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Dagbani Wikimedians User Group/Events/August 2020

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You are invited to join the August Dagbani Wikimedians online meeting.



Draft agenda

  • Introductions: Name? location?
  • Background
  • The road map
  • Where we are
  • Where were going



(sign below if you wish to participate)

  1. Sadik (User:Shahadusadik) - note taker, moderator
  2. Mohammed Sadat (User:Masssly) - facilitator
  3. Zita Ursula Zage (User:Celestinesucess) - attendee
  4. Abdul Baaki Mohammed Hardi (User: Mhabdulbaaki) - attendee
  5. Abubakari Khadijah (user:Abubakari Khadijah ) - attendee
  6. Abukari Ali - attendee - attedee
  7. Iddrisu Zakaria Baba - attendee
  8. Alhassan Salim - attendee
  9. Jamila Abdulai - attendee

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