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This page is a translated version of the page Grants:APG/Proposals/2012-2013 round2/Staff summary/Progress report form/Q2 and the translation is 80% complete.
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All FDC 2012–2013 Round 2 entities submitted their progress reports for Quarter 2 (Q2) complete and on time, by 30 January 2014.



  1. “上季度财务信息的摘要表格” ”我们提供上季度的财务信息汇总表格,其中包含了每个团体及总和的支出以及收入“
  2. “上季度每个團體的进度报告摘要” “我们提供一个简明扼要的每个团体进展的总结,并附有超链接至每个团体详细报告。这些详细报告包含本季度的花销状况。“


This table includes estimates in US dollars based on the exchange rates used by entities in their own reports. The percentages displayed in table are also calculated based on the estimates in US dollars, and so may differ slightly from percentages listed in each report. Details on spending in the actual currency of each grant may be found in each entity’s progress report, in Table 3.

团体 汇率 (兑换美元) 预算类别 预算 (~美元) 第一季度 (~美元) 第二季度 (~美元) 第三季度 (~美元) 累计 (~~美元) 第一季度 (%) 第二季度 (%) 第三季度 (%) 累计 (%)
WMFR 1.30800 总和(工作人员及非工作人员) $911,686.46 $141,112.27 $270,909.04 - $412,021.31 15.48% 29.72% - 45.05%
仅工作人员 $492,227.87 $81,442.62 $121,099.87 - $202,542.49 16.55% 24.60% - 49.94%
仅非工作人员 $419,458.60 $59,669.65 $149,809.16 - $209,478.82 14.23% 35.71% - 65.32%
WMNO 0.16667 总和(工作人员以及非工作人员) $181,666.67 $1,530.00 $21,376.17 - $24,730.67 0.84% 11.77% - 13.61%
仅工作人员 $80,000.00 $0 $8,217.50 - $8,217.50 0% 10.27% - 10.27%
仅非工作人员 $101,666.67 $1,530.00 $13,158.67 - $14,688.67 1.50% 12.94% - 14.45%


2012-2013年 第二轮 第二季度 进展汇报的重点摘要

  • 两个团体及时提交了清晰并附有信息量的报告,我们在此表示祝贺。我们注意到了这些报告的进步,并对此表示赞赏。这些报告给予我们愉悦的阅读体验。在目标实现以及分享有趣的反思和策略性洞見上,这两个团体都体现了进步。
  • 我们鼓励所有团体在提交报告或提案之前,仔细的检查财务数据,以避免之后的更改。这样做可以节省报告审阅时间,并且保证FDC工作成员在财务细节上保持进度一致!
  • 正如第一轮组织一样,第二轮组织也汇报了维基爱古迹(Wiki Loves Monuments)的低于预期的参与度,并且归结此结果于不同的原因导致。
  • Round 2 entities are facing challenges of maintaining program and volunteer activity in the midst of operational / organizational / institutional growth that has required focus this quarter; however, they consider this a good investment in the future effectiveness of their programs.

挪威维基媒体分會 (Wikimedia Norge,WMNO)


  • WMNO 为其项目雇佣了3名全职工作人员;因此,在第二季度,项目活跃度(以及成员和项目开销)表现出了明显的增长。
  • WMNO’s work in the GLAM sector is building momentum, and includes partnerships with the National Library of Norway and Digital Museum. WMNO has begun to see the results of its W-i-R work both through the lens of improving tools available for GLAM work through technical projects and through increasing institutional capacities, and is sharing insights about its work in GLAM with the larger movement.
  • 在本片报告中,WMNO 分享了它的半年度(每年两次)计划制定程序,和它的4个修正过的战略重点领域: 合作文化、 广泛参与、 高质量的内容和北部萨米。
  • WMNO has noted that the number of editors on Bokmaal and (to a lesser extent) Nynorsk wikipedias is declining and WMNO has participated in discussions with some of its key editing communities about how WMNO might work with the community to address some of the possible causes of decline, which WMNO reports may be caused in part by tough patrolling and a lack of feedback that may be discouraging to new contributors.

法國维基媒体分會 (Wikimédia France,WMFR)


  • WMFR is tracking metrics for its programs from quarter to quarter, and includes useful information about re-use of content created through its programs. Along with this WMFR is presenting what it has learned as a result of what it has measured: for example, WMFR has reported more success with retaining contributors that attend workshops with multiple sessions rather than unique (or “one-time”) workshops and may plan to adjust its future plans accordingly.
  • WMFR continues its excellent work in GLAM partnerships and supporting content creation. This work is the result of WMFR’s sustained success in the GLAM sector over several years. WMFR is supporting the creation of useful content through these programs and through other programs that support editors directly, such as microgrants programs and equipment programs for volunteers.
  • WMFR is actively working to find ways to engage volunteers more in its overall organizational plans and in its program work, and is evaluating this aspect of success along with other indicators. For several programs, WMFR already reports good levels of volunteer engagement.
  • WMFR has re-structured its territorial development program, which has been delayed as a result of the re-structuring.