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Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2018-01

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Wikipedia 17th Birthday celebration at the Wikimedia Armenia office[edit]

Wikipedia 17 celebration at Wikimedia Armenia

It has already become a tradition to celebrate Wikipedia Day at the Wikimedia Armenia office.

On January 15, the Wikipedia ‘17 celebration brought together more than 70 participants eager to share the joy and happiness of being a part of collaboratively created free encyclopedia - Wikipedia, and Wikimedia Movement.

The event was held at the renovated and cozy new space of the Wikimedia Armenia office. The celebration began with greetings from Wikimedia Armenia Board and Staff. Susanna Mkrtchyan, the President of Board, thanked all for being so passionate about the Wikipedia and Wikimedia Movement which spreads the free knowledge and makes it accessible for everyone.

Wikimedia Armenia Staff Member Mher Bekaryan, began his speech by presenting the achievements of both Armenian Wikipedia and Wikimedia Armenia in 2017. Mher emphasized the role of Wikimedia Armenia events and volunteers in the development of Wikimedia projects in Armenia. He followed this with summarizing the results of the contests and joint projects of 2017. Several nominations were made for CEE Spring 2017, Europeana 1914-18 and Austrian-Armenian writing contests, as well as for the Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 Armenian participants. The best 17 contributors of CEE Spring 2017 and Europeana 1914-18 were awarded books related to the WWI and CEE countries. The winner of Austrian-Armenian writing contest was given a chance to visit Austria and get acquainted with its culture and daily life. The authors of the 10 best photos of the WLM 2017 Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh photo contest received certificates and various presents.

The presentation was finalized with the announcement of the Armenian Wikipedian of the year by Wikimedia Armenia. Throughout the year Wikimedia Armenia follows the activities of Armenian Wikipedians and awards an editor with the most contribution for the development of the Armenian Wikipedia. Wikimedia Armenia has nominated User:Sigma'am for his outstanding service, commitment and dedication to the Armenian Wikimedia Movement. For those who could not attend the event, WMAM had organized a live streaming of the event on social media.

After the award ceremony, the evening was completed with the cutting of the traditional Wikipedia cake. The Wikipedians had a great time socializing and sharing the joy of the day.

More photos on Wikimedia Commons.
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Armenian-Norwegian cross-chapter project - Bodil Biørn project[edit]

The photo is from Arkivverket. It depicts some of the 3000 Armenian farmers who were driven away from their homes by the Turks. Photo by Bodil Biørn.

In 2016 Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia Norge organized a joint writing contest where participants were editing articles on both countries. The winners of the contest had a chance to visit the country about which they were writing about. After the Armenian winner User:Gardmanahay visited Norway, the National Archives of Norway offered to start a joint project - transcription of Bodil Katharine Biørn’s photo descriptions.

Bodil Biørn was a female missionary from Norway who traveled to Western Armenia and was a witness of the Armenian Genocide. The photos of Biørn preserved in The National Archives of Norway are essential documentations of Armenia and Armenian History as they demonstrate the life, culture, and customs of Armenian people living in the Ottoman Empire. Among these documents there are photos of the Armenian Genocide - the atrocities committed against the Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire during W.W.I, which will be valuable in the further recognition of the Armenian Genocide by different states and communities all over the world.

Wikimedia Norge and National Archive in Oslo with the endorsements and support from Wikimedia Armenia, Armenian Genocide Museum-institute applied and successfully received the Arts council project grant to transcribe descriptions of Bodil Biørn’s photos taken in 1905-1920 and digitized by The National Archive in Oslo.

Wikimedia Armenia we will facilitate the translation of received content into Armenian with the support of our large network of volunteers, making it available for other Armenian speakers. In addition, WMAM will assist the use of the images, content, as well as descriptions in the Armenian Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, thus promoting the dissemination of these documents in the Armenian environment. Finally, we will support the transfer of the digitized content to the research institutes, archives and museums of Armenia, especially to The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute.

The project will be carried out in the second half of WMAM annual plan.

More photos on Wikimedia Commons.

“I create a vital article” campaign[edit]

The Wikipedians have continued to actively work in the campaign creating and improving vital articles. As of January 31, 121 articles were assigned, out of which 30 were completed, which is the 3% of the project. In addition, in January Armenian Wikipedia has risen from 40th to 39th place in the list of Wikipedias by sample of articles.

Knowledge belongs to all of us[edit]

Knowledge Belongs to All of Us

In January Wikimedia Foundation released a new video aimed at promoting the Wikipedia and fundraising for it. Wikimedia Armenia staff translated the video and uploaded the transcriptions to Wikimedia Commons, shared it via its social media channels making the video available for Armenian speakers.


In January Wikimedia Armenia along with other reports has completed its Annual Plan Grant Progress Report which covered the period from July 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017. In the report WMAM semi-annual activity and programs are presented and the changes the organization has gone through for this period.

CEE Newsletter & WMF blog[edit]

Wikimedia Armenia has reported the work done in January in the CEE Newletter run by WM CEE community. We also have presented how Armenian Wikipedians were celebrating Wikipedia 17 in the Wikimedia Foundation Blog.

WikiClubs statistics[edit]

Community population (1) Active users (2) Active users index (3) New users New users index (4) Female/male ratio Bytes NET sum (5) Bytes index (6)
Arevatsag WikiClub 821 18 2.192% 0 0.000% 56/47 188651 10480.6
Gyumri WikiClub* 121976 6 0.005% 0 0.000% 17/16 348287 58047.8
Ddmashen WikiClub 2806 28 0.998% 10 0.356% 31/20 1080469 38588.2
Lernapat WikiClub 1661 40 2.408% 3 0.181% 115/108 4282497 107062.4
Mrgavan WikiClub 1606 18 1.121% 0 0.000% 30/21 167796 9322.0
Charentsavan WikiClub* 20363 6 0.029% 0 0.000% 18/3 534698 89116.3
Stepanakert WikiClub* 55309 21 0.038% 7 0.013% 126/45 377248 17964.2
Vanashen WikiClub 2364 14 0.592% 0 0.000% 33/10 603630 43116.4
Togh WikiClub 700 26 3.714% 1 0.143% 37/23 223854 8609.8
Karvachar WikiClub 500 34 6.800% 7 1.400% 40/26 876904 25791.3
NET sum 208106 211 0.101% 28 0.013% 8684034 41156.6
General statistics of the Education program (7) 216 8740215
How many % of the Education program participants are comprised from Wikiclubbers 97.69% 99.36%

1 - Permanent population according to the population census (RA - 2011, NKR -2015)։
2 - Users who has done 1 edit during the month.
3 - Active users/population ratio expressed in %.
4 - New users/population ratio expressed in %.
5 - NET sum bytes added in Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource.
6 - NET sum bytes/active users ratio.
7 - Includes also Education program other users.
* - WikiClub established in a city.

Saturday Workshops[edit]

Every Saturday Wikimedia Armenia organizes open workshops edit-a-thons at the WM AM office where new editors are taught how to edit different wiki projects and the experienced editors participate in edit-a-thons dedicated to different themes. Anyone interested in wiki projects, Wikipedia, wiki editing and needing assistance, as well as wiki editors, who want to edit in pleasant atmosphere participate in these workshops. We have about 15-20 participants in each workshop. Among them there are also active wiki editors of hywiki, hywiktionary, hywikisource, Wikidata who help to conduct the workshops.

Digitization and Spoken Wikipedia[edit]

1 2478

articles recorded for
the Spoken Wikipedia

pages digitized for
the Digization