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Fundraising 2011/Translation/FAQ

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This is the FAQ for the translation process using the {{Translate-status}} template. This system is currently used for the Fundraising 2011 translation; for the general FAQ, which assumes the uses of the {{Translation2}} template, see the page Translation FAQ.

How do I make a translation? (in short)[edit]

To make a requested translation, visit the project's translation page (e.g. Fundraising 2011/Translation), and find your language in the list of languages. If it is not in the list of languages, type in your language's language code in the box, and you will be taken to a page with instructions on what to do to help translate into your language.

If no translation template has been created for your language, the page will have instructions on what to do to create it.

When a translation template has been created for your language, it will list the pages that need to be translated, along with their status. Pages with status "missing", "in progress" and "needs updating" need work. Go to these pages and click the edit button to start translating. If you are starting a new translation the source text will automatically appear in the edit window. If you edit a translation that has already started, there is a "show" link you can click to view the source in the same page.

How do I translate? (a step-by-step guide)[edit]

This guide is for translations using the Translate-status system, like the 2011 Fundraising pages. Other translation requests currently use the Translation2 system, and the guide for those are at Translation FAQ. The translation process is as follows:

  1. If you are a translator or proofreader, navigate to your language via Fundraising 2011/Translation. If your language is not on the list, type in its language code in the box at the bottom.
    1. Translators find pages that need work; pages that are marked as "missing", "in progress" or "needs updating", click the links and start translating. When a translation is finished, click "edit status" and mark it as "needs proofreading".
    2. Proofreaders find pages that need to be proofread. After you have proofread the page and made the necessary corrections, click "edit status" and mark the page as "ready".
  2. When translations are finished and have been proofread they will be moved over to the fundraising wiki by the Fundraiser Production Coordinators, and marked as "published".
  3. If you have any questions or problems during the translation please put them either on the talk page of the translation hub (Talk:Fundraising 2011/Translation), on Meta talk:Babylon, to translators-l, or on IRC: #wikimedia-translationconnect.

When and how are changes made to a published translation?[edit]

Updates to original text[edit]

Sometimes there are changes made to the original text of a page. In order to tell translators that the original has changed an administrator changes the status of the translation from "published" to "needs updating". Sometimes the new text is added to each translation which has already been published. When a translator works on translating the status can be changed by the translator to "in progress". When ready the translator can change the status to "needs proofreading" (if the change is big) or "ready" (if the change is small), and an administrator will see that it needs publishing from the status template. The administrator will change the status to "published" when done.

To keep track of changes to original texts, you can subscribe to translators-l; all new requests and major changes are announced there. You could also add the English page and the status template to your watchlist, so that it will show when the page is updated.

Amendments to a translation after publishing[edit]

Sometimes an error or improvement to a translation is discovered after it is published. A translator can edit the translation and then request that the amended translation be republished by changing the status to "ready" again. The translator can also put a hidden message next to "ready" (for example: <!-- page name was incorrect, please fix! -->).

Where should I make a translation?[edit]

You can make your translation wherever you prefer. You may like to work on meta or on the Wikimedia project where you are active, if you are familiar with how to edit a wiki. You may work outside of wiki locally — on your PC, for example.

I have no idea how to deal with wiki markup. Help![edit]

Just leave them. Later, more experienced wiki-editors may willingly help you. It may even be okay if you remove wiki markups, if you find them too annoying to make progress in your translation.

Where may I ask a question about translating?[edit]

I have translated the fundraiser pages but they are not appearing (and I am in an area covered by a Wikimedia chapter). Why?[edit]

Fundraiser and donation pages localised on Meta are published on the Wikimedia Foundation's official wiki. The donation and fundraiser links on all Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wikis lead to these localised pages on Wikimedia Foundation, except for users who are physically within a region where a Wikimedia chapter operates. As of September 2011 Wikimedia Foundation has annual agreements with some local chapters. Users accessing the donation link who are physically within a chapter's region are directed to donation pages on the regional chapter wiki, and not to the Wikimedia Foundation wiki.

If you want to localise these chapter pages, then in addition to translating the fundraiser pages here on meta, you will need to contact the chapter to request that they create localised donation pages for your language, based on the pages translated here at Meta. There will be additional text to translate, applicable to that chapter only. If you encounter problems in this matter then you can try raising the matter on the translators-l list, or ask at Talk:Fundraising 2011/Translation.