> @pavan each line or each word, we can decide

[21:24] <ankry> nobody else had admin bit there

[21:25] <pavan> Great @Srini

[21:26] <+jayantanth> @Ankry thanks

[21:26] <+jayantanth> Anything else from any community??

[21:27] <+jayantanth> I am missing ML AS GU

[21:28] <satdeep> From PA, we will discuss with you and Tito soon about the Wikisource workshop that we are going to organize next month.

[21:28] <shrini> Exploring with this page

[21:28] <@Titodutta> ok @satdeep

[21:31] <Subodh> Shall we conclude?

[21:31] <+jayantanth> @stadeep, The problem is that Google ORC cant recognise the TABLE. May be some day will do...

[21:32] <+jayantanth> As of now Google OCR working fine with 97% output compare to two year before

[21:33] <Subodh> Yes, it is improved a lot in mr also. 90-95% accuracy

[21:35] <+jayantanth> I think we should have one IRC each month

[21:35] <satdeep> Yes. That's a nice idea.

[21:35] <@Titodutta> +1

[21:35] <Subodh> For table - can we convert pdf table into word/excel and then into wiki markup using tablegenerator?

[21:35] <Subodh> Yes. Monthly IRC must

[21:36] <+jayantanth> So second Saturday every month??  

[21:36] <+jayantanth> Comfortable for everyone ??

[21:37] <Subodh> Other than Sat/Sun? possibility of week end trips

[21:37] <+jayantanth> And I am available at Telegram Group ...

[21:38] == AnoopZ [~anoop@wikia/vstf/Yuusuke-Takazaki] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]

[21:39] <Subodh> Bye, all...

[21:39] <Anoop-Rao> 👋

[21:39] <AshLin> Good night, friends :)

[21:39] <KCVelaga> Bye, Good night

[21:39] == KCVelaga has quit []

[21:39] <@Titodutta> Take care, :)

[21:40] == Subodh has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:40] <satdeep> Bye

[21:40] <Ananth> Bye

[21:40] == AshLin has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:40] <shrini> bye all

[21:40] == Ananth has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:41] <shrini> Thanks for all your awesome works and contributions. Proud to be a part of awesome community

[21:41] <pavan> Thanks everyone for sharing ideas and work

[21:41] == pavan has quit [Quit: pavan]

[21:42] <Gapu> By all.. I'm also partially active on Telegram from this month.

[21:42] == Sushant has joined #cis-a2k

[21:44] == Uoojn has joined #cis-a2k

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[21:47] <+jayantanth> Good bye all

[21:47] <Anoop-Rao> Good bye,

[21:48] == Gapu has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:50] == Anoop-Rao [uid305669@wikia/vstf/Yuusuke-Takazaki] has quit [Quit: (-_-)]

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