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Talks, Workshops & Edit-a-Thons[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Slovak Esperanto Meeting 11-13 May Levice, Slovakia
  • KuboF Hromoslav
Wikisource in Colombian Esperanto Congress 3-5 November Cali, Colombia
  • Tefita228
Talk about Wikisource in Esperanto. The target of the project and benefits for Esperanto community.


Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Wiki Loves ZEOs August Worldwide
  1. Sahaquiel9102
  2. Remux
  3. KuboF Hromoslav
  4. NMaia
A great achievement and a milestone in the history of our UG. Please see the grant report for more information.

Partnerships & Advocacy[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Partnership with the International Esperanto Science Association September Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • KuboF Hromoslav
Official Gazette of Universal Esperanto Association October Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • KuboF Hromoslav
The Official Gazette (Gazetara Komuniko) of Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) was released under a free license CC-By 4.0 after dialogue between ELiSo and the Association. Historical numbers were copied to Wikisource.
250.000 articles of Esperanto Wikipedia Inform Campaing in association with UEA

ELiSo & Media[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Promotion of Vikio Amas ZEOjn May Worldwide
  • Sahaquiel9102
Ad in Revuo Esperanto
Varsovia Vento Radio Station July Warsaw, Poland

(Worldwide reach)

  • Marek
Introducing the contest Vikio Amas ZEOjn and inviting people to take part in it
Revuo Esperanto October Worldwide
  • Sahaquiel9102
A 1/2 page note about de results of the contest
Esperanto Aktuell October Germany
  • Renardo la vulpo
A full page note about the contest and its outcomes
Wikimedia CEE Newsletter October Central and East Europe
  • KuboF Hromoslav
A note in the CEE Newsletter about the contest with focus on the participation of CEE countries

ELiSo inside the Wikimedia Movement[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Wikimedia Conference 2018 18-22 April Berlin, Germany
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
  2. Remux
  3. Sahaquiel9102 As member of Wikimedians of Colombia
  4. Psychoslave As member of Tremendous Wiktionary UG
  5. Tefita228 As member of Wikimedians of Colombia
  6. ?
Meeting for Esperanto-speakers was organized. 6 Wikimedians attended.
Anoj de ELISo post ĝia aliĝo dum vikimedia konferenco 2018 - 1.jpg
Wikimania 2018 18-23 July Cape Town, South Africa
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
  2. Remux
  3. Sahaquiel9102
  4. Jens Ohlig
A meeting for Esperanto-speakers was organized. See report of Kunsido dum Vikimanio 2018. A Lightning Talk was presented by Sahaquiel9102. See Sahaquiel9102's, Remux's and KuboF Hromoslav's reports.
Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018 13-15 October Lviv, Ukraine
  • KuboF Hromoslav
GLAMWiki Conference 2018 3-5 November Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Sahaquiel9102