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Эта страница — категория.
Эта категория отпатрулирована по состоянию на май 2014.

Здесь представлен ряд основных вопросов, стоящих перед проектами и движением.

Some are issues that have guided the development of current tools and policies.

Some are difficult topics, hard questions, and persistent tactical or strategic topics that have yet to be developed or resolved.

Each one should have a page summarizing the current state of policy, planning, and priorities related to the issue.


  • Some issues were last addressed a long time ago, and the currently linked page needs significant updating.
  • Some issues haven't been addressed on a single page on Meta, and more work is needed to combine the various pages here into a summary page. In these cases only a single top-level page is listed in this category; please search Meta for additional relevant work (in particular, specific chapters or language-projects may have documented their own regional approach to these issues).
  • Many issues were also addressed on the dedicated Strategy wiki and should be transwikied back here. (Our conclusion in 2011, when that wiki was closed to new edits, was that the strategy wiki should be merged back into Meta.)

Вопросы, не обязательно требующие немедленного разрешения, но которые просто нужно читать и обновлять время от времени. Многие постулаты, включая осуждающие или предвзятые формулировки, должны развиваться, прежде чем вопрос можно считать хорошо разработанным. Когда страница становится запутанной, для сведения воедино различных позиций и точек зрения может быть использован формат TIPAESA.


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