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Wiki communities around the globe have diverse use cases and technical needs. Volunteer developers are often the first to find and address those use cases. They experiment with new ideas, build local and global solutions and enhance the experience in our software.

There are incredibly many great tools out there.

It’s time to celebrate this!

Coolest Tool Award 2020[edit]

Announcing the 2020 Coolest Tool Award

The second edition of the Coolest Tool Award happened virtually on 11 December 2020, 17:00 UTC, live streamed on Youtube in the MediaWiki channel.

⚠️ We are working to upload the event video to commons. Stay tuned!

The award is organized & selected by the Coolest Tool Academy. Members of the 2020 edition are: Zack, Neslihan, Masssly, Magnus Manske, Krishna, Joaquin and Birgit.

2020 Winners[edit]

Winner 🎥 Category Category description
AWB (AutoWikiBrowser) 📼 Editor Tools that augment editing
SDZeroBot 📼 Newcomer New tools or tools by new developers
Proofread Page extension 📼 Impact Tools that have broad or deep impact
Listen to Wikipedia 📼 Experience Intuitive and easy to use
GlobalUserPage 📼 Reusable Serves many wikis and projects
AbuseFilter 📼 Quality Tools to improve content quality
Pywikibot 📼 Developer Tools that primarily serve developers
Lingua Libre 📼 Diversity Tools that help include a variety of people, languages, cultures ...
CropTool 📼 Tiny Small tools and tools that do one thing well
XTools 📼 Eggbeater Tools in use for more than 10 years

Earwig's Copyvio Detector
Wikidata Lexeme Forms
Convenient Discussions
Entity Explosion

📼 Honorable mentions

Learn more in Coolest Tool Award/2020#2020 Winners.

How does it work?[edit]


Coolest Tool Academy[edit]

The award is organized & selected by the Coolest Tool Academy. This group is selected with a variety of criteria ensuring continuity (up to 2 spots from previous years), previous year winners, mix of editors / developers / Wikimedia Foundation staff, mix of geography and languages. This is done to minimize bias. Folks who are interested in organizing the Coolest Tool Award in the next edition are invited to reach out to us. :-)

Nomination process[edit]

The nomination process is open between 2-3 weeks, to give time for people to submit nominations for their favorite tools.

You can nominate multiple tools and are encouraged to do so! The more the merrier, the Academy needs your help getting to know all the cool tools in the ecosystem.

What is a tool?[edit]

A tool is a piece of software in the Wikimedia ecosystem that is useful from your perspective. Some examples of tools are: gadgets, MediaWiki extensions, websites and web services, APIs, mobile applications, desktop applications, bots, PAWS notebooks, user scripts, etc.

The most important thing is to highlight the work of the technical community, no matter what shape or form the tool takes :-)

Selection process[edit]

After the nomination process finishes, the Academy gets together to discuss the entries and selection process, then they individually review the nominated tools, and finally there is a last meeting where the Academy reconvenes and discusses the nominations to finally assign the awards in a variety of categories.

Award ceremony[edit]

The awarded projects are announced in a dedicated award ceremony. Depending on the situation either co-located with an existing movement event, or if it is not possible, in a virtual event.

Previous editions[edit]