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Para la característica de MediaWiki de notificación por correo electrónico, véase Help:Watching pages#E-mail notification

Si desea participar ayudando con las notificaciones, por favor visite the portal page en

Visión general del proyecto.

El proyecto de notificaciones (también conocido como Echo) es una nueva iniciativa del equipo Growth de la Fundación Wikimedia con la intención de aumentar el sistema de notificaciones existente como el sistema de las listas de seguimiento en Wikipedia y en otros sitios que hagan uso de MediaWiki. La documentación de esta extensión y el portal del proyecto se encuentran en mw:Echo (Notifications). Esta extensión aún está siendo desarrollada y necesita voluntarios que ayuden apoyándola y probándola. Una vez que haya tenido la oportunidad de probar las notificaciones, por favor realice esta encuesta, y luego únase a la discusión en esta página de discusión (en inglés).

Línea de tiempo

Notifications was first released on the English Wikipedia on 30 April 2013 and then Meta-Wiki on July 25 2013, after extensive testing on, and has since been deployed on dozens more Wikipedias with many more planned releases. The initially deployed features included:

  • Talk page messages: When a message is left on your user talk page. This replaces the former text in an orange bar stating "You have a new message from another user (last change)".
  • Mentions: When your userpage is linked to, in a signed post, on a talk page or in the Project: namespace; {{U}}, {{ping}}, {{reply to}} and {{tiny ping}} (all of which simply create userpage links) also trigger notifications
  • Page links: when a new link is made to a page you created;
  • Page reviews: When a page you created is reviewed;
  • Edit reverts: When your edits are reverted;
  • Thanks system: A small "thank you" for an edit;
  • User rights: When your user rights change.

In October 2013, Notifications was released worldwide on about 800 different sites, including most of the remaining Wikipedia wikis and 'sister projects'. Fabrice Florin and Keegan Peterzell managed the community outreach for these final releases, while Benny Situ proceeded with the technical deployments. Community members generally find this tool helpful, across languages and world regions. Notifications are also available on mobile devices, and seem to be adding value on these platforms as well.


Thanks is an experimental feature of Notifications that lets editors send a private 'Thank you' notification to users who make useful edits — by clicking a small 'thank' link on their history or diff page. One can also navigate to the special page Special:Thanks and enter a revision ID number to send a notification to the user responsible for creating that specific revision.

The Wikimedia Foundation's Growth team developed this small feature to encourage productive contributions to MediaWiki projects. It was made available on, Meta-Wiki, and the English Wikipedia on May 30, 2013, shortly before the rest of Notifications came out.

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