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Purpose of the report[edit]

This form is for organizations receiving Annual Plan Grants to report on their results to date. For progress reports, the time period for this report will the first 6 months of each grant (e.g. 1 January - 30 June of the current year). For impact reports, the time period for this report will be the full 12 months of this grant, including the period already reported on in the progress report (e.g. 1 January - 31 December of the current year). This form includes four sections, addressing global metrics, program stories, financial information, and compliance. Please contact APG/FDC staff if you have questions about this form, or concerns submitting it by the deadline. After submitting the form, organizations will also meet with APG staff to discuss their progress.

Global metrics overview - all programs[edit]

We are trying to understand the overall outcomes of the work being funded across our grantees' programs. Please use the table below to let us know how your programs contributed to the Global Metrics. We understand not all Global Metrics will be relevant for all programs, so feel free to put "0" where necessary. For each program include the following table and

  1. Next to each required metric, list the outcome achieved for all of your programs included in your proposal.
  2. Where necessary, explain the context behind your outcome.
  3. In addition to the Global Metrics as measures of success for your programs, there is another table format in which you may report on any OTHER relevant measures of your programs success

For more information and a sample, see Global Metrics.


Table 3

Shared metrics

  1. Participants: The number of people who attend your events, programs or activities, either in person or virtually. This definition does not include people organizing activities, social media followers, donors, or others not participating directly.
  2. Newly registered: The number of participants that create new accounts on a Wikimedia project. These include users who register up to two weeks before the start of the event.
  3. Content pages: A content page is an article on Wikipedia, an item on Wikidata, a content page on Wikisource, an entry on Wiktionary, and a media file on Commons, etc. This metric captures the total number of content pages created or improved across all Wikimedia projects.

Grantee-defined metrics

  1. A: Editors survived after 6 months the registration
  2. B: Bytes (NET sum)
Program Participants Newly registered Content pages A B
Taking wiki deep into education 287 71 291 320+ 2,660,942
Sustain WikiCamps with renewed content 190 24 10216 77 20,465,426
Establish WikiClubs within reach of every student 207 297 40045 267+ 130,192,096
Engage and grow community through meaningful participation 1403 447 35591 ~91 7,388,839
Establish Western Armenian as distinct wiki language 77 61 1125 7 3,750,026
Increase and diversify funding sources - - - - -
Exposing value of publicly available content to the development of GLAM institutions 30 20 1387 8 10,256,563
Turn digitization into fun and enriching experience 9 4 278 - -
Hack the expansion of wiki movement with wiki-hackathon 0 - - - -
Become hub for knowledge and innovation exchange 155 - 2340 - 23,401,513
TOTAL FOR ALL PROGRAMS 2358 924 91,273 770 198,115,405

Telling your program stories - all programs[edit]

Please tell the story of each of your programs included in your proposal. This is your chance to tell your story by using any additional metrics (beyond global metrics) that are relevant to your context, beyond the global metrics above. You should be reporting against the targets you set at the beginning of the year throughout the year. We have provided a template here below for you to report against your targets, but you are welcome to include this information in another way. Also, if you decided not to do a program that was included in your proposal or added a program not in the proposal, please explain this change. More resources for storytelling are at the end of this form. Here are some ways to tell your story.

  • We encourage you to share your successes and failures and what you are learning. Please also share why are these successes, failures, or learnings are important in your context. Reference learning patterns or other documentation.
  • Make clear connections between your offline activities and online results, as applicable. For example, explain how your education program activities is leading to quality content on Wikipedia.
  • We encourage you to tell your story in different ways by using videos, sound files, images (photos and infographics, e.g.), compelling quotes, and by linking directly to work you produce. You may highlight outcomes, learning, or metrics this way.
  • We encourage you to continue using dashboards, progress bars, and scorecards that you have used to illustrate your progress in the past, and to report consistently over time.
  • You are welcome to use the table below to report on any metrics or measures relevant to your program. These may or may not include the global metrics you put in the overview section above. You can also share your progress in another way if you do not find a table like this useful.
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q2) End of year (projected or actual) Comments
Example Example Example Example Example

Organization changes and governance[edit]

In the end of 2017 we have hired a new accounting company, which regulated all financial documents of previous years and now guides us in our financial planning and expenditure processes. We have undergone an audit in May 2018, by one of the leading companies in Armenia Trust Audit, which evaluated our financial documentation properly done in accordance of Armenian legislation.

WMAM changed its bank and now receives better and cheaper banking services, which enables us to save time and money. We have regulated our HR documents, paid staff annual leaves for 2016 and 2017. Our office has a free of charge 24/7 high-speed, symmetrical internet thanks to partnership with Rostelecom Armenia telecommunication company.

WMAM started revising of its Bylaw to match it with reformed local legislation and fill those gaps that were creating financial and management problems for us. Several drafts of the document were discussed by the Board, but we still do not have the final one.

Development and adoption of internal regulations, handbooks for Board and employee are the next major milestone we plan to achieve after revision of the Bylaw. While drafting those we will use the existing models shared by other Wikimedia Chapters and similar NGOs operating in Armenia.

Job descriptions of staff were developed based on the individual monthly reports developed for several months and program directions. The clarified job descriptions ensure no overlaps in responsibilities and bring clarity in our daily work.

1. Taking wiki deep into education[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • The implementation of mentoring system at Teachers’ training allow community members to transfer from a receiver into someone who also gives back, shares, and trains. Besides, by becoming trainers in such events, the teachers gain experience in how to teach wiki editing to newbies, afterwards they use those skills in their classrooms.
  • Working with individual university students does not result in large scale impact in the use of Wikipedia as a teaching tool in the universities. Hence, we began to collaborate with universities on the level of faculty or professors.
  • The appreciation letters sent to wikieditor teachers and their school principals increased their motivation to contribute to Wikimedia Movement and use Wikimedia Projects in Education and made school principals to better value and support their teachers.
  • The primary goal of the Education program should not be the content development itself, but rather the development of participants’ self learning culture by reading and editing. Therefore, from a new APG year we shifted our program main goal from the amount of content into the quality content.
  • One way communication system is not effective - two way communication enables the educators to be heard and to better contribute in the development of WMAM programs. Following this conclusion, we have revised several points of the Education Program in the annual plan and APG proposal.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Sign Memorandum of Collaboration with the Ministry of Education by July 30, 2018. Yellow check.svg Partly done Wikimedia Armenia prepared the draft Memorandum of Collaboration where highlighted the main directions of cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science. The Memorandum includes provisions ensuring teachers and lecturers participation in creation of wiki tools for education, incorporation of wiki editing in school curricula, as well as use of wiki projects in teaching as one of the criteria for teachers' annual evaluation․ In 2018 WMAM representatives met the Deputy Minister of Education and Science David Sahakyan and discussed the Memorandum draft and agreed to continue to work on the Memorandum to make it more precise, to finalize and sign it. But due to the Government changes in Armenia in the following months, the signing process of the Memorandum was stopped temporarily.
At least 1 editathon organized at major Armenian university with the Ministry of Education support and official representation, with 100 participants, creating at least 100 articles (800K bytes) Relisted Relisted Will be organized within the frames of the “I create a vital article campaign” in May 2018.
Ministry of Education high rank officials participated in at least 3 WMAM events. Yellow check.svg Partly done We hosted one of the heads of National Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science in our Teachers' Wikiweek in October 2017. She participated in the seminar with the aim to get acquainted with wikimovement, its ideology and further discuss the possibility of including a wikiediting workshop in teachers’ obligatory training programs of the Institute. Currently the Institute undergoes major structural changes, after which we hope to continue the discussion on incorporating wikiediting in teachers’ training content. But she contributes to our work by sharing our event announcements and encourages others to join them.
20 letters of appreciation were sent to schools were active wiki-contributors work by July 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done At the end of December all active teachers - participants of different years Teachers’ Wikiweek - received appreciation certificates from Wikimedia Armenia for their contribution on Wikipedia and for supporting the increase of the educational resources in the Internet. The schools principals also received a corresponding letter where WMAM thanked them for encouraging their teachers to participate in the Wikipedia Education Program and Teachers’ Wikiweek. This included 41 active Wikipedia education program teachers from the schools of all regions of Armenia. Wikimedia Armenia received positive feedback for this initiative both from the teachers and principals who felt appreciated for the work done and ensured to continue working towards enlargement of wiki movement in their communities.
New advanced program designed for teacher training covering teaching and learning opportunities with Wikimedia projects by September 30, 2017 Yes check.svg Done During June Teachers training we had a brainstorming and a group work session with teachers aimed at revealing the ways of using wikiediting in their lessons. The participants ideas and suggestions were written down and need to be worked on for designing a toolkit on using wikitools in school education.
Have teachers create educational resources (textbook, lesson plan) with Wikimedia projects. Time2wait.svg On hold One of the sessions of Teachers’ Wikiweek in Autumn 2017 was a discussion on the possibility of creating educational resources and lessons plans’ with Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia Armenia’s Education Program coordinator facilitated the discussion where the majority of teachers found this idea not appropriate at the moment as the Wikimedia projects are not convenient for the lessons plans and there is not enough experience of using Wikimedia projects in educational process.
At least 1 module with 10 lessons created for online teaching and tested with a remote audience of 20 people. Yellow check.svg Partly done WMAM did a research on other chapters' experience in creating online teaching modules. We adapted some modules to our community and Wikipedia. In the new APG year we are going to translate them and put into action.
At least 50 interconnected wiki articles (400k bytes) are created covering concepts and ideas of one given chapter of high school subject - by June 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done During 2 Teachers' WikiWeek the teachers have created 108 interrelated articles on Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Informatics, History, Literature, Psychology and Medicine.
Schools in all 11 marzes (administrative regions of Armenia) participate in various WMAM education programs Yes check.svg Done We have Wikipedia education program participants from all the 11 marzes of Armenia.
Increase number of good and featured articles in sum from 9 to 12 by July 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done During this reporting period our education program participants have created 5 featured (Peter Paul Rubens, James Clerk Maxwell, Olympic Games, Pacific Ocean, List of Nobel laureates in Literature) and 3 good (Holocaust denial, Aktion T4, Kotayk Province) articles on Armenian Wikipedia.
Increase percentage of surviving participants of our educational programs (in total 1233 participants of WikiCamps, WikiClubs, School and University Wiki Workshops) from 25-40 Yes check.svg Done The Wikipedia Education Program has 1727 participants in total with ~310 active participants in average, which is 18% of the total participants. In this reporting period there were 494 new education program participants.
Increase percentage of WMAM educational programs participants who organize events disseminate and promote wiki-movement from 8 to 12. Yes check.svg Done During this reporting period we had 12 education program participants - both teachers and students - who have organized workshops in different institutions spreading wikimovement in their regions. The workshops were dedicated to the Wikipedia reading as well as teaching wikiediting tools.
90 teachers participating in 2 wiki seminars with 50 teachers surviving 6 months after seminar. Yellow check.svg Partly done The first Teachers’ Wikiweek of this program took place in October 29-November 3, 2017 with 28 participants, 10 teachers survived by April 2018.

The second Teachers’ Wikiweek took place on 25-30 June, 2018 with 45 participants. We can provide the number of survived participants in the end of December, 2018.

At least 1 WikiClub is established at one of the biggest universities in Armenia. Yes check.svg Done A WikiClub has been established in the American University of Armenia (AUA) by an experienced wiki editor, who entered AUA in 2017.
At least 2 professors give assignments that include editing, translating or creating Wikipedia articles. Yes check.svg Done This granting period we have worked with 3 professors of American University of Armenia who have given assignments to their students in Wikipedia. Several workshops were conducted for the students to teach editing tools. As a result, 13 articles were created or improved in Armenian and English Wikipedias. Most of the articles were from the “Vital articles that each Wikipedia should have” list.

2. Sustain WikiCamps with renewed content[edit]

I create a vital article campaign (Winter Wikicamp 2018)

Impact and lessons learned

  • We have conducted several lessons learning and feedback sessions to understand the major issues and gaps of previous camps and based on that revised the planning and organization approaches. Advanced planning, proper team role definitions resulted in better time management and effective event organization. Establishing communication plans and revising communication channels for all the camps in advance, helped to deliver clear messages and key points to the future campers. The full program and schedule of the camp was reviewed, adapted to the participants’ age.
  • We made camper enrollment and selection process more transparent and comprehensive. The selection committee redesigned selection criterias considering the feedback from the community. Selection of campers from Wikiclubs was carried out by communicating to the Wikiclub coordinator, making possible to consider other sides of clubbers activity besides numbers and frequency of edits.
  • Intense work with the paid campers prior to the camp made possible to conduct camps that addressed critical needs and expectations of paid participants and their parents and at the same time not to damage the overall atmosphere of the camp. We arranged several informational meetings with the participants and their parents presenting the camps and ensuring that they understand the ideology of the movement and the camp and that all their concerns are addressed.
  • One of the measures of the camp was to record word pronunciation which was however not possible due to the background noise of the venue. We decided to make recordings at the special room of WMAM office with the help of adult volunteers.
  • Another lessons learned is that when we strive for more number of articles at the Wikicamps we gain less quality, that's why we encouraged editors to concentrate on the quality of the articles thus we ended up with large articles but few in numbers.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Sustain the participation of 400 students in all camps, of which 360 students participation funded through WMAM various projects and 40 students individually paid participations Yellow check.svg Partly done One of the proposed four Wikicamps was organized in October-November 2017, having 61 participants funded through WMAM and 8 individually paid.

Winter Wikicamp had 53 participants, Summer Wikicamps had 76 participants funded through WMAM and 16 individually paid.

While planning this objective we did not take into account the number of staff members. So the original number of 360 budgeted participants includes both the campers and staff members (in average 25 staff members - team leaders, support staff, wiki team.

Three summer camps (including one from 2017-2018 APG) were announced at once and for three different age groups. This allowed to inform the participants about upcoming events and plan in advance and for WMAM to better work with vendors and equally distribute organizational time and resources. We ended up with having three very different events which was a great learning process and fun for the wiki team as well.  

Increase percentage of retained contributors from 25 to 40 Yes check.svg Done In September 2018, 77 participants out of 214 were active on Wikipedia (~36%).
Organize at least 4 WikiCamps by July 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done The Autumn Wikicamp was organized on 28 October - 5 November 2017, the winter WikiCamp - on February 2-8, the Summer Wikicamps - on July 4-13 and July 20-27, 2018.
5,000 articles created or improved in Armenian Wikipedia mostly translated from Russian or English Wikipedias. Yes check.svg Done 491 articles were created or improved during WikiCamps.
10,000 entries created in Armenian Wiktionary. Yellow check.svg Partly done 8898 entries were created during WikiCamps.
250 new articles in Western Armenian. Yellow check.svg Partly done The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation funding made possible to have 7 Western Armenian participants (6 students and 1 mentor) at the camp. They created 44 articles in total.  
1000 pages proofread in Armenian Wikisource. Yellow check.svg Partly done 783 pages were proofread during the WikiCamps.
28,000,000 bytes added to wiki projects. Yellow check.svg Partly done 20,465,426 bytes added to wiki projects during the WikiCamps.
1000 files uploaded in Wikimedia Commons (Armenian words pronunciation). Relisted Relisted As stated in the lessons learned section, we decided to conduct the recordings at the WMAM office, where 15,698 words were recorded from November to June, 2018.
Introduce at least 3 new modules on personal development and learning skills Yes check.svg Done Already done last year.
Advanced website is designed to promote WikiCamps and opportunity for paid participation, as well as, to create and maintain relationships with interested individuals Yes check.svg Done Already done last year -

3. Establish WikiClubs within reach of every student[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • Wikiclubs are working more effectively when they have clear working program for a period of time. When the program is scheduled with precise timelines and is filled with different editing exercises, new participants involving and outreach events, the WikiClubs tend to have higher performance.
  • Regular calls and meetings with WikiClubs coordinators foster the productive work of the WikiClubs. Regular reports, two side communication help to evaluate the clubs performance, be aware of their ongoing activities, arosen problems, etc., thus making the clubs coordination easier and more effective.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Establish 10 new WikiClubs by July 1, 2018 Yellow check.svg Partly done WMAM has received a grant from Armenian General Benevolent Union for establishing 5 WikiClubs in Spitak, Goris, Alaverdi, Koghb and Vardenik where we had active wiki teachers. Another two WikiClubs have been established with the support of individual sponsors in Hatsik and Gyumri.
Maintain activity of 14 running WikiClubs Yes check.svg Done As of December 31, WMAM has maintained 11 WikiClubs (at the time of writing the APG proposal WMAM had 10 active WikiClubs. The number 14 is a typo). After the grant proposal until July 1, WMAM has established 2 WikiClubs (Ddmashen and Vanashen WikiClubs) and closed the Artashat WikiClub due to its insufficient activeness.
Design at least 10 sessions led by WikiClub coordinators on skills and habits of success X mark.svg Not done The meeting with WikiClub coordinators in March, 2018 was full of discussions on their work methodology, reporting and communication and made clear that there was a huge gap in this fields few to mention. We have worked in this direction, jointly with coordinators developed a WikiClub manual (in Armenian) covering all the fields of WikiClub and currently we have reached a situation, that we can diversify our curriculum in WikiClubs and incorporate personal development sessions.
Implement at least one professional development brainstorming and workshop with WikiClub coordinators Yes check.svg Done In March 2018 we organized a meeting with WMAM WikiClubs coordinators.
Collect WikiClub membership monthly/annual fee from at least 5 sponsors Yellow check.svg Partly done WMAM has discussed this issue with WikiClubs sponsors earlier who have agreed with paying monthly/annual fee. Official letters were sent to some sponsors which resulted in receiving 2 membership fees from the sponsors.
Organize at least one event for WikiClub sponsors to discuss growth opportunities and community building X mark.svg Not done Due to WMAM busy calendar the event was not organized.
Help at least 5 sponsors develop interaction and mentoring with WikiClub students X mark.svg Not done Instead, we have organized some sponsors’ visits to the WikiClubs where they got acquainted with the clubs activities in details and were inspired to continue their sponsorship in future.

4. Engage and grow community through meaningful participation[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • Engaging community members in various WMAM events as mentors, such as Wikicamps, Teacher trainings, various workshops, increased the productivity of newcomers and made community members feel ownership towards Wikimedia Movement. Being a part of a Mentoring Team during the WikiCamp and Teachers’ Week motivated our community members to contribute and participate more․
  • International writing contests and “I create a vital article” campaign gave us a solid ground to conclude that proposing concrete lists of articles to edit helps editors to contribute more easily and WMAM to do targeted and measurable work. Thematic and structured initiative approach helps to engage more valuable contributors and generate more quality articles.
  • Different capacity building and learning events for the community highly impacted on the skill development and motivation of community members. These events helped us also to target broader (non wiki) audience and increase WMAM visibility, confirming the fact that we are resource providing organization.
  • On the base of the community needs evaluation report better communication and evaluation strategies were incorporated into the new annual plan. We seek to improve two-way communication with our community, where the community is involved in decision making and governance.
  • We learned that short term events (~2 days long) are not enough for the newbies to learn editing process and policies well enough, therefore we planned to have short term events only for the experienced participants, and longer events for the new editors.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Establish tighter and more active relationship with existing and potential Wikipedians. Yes check.svg Done We strived for better engagement and participation of the community in decision making and planning of the organization activities organizing annual plan and other discussions. With a better evaluation strategy we collected participants feedback more effectively. The community needs assessment survey showed us the ways we can make the existing relationship with the community better.
On Wikipedia Day 2018 have 100 participants at WMAM organized event and 200 at WikiClubs Yellow check.svg Partly done 81 participants at Wikimedia Armenia office, 153 participants at Wikiclubs.
Organize community events around displaying and later sinking the biggest Wikipedia concrete logo attracting at least 100 Wikipedians Yellow check.svg Partly done 52 participants at the Wikipedia logo submerging event.
May 2018, Organize grand celebration of the 5th anniversary of Wikimedia Armenia, with competitions and workshops, attracting at least 200 Wikipedians Yes check.svg Done The grand celebration was organized at Wikimedia Armenia office on May 13. We hosted community members, partners, guests and WMAM staff/board members at our office. The GLAM forum participants also attended the event. Previous to the celebration an editaton was carried out in the framework of  "I create a vital article" campaign.
Have at least 30 participants in Saturday workshops at WMAM Yerevan Club Yellow check.svg Partly done We had about 15-20 participants in each Saturday workshop. With the new space we organize various editathons to host more editors.

See more on monthly reports.

Organize at least 3 event (masterclass, workshop, brainstorming, team-building) with professionals and activists famous in particular domains Yes check.svg Done Three  capacity building and learning events were organized at WMAM office attracting community members and other interested people. The workshops were led by a professional in its field. These workshops are: Media Literacy, Common mistakes in Armenian, Copyright and related rights. The events were largely welcomed by the community and WMAM intends to continue this practice.
Attract and involve more professionals by organizing at least 5 different workshops in different educational and scientific institutions. Yes check.svg Done 5 different workshops were organized with different educational and scientific institutions.

See more on monthly reports.

Organize 8 edit-a-thons for WLS participants Yes check.svg Done 6 editathons were organized in this reporting period. 2 of them were larger events and involved twice as many participants as planned for these editathons and dedicated to “I create a vital article” campaign. Another editaton was completely on the medicine and was organized for medical students/professors only in partnership with the Yerevan State Medical University.

See more on monthly reports.

Organize at least 2 fully sponsored edit-a-thons to increase literacy in particular areas Yellow check.svg Partly done In spring, 2018 Central Bank of Armenia, in partnership with WMAM announced a contest of writing Wikipedia articles on financial topics. The list for contest was mainly composed of vital articles.

Though the contest received a larger outreach in the beginning, the Central Bank had to stop it for unknown period of time due to large demonstrations, strikes during the Velvet Revolution.

About 35 participants in each edit-a-thon Yes check.svg Done In average 38 participants in all WLS edit-a-thons.
600 high quality articles created and improved during edit-a-thons, 4 of which will be good and featured articles. Yellow check.svg Partly done 68 high quality articles were created or improved at the WLS edit-a-thons so far with 5 featured and 2 good articles.
1600 middle quality articles created and improved during Wiki Loves Science program by July 1. Yellow check.svg Partly done 181 middle quality articles were created or improved at the WLS edit-a-thons.
Establish specialized committees of Wikimedia members, with charges developed for each community and annual plan of activities approved Time2wait.svg On hold We are currently undergoing governance changes in the Board, trying to stabilize the function of the Board committees. The involvement of WMAM Members in the committees was postponed until the next year.
Design and implement at least 1 focus group studies on member attitudes toward the Wiki movement with participation of at least 60 respondents Yes check.svg Done Community needs assessment survey was conducted by a professional sociologist which aimed at finding needs, capacities and attitudes of community members towards the Wikimedia Armenia, its activities and Wikimedia Movement in general. The survey incorporated focus group discussions and evaluation form. A report was created on the base of the survey reflecting the highlights, suggestions and learnings from the community. This report was discussed within the organization and with the community.

See the Armenian report.

At least 2 discussions held with WMAM members on the strategy and annual plan by March 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done One discussion was organized in July 2017 on the new strategy of WMAM for 2017-20. Another discussion was organized in February 2018 focusing on the annual plan.
150 participants in Wiki Loves Monuments Yes check.svg Done 151 users participated in the Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition.
30,000 of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by October 1, 2017 Yes check.svg Done 34,868 photos were uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons.
300 photos used in Wikipedia articles during and after the contest Yes check.svg Done 322 total image usages, 229 distinct images used.
Newly designed website is up and running and shared on CC license with the rest of the WM affiliates Yes check.svg Done The website was created on MediaWiki on WMF servers.

5. Establish Western Armenian as distinct wiki language[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • Western and Eastern Armenian content is currently located only on one Wikipedia. Having two language content in one Wikipedia is a tough and unproductive experience, as it creates technical, language obstacles, and demotivates Western Armenian contributors and readers to use Wikipedia.
  • Our experience with Teacher trainings and Wikicamps showed that holding joint events for Western and Eastern Armenian editors inspires and motivates both parties.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Establish Western Armenian as a separate language on Wikimedia projects and separate Western and Eastern (general) Armenian content Yes check.svg Done The efforts of Wikimedia Armenia to get separate ISO 639-3 language code for Western Armenian were finally succeeded. SIL International, the ISO 639-3 Registration Authority, decided to create the code element [hyw] for Western Armenian January 30, 2018. Western Armenian editors translated the Wikipedia interface into Western Armenian and currently waiting for the decision of the language committee to open the Western Armenian Wikipedia (see more on monthly report).
Organize WikiCamp in France in August with 54 participants Yes check.svg Done The Wikicamp in France was organized on 12-19 August in La Bourboule, France with 54 participants (43 campers and 11 staff members).
Open at least 1 Western Armenian WikiClub Yes check.svg Done Natalie Baghdad, a participant in Teacher and journalist training from Istanbul, opened a Wikiclub in its school -  Istanbul Armenian Central College. The participants were working on Wikisource, as Wikipedia was blocked in Turkey.
Recruit at least 1 coordinator to build up relationship with Western Armenian WikiCamp participants Yes check.svg Done Sevan Danielian, the participant of the Western Armenian teacher's training, helped Wikimedia Armenia to build up and maintain the contact with the Lebanese-Armenian community, supporting the growth of Wikimedia Movement in Lebanon and development of Western Armenian project.
Involve 35 new active Western Armenian students by July 2018 Yes check.svg Done 61 new editors were involved in editing in Western Armenian (29 new editors through the Wikicamp in France, 27 new editors through the Teacher and journalist training, 5 new editors through the individual workshop at Wikimedia Armenia office, Yerevan).
1500 new Western Armenian articles created by July 1, 2018 Yellow check.svg Partly done 1125 articles created on the Armenian Wikipedia in Western Armenian by July 1, 2018.
Integrate WikiCamp activities in at least one Armenian Diaspora gathering organized by third organization Yes check.svg Done KASA Foundation has an initiative for Diasporan Armenian youth living in Armenia aimed at building ties between those, providing soft skills and preserving the Western Armenian language. We have initiated an event with this group full of editing and fun activities, but the event had little success and none of the participants continued wikiediting.  
At least 10 participants (teachers and journalists) from Diaspora, participate in summer seminars Yes check.svg Done On 10-17 July, 2017 a training for 10 teachers and journalists took place in Aghveran. Another training was conducted on 25-30 June, 2018 with 18 participants.

6. Increase and diversify funding sources[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • Due to shortcoming in our Bylaws most of WMAM’s individual donors of WikiClubs fund the Clubs directly, which creates management issues.
  • WMAM is not widely known in Armenia and there is a need to increase the visibility to help our fundraising efforts.
  • Diversification of organization’s donor portfolio increases the staff fundraising and reporting capacity and creates more trust towards the organization.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of year) Comments
Design at least 5 fundraising products either for general purpose funding or funding specific WMAM projects that pursue common goals and objectives with funding organization Time2wait.svg On hold WMAM successfully managed to engage funds from individual sponsors for WikiClubs and 2 institutional donors, which helped the organization to broaden its activities. Currently we are investing and testing new reporting tools for individual sponsors and learning new reporting approaches from two new donors, at the same time improving our financial planning and management, which will become a good base for developing of new fundraising products.
Design new website and other media allowing for dissemination of the clear messages about our various activities and easy and diverse ways to donate or support specific projects Yes check.svg Done On November WMAM staff began working on the official website of the organization. As a result of several discussions the draft of the website was created. The website was an essential priority because with the ongoing activities carried out by WMAM the organization did not have a place to announce and keep all the records of its projects.

The structure and the content of the website are more or less final, we constantly update the information and interface to keep it fresh and interesting for visitors.

Attract at least 30,000 USD from various sources, either through direct general purpose funding or sponsorship of special projects, (excluding current sponsorship initiatives, e.g. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) Yes check.svg Done Fundraising efforts of WMAM were quite effective in the report period. We managed to attract a 18 million AMD (~37 000 USD) grant from the Bridge for CSOs EU funded project (implemented by the Armenian General Benevolent Union - AGBU), which is used to enlarge to movement in Armenia by establishing 5 new WikiClubs. WMAM received another grant of 16 mln AMD (~33 000 USD) from Yerevan Foundation to deepen its GLAM activities mainly with Yerevan based GLAM institutions and to implement “Wiki Loves Yerevan” project.
Organize fundraising event around Wikimedia Armenia 5th anniversary celebration events X mark.svg Not done 5th anniversary of Wikimedia Armenia coincided with the period of Velvet Revolution in Armenia (May 2018) which didn’t provide the opportunity to organize a wide outreach campaign around Wikimedia Armenia and wiki movement in general and build necessary ground for fundraising event.

7. Exposing value of publicly available content to the development of GLAM institutions[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • The GLAM collaboration is moving slowly but with firm steps. After the GLAM forum organized within the project “Wiki Loves Yerevan” where we had participants both from Armenia and other wiki communities, WMAM has established ties with a number of GLAM institutions which laid the groundwork for further fruitful collaboration.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Establish collaboration with at least 3 new GLAM institutions by July 1, 2018 and continue to work with at least 3 current partners (National Library, Matenadaran, History Museum of Armenia and smaller museums) Yes check.svg Done We strated collaborating with several museums (M.Sarian House-Museum, Yervand Kochar Museum, Alexander Tamanyan Research Institute-Museum, National Library of Armenia, etc) in Yerevan in the frames of Yerevan 2800 anniversary and with the funding of Yerevan Foundation. As a result of this cooperation, we have access to the content about Yerevan that have museums. Based on these materials the editors of Armenian Wikipedia create and improve articles about Yerevan.
Create and improve 200 articles on the base of materials given by GLAM partners. Yes check.svg Done 115 articles were created and improved in Armenian Wikipedia based on the materials provided by GLAM institutions and during the international edit-a-thon 1167 articles were created in different language Wikipedias.
Have at least 20 participants at 6 workshops organized for GLAM institutions Yes check.svg Done Instead of organizing 6 workshops with 20 participants we have organized more workshops but with less participants. We had regular workshops for the GLAM institutions staff each Saturday. Major workshops were organized during Wiki Loves Yerevan opening and GLAM Forum.
Release at least 2 books under free licenses Yes check.svg Done As a result of WMAM and Western Armenian author and public speaker Toros Toranian collaboration, the latter published his 105 books under free license which are now available in Wikimedia Commons and Armenian Wikisource.
2 participants in GLAM conference n/a There was no GLAM conference organized in the reporting period.

8. Turn digitization into fun and enriching experience[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • As the main proofreaders of Wikisource content are high school students we decided to prioritize those books which are included in the school curriculum and may be of interest of those editors. Thus, we not only support the content creation on Wikisource but also education of proofreaders.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Digitize at least 50 Armenian books by July 1, 2018 Yes check.svg Done 209 books were digitized by Wikimedia Armenia by July 1, 2018. These books are either public domain books, or they were shared under Creative Commons license.
Maintain 60 active editors of Armenian Wikisource Yes check.svg Done As of July 1, 2018 Armenian Wikisource had more than 100 active editors.
Scan at least 11,000 average pages Yes check.svg Done 44,725  pages were digitized by Wikimedia Armenia in this reporting period (see more on monthly reports).
Introduce a web page and online form, where volunteers can mention their availability for the work, their interest in listening to particular audio content Yes check.svg Done As the main part of the proofreaders are from the WIkiclubs we targeted WIkiclubs asking their coordinators which books they would like to see proofread. The results of the survey indicated that books which are included in the school curriculum are of much interest. Moreover, we involved volunteers in different activities of the digitization project making this process implemented by the efforts of volunteers.

9. Hack the expansion of wiki movement with wiki-hackathon[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • As  the community was not ready for the hackathon, the organization decided not to organize this event. Instead the finances for this program were used for covering the expenses of the chairperson of WMAM to participate in Barcelona Hackathon.  
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
Organize 1 wiki hackathon with at least 120 participants X mark.svg Not done
Have at least 2 supporting corporations X mark.svg Not done
At least 2 new projects initiated to spread accelerate wiki movement X mark.svg Not done

10. Become hub for knowledge and innovation exchange[edit]

Impact and lessons learned

  • International collaborations and contests, editing contests done with other Wikimedia affiliates, such as Armenian-Austrian collaboration, CEE Spring 2017 and Europeana 1914-18, always empower and motivate the editors resulting in more quality content.
  • With all the considerable benefit international events bring for participants, they also inspire attendees to feel as a part of the international Wikimedia community.
Target Progress (at end of Q2) Comments
At least 3 joint projects with other chapters lasting a medium (up to six months) period of time Yes check.svg Done Austrian-Armenian, CEE Spring 2017, Armenian-Norwegian Women Collaboration, Bodil Biorn and Europeana 1914-18 writing contests were organized.
At least 10 wikipedians from region involved and participate in Armenia’s local and international programs, events and projects Yes check.svg Done 13 participants from Lebanon, Georgia and the Czech Republic attended Wikicamps.
At least one collaboration with an international development program or organization established and one project implemented with joint efforts Yes check.svg Done In this funding period we have collaborated with different international organizations in Armenia - Teach for Armenia, AGBU, KASA, Birthright Armenia etc. focusing mainly on increasing the visibility of WMAM.
At least one research designed inviting other chapters to contribute X mark.svg Not done
At least 12 participants in Wiki Challenge with one of countries, which will produce at least 100 theme specific articles Yes check.svg Done In March 2018, Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia Norge organized a joint contest editing articles about Armenian and Norwegian women. This contest had 20
At least 25 participants in Austrian-Armenian cooperation, who will create 600 articles Yes check.svg Done Austrian-Armenian writing contest had 26 participants who created 319 articles.
At least 30 participants in Europeana 1914-18, who will create at least 300 articles Yes check.svg Done Europeana 1914-18 contest had 33 participants from Armenia, who created 371 new articles.
At least 20 participants in CEE Spring who will create at least 700 articles. Yes check.svg Done CEE Spring 2017 had 27 participants from Armenia, creating 1098 new articles.
2 participants at Wikimania 2017 Yes check.svg Done We had 2 participants at the conference: 1 board member and the winner of the Armenian Wikipedian of the year award.
3 participants at WM CON 2017 Yes check.svg Done We had 3 participants at the conference: 1 staff and 2 board members.
2 participants at Wikimedia Educational Conference n/a
2 participants at WM CEE meeting Yes check.svg Done 5 participants from Armenia participated in the WM CEE Meeting, Warsaw (2 funded by WMPL).

Revenues received during this period (6 month for progress report, 12 months for impact report)[edit]

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Table 2 Please report all spending in the currency of your grant unless US$ is requested.

  • Please also include any in-kind contributions or resources that you have received in this revenues table. This might include donated office space, services, prizes, food, etc. If you are to provide a monetary equivalent (e.g. $500 for food from Organization X for service Y), please include it in this table. Otherwise, please highlight the contribution, as well as the name of the partner, in the notes section.
Revenue source Currency Anticipated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Anticipated ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Explanation of variances from plan
Wikimedia Foundation AMD 151,207,564 84,984,908 60,428,896 145,413,804 302,415 290,828
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation AMD 26,500,000 15,260,025 15,260,025 53,000 30,520
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (in-kind contribution to Western Armenian WikiCamp project) AMD 25,000,000 25,000,000 25,000,000 50,000 50,000
Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) AMD 9,271,697 9,271,697 9,271,697 18,543 18,543
Yerevan Foundation AMD 15,389,968 15,389,968 15,389,968 30,780 30,780
Other revenues AMD - 4,592,447 60,000 2,580,000 7,232,447 - 14,465
TOTAL 227,369,229 114,577,355 0 60,488,896 42,501,689.63 217,567,940 454,738 435,136

* Provide estimates in US Dollars

Spending during this period (6 month for progress report, 12 months for impact report)[edit]

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Table 3 Please report all spending in the currency of your grant unless US$ is requested.

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Expense Currency Budgeted Q1-Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Budgeted ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Percentage spent to date Explanation of variances from plan
1. Taking wiki deep into education AMD 7,703,000 2,950,018 0 2,905,000 5,855,018 15,406 11,710 76.01%
2. Sustain Wikicamps with renewed content AMD 40,294,500 19,542,300 7,429,860 18,483,030 45,455,190 80,589 90,910 112.81%
3. Establish Wikiclubs within reach of every student AMD 1,820,000 0 262,650 970,007 1,232,657 3,640 2,465 67.73%
4. Engage and grow community through meaningful participation AMD 12,464,000 4,431,719 4,266,660 3,259,381 11,957,760 24,928 23,916 95.94%
5. Establish Western Armenian as distinct wiki language AMD 41,132,000 1,840,254 0 3,211,860 5,052,114 82,264 10,104 12.28%
6. Increase and diversify funding sources AMD 1,500,000 0 0 0 0 3,000 0 0.00%
7. Exposing value of publicly available content to the development of GLAM institutions AMD 1,340,000 0 0 0 0 2,680 0 0.00%
8. Turn digitization into fun and enriching experience AMD 200,000 45,535 141,740 56,485 243,760 400 488 121.88%
9. Hack the expansion of wiki movement with wiki-hackathon AMD 1,200,000 0 253,000 287,200 540,200 2,400 1,080 45.02%
10. Become hub for knowledge and innovation exchange AMD 6,350,000 2,583,415 1,788,961 4,603,101 8,975,477 12,700 17,951 141.35%
0. Operations (excludes staff and programs) AMD 12,683,200 6,642,081 7,662,348 10,170,216 24,474,645 25,366 48,949 192.97%
11. Staff expenses AMD 76,020,864 22,256,493 13,656,525 14,661,489 50,574,507 152,042 101,149 66.53% Budget planned for the ED’s salary is spent less, as the salary of the new ED is 3 times less than of the previous one. WMAM has communicated some reallocation of the remaining funds to WMF.
AGBU grant expenses AMD 0 0 0 6,613,228 6,613,228 0 13,226 n/a
Yerevan Foundation expenses AMD 0 0 0 7,687,412 7,687,412 0 15,375 n/a
TOTAL** AMD 202,707,564 60,291,815 35,461,744 72,908,409 168,661,968 405,415 337,324 83.20%

* Provide estimates in US Dollars

** 141,841,800 AMD (283,683.6 USD) was spent from the Wikimedia Foundation grant.


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