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UCDM 2024[edit]

Central Notice Settings
What is the campaign duration?
  • 7th March 2024 → 31st March 2024
Which projects will you be targeting?
  • Wikipedia
What languages will you be targeting?
  • all
Do you wish to show banners to Logged In users, Anonymous Users or Both? Do you want to target users with a specific number of edits or average monthly?
  • Logged In users

What countries will your campaign target?

  • all countries

Banner/Campaign Diet:

  • To be determined by Central Notice admin

What is the purpose of the campaign? How will you measure the success of the campaign?[edit]

Description - Article writing challenge on Ukrainian culture and people
Metrics - Last year 1401 articles were created during the campaign, this year we expect the same involvment. Also last year almost 70% of participants said that they have found out about contest through CN banner, so it is very important in promotion of campaign. Similar page with results will be published by the end of this year's contest with all the measurements.

What banner(s) will you use? What will be your landing page?[edit]

Banners - the same banner as last year (please insert correct link to the landing page) but with this picture and this backgroud colour code: #0593ff

Landing Page - Special:MyLanguage/Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2024

Is this project grant funded? Please provide a link[edit]


You would like to turn on this banner on 7th of March, but 8th of March is International Womens Day. This banner will run until March 9th. Would it be possible to change your request to start after that? Please also be considerate of other banners running in March. Thanks! Ciell (talk) 12:48, 1 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

As far as I can see that's another type of campaign that would run since 3rd of March. I do not think there is much interference ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk) 20:43, 1 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
They are both campaigns focused on article writing, both have a global target, both target logged-in users. WLA is also running already, which is another global targeted campaign. Sorry, we need to coordinate a bit here @ValentynNefedov (WMUA)! Ciell (talk) 08:59, 2 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

I do not think it is 1) fair to other campaign organizers nor 2) doing a service to users really, to display the banner in all langages and all geographies. In general, we tend to target people so to maximize impact and minimize annoyement. So why would this campaign be displayed to Hausa speakers ? Why would it be displayed in Zimbabwe ?

WLA made the deliberate choice to display itself in Africa. But Africans people also live in Ukraine. And some Ukrainians have pictures from Africa in their drawers. We could ask that the banner be displayed in all countries, including Ukraine, just in case we grab a couple of posters. We could ask that it be displayed in Ukrainian langage too. But we do not because we think there might be more interesting banners running at the same time that would be more interesting for Ukrainians and we do not want to grab attention that would be better placed.

Another example… in March… in Benin… a direct target of WLA, we also share the space with Women Month. And with Month of Francophonie. And with Quinzaine des autrices perhaps ? (I have not checked). And with Wiki Loves Folklore. All those are relevant to people living in Benin. Very relevant. I would say all those banners are more relevant than writing about Ukrainian culture. And whilst I VERY much think that it is VERY important to do diplomatic stuff around Ukraine, I doubt very much that Benin people, for whom Women day is very special, will give priority to Ukrainian diplomacy over gender issues on the 8th of March. And generally, I kinda think the Benin team, who is running WLA and likely participate to French month, would perhaps find logical to see WLA or Gender or Month of contribution banners a bit more than Ukrainian culture.

All that to say that… please… consider the public, consider your most important target and consider the kindness in sharing the space withe other organizers. Anthere on phone…

Another note about coordination… WLA made its requests about 2 MONTHS ago to precisely coordinate. You made your request end of Feb for early March and you are saying more coordination is required ?

Am going to be bold here and ask that THIS banner be only activated on March 9 by respect for ALL parties who have coordinated for weeks to have one unique banner for gender gap topics. We are dozen who made the effort… I think uk banner can wait two more days. The gender gap page is also open to everyone. Anthere.

@Anthere: I am taken aback a bit to be honest. Last year wikipedian, writing in Hausa, got third place, so I think this campaign is indeed important and interesting for participants from Africa as well. With due respect, banner for WLA is going to run for 2 months and our only for 3 weeks. @DerHexer:, I indeed planned to run banner from 1st of March but design of visuals and all communication stuff got delayed, so to adhere to all procedures I asked for it to be started on 7th of March. However, judging from comments above, even this starting date is upsetting for some people. If consensus is such, I thing we can still cope with campaign starting on 9th of March.--ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk) 15:46, 4 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Which is why my main request regarding the 8th of March, where so many gender gap groups get together to stick to one single banner. Anthere
For the sake of all the WP:GAP events (just have a look, there are so many!!) please have your banner start at March 10... And I have to say I agree with Anthere about the targeting. It does not really scale to have a global banner for just one country each year. The guidelines say to be as unobtrusive as possible and as narrowly tailored as necessary. For WLA, this means their banner only targets the African countries (though I am sure they would like the rest of the world to work on African related content as well!), and why the Celebrate Women banner (mostly, unless requested otherwise) only targets the countries and languages mentioned on the events page. More specific targeting makes up for a longer banner period, but please don't try to have both at the expense of other organizers in the movement. Ciell (talk) 15:00, 6 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
I concur with @Ciell and @Anthere. There are a million topic areas that need improvement, some of which suffer from systemic bias a lot more than Ukraine-related articles. Banner bloat is a big problem on Wikipedia, and we need to minimize it to avoid nulling attention where it's truly needed. Displaying this banner globally, without any sort of tailoring, does not seem justified. (The lack of meaningful prizes/prize info is an exacerbating factor.)
@DerHexer, adding my comments to Ciell's and Anthere's, I am not seeing a firm consensus for this banner to run with its current settings. Could you please deactivate it until a consensus is established? Sdkbtalk 11:30, 11 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Co-pinging @Martin Urbanec and @Vermont. Sdkbtalk 15:44, 14 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks for the ping. I've lowered traffic to 40% and published the 5 pending translations.
I don't think there's a need to outright pull this. It's March 14th, past the requests above to start it on March 10th. The remaining issue is region/language.
I'm personally of the perspective that we should not be showing untranslated content in a different language basically ever: if someone is shown a banner in a language they don't understand, and the event page is not available in their language, and the organizers do not speak their language...there is no benefit to them being shown the banner. Fortunately, in this case, the event page itself is translated into many languages, though the banner isn't. We really should have stricter and more clear guidelines on this. Vermont (🐿️🏳️‍🌈) 16:21, 14 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
@Vermont banner was translated and being shown in more than 70 languages ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk) 10:16, 15 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
ValentynNefedov, assuming I'm looking at the right message group, it's only translated into 25 languages, 18 of which I published a few mins ago. Vermont (🐿️🏳️‍🌈) 17:10, 15 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
@Vermont translations from previous campaigns are also used. I have just randomly checked arwiki and ukwiki and they have transaltions, despite not being listed in the message group ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk) 17:35, 15 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Oh, perfect :) Vermont (🐿️🏳️‍🌈) 18:37, 15 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Central Notice admin comments[edit]