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This page is a translated version of the page Global AbuseFilter and the translation is 35% complete.

Het Global AbuseFilter een uitbreiding van de extensie AbuseFilter voor kleine en middelgrote wiki's. Het is het antwoord op vandalisme en spam in meerdere wiki's, het vergroot ook de controle van de gemeenschap over deze globale handelingen.

Technische details

The global AbuseFilter allows privileged users (stewards and Meta administrators) to create, modify and delete filters which act on most Wikimedia projects. Individual filters could be designed to affect certain wikis, either inclusive or exclusive to a list. The range of projects affected by each filter would be determined by what the filter would be targeting, and would ensure that the filters are not active on projects that they shouldn't be. The global AbuseFilter is hosted at Meta, and modified by users with the abusefilter-modify-global right. Global filters can be disabled and marked as private, like local filters.

Detailed logs are available for local and global filters with separate rights, meaning that local communities can keep their preferred settings on the local AbuseFilter log while a global standard can be set for the global filters.

The global AbuseFilter has the following options:

  • The ability to log all actions which trigger a global filter.
  • The ability to tag edits on local wikis for further review.
  • The ability to provide a warning to users who trigger a filter.
    • It is not yet known how this feature would work.
  • The ability to prevent an action on a local wiki if it triggers a global filter.
  • A variable which identifies the project that the filter is triggered on

The exact changes to implement the filter can be seen in this code entry and this Gerrit change.


Global AbuseFilters are used to prevent spam and vandalism across many Wikimedia wikis. As such, they should only be made to stop patterns that affect many wikis. Global filters must be as specific as possible, and should be enabled for the shortest possible time. An exception to this policy are filters designed to just tag edits and not take further action. These filters can be left up indefinitely, since their purpose is to filter edits for further review and they do not take any automatic actions.


Al sinds februari 2013 zijn er globale misbruikfilters ingeschakeld op Meta-Wiki, mediawikiwik en testwiki's In oktober 2013 is dat ook gedaan voor incubatorwiki, specieswiki en outreachwiki. Op 25 januari 2014 voor alle kleine wiki's. In november 2014 voor alle middelgrote wiki's. De private en fishbowl wiki's worden bewust hierbij overgeslagen.

In June 2018, global abuse filters are still enabled on all small wikis and all medium-sized wikis, but also on some big wikis: enwikisource, frwiki, ptwiki, specieswiki, wikidatawiki (with specificities in the main and Property namespaces), incubatorwiki, mediawikiwiki, metawiki, testwiki and test2wiki.[1]

All wikis are capable of being included within the framework of global abuse filters. Those wikis that do not currently use global abuse filters may do so by achieving a consensus of the community and then creating a Wikimedia site request in Phabricator.

Active filters

See Special:AbuseFilter for the full list.


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