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The winners of the Youth Wikicamp were awarded a wiki expedition to Saghmosavank, Letters Park, Amberd castle, and Byurakan Village. During the excursion, the participants got acquainted with the history of the visited places and photographed historical and cultural monuments. In addition, they got acquainted with the production of organic strawberries and technology of dried fruits. The expedition had 18 participants.

Meeting with Technolinguistic team[edit]

Within our efforts in generating collaborative relationships with diverse Armenian educational organizations, on August 9, the Wikimedia Armenia team had a meeting with Technolinguistic Team to discuss paths of future collaboration.

Technolinguistic Team is an initiative by Western Armenian individuals and organizations to digitize Western Armenian books and record them into audiobooks.

It was agreed that both parties will start a mutually beneficial relationship and provide each other with access to their own digital libraries. Moreover, Wikimedia Armenia will support Technolinguistic Team by allowing them to use the in-house scanner.

Visits to AGBU WikiClubs[edit]

Within the framework of the AGBU "Bridge for CSOs" project financed by the European Union, Wikimedia Armenia has opened WikiClubs in five Armenian communities. To get acquainted with the current activities of WikiClubs, to answer the clubbers’ questions, as well as to motivate them, Wikimedia Armenia organized visits of experienced editors to those WikiClubs.

The official opening ceremony of Spitak WikiClub took place on the day of visit to Spitak on August, 16, 2018. In Goris, experienced editors provided club members tips for translation from English. According to the club coordinator, the low level of English proficiency is a serious problem for children. In Koghb and Alaverdi, with the help of the experienced editors clubbers were familiarized with editing tools, and also talked about Wikidata. During a visit to the Vardenik WikiClub, the club members were introduced to the differences between free and copyrighted images. An experienced editor showed the club members how the fare use system of images works on the Armenian Wikipedia.

WikiClubs are celebrating the Youth Day[edit]

Starting from 1999 the August 12nd is celebrated as the World Youth Day. On this occasion, Wikimedia Armenia decided to organize a one-day online editathon among Wikiclub participants. The main purpose of the editathon was to create or improve articles on youth related topics in the Armenian Wikipedia and thus give the young Wikipedians useful information on their rights, youth work, policies and etc. In total 27 editors have been involved in the editathon, which have created or improved 21 articles. According to the Wikiclub coordinators, the idea of an online editathon is quite interesting and has been successfully welcomed by club members. In the following months, Wikimedia Armenia is committed to continue this practice by organizing editathons dedicated to various events and topics.

WikiCamp for high school students[edit]

On August 18-27, Wikimedia Armenia organized the third Summer WikiCamp in Tsakhkadzor intended for teenagers aged 15-18. 88 participants applied for the third camp, 53 were selected by the selection committee base on their stable activity and quality of edited articles on different Wikimedia projects. Editors from Lebanon, Georgia and Armenia participated in the camp.

The participants made contributions to Wikipedia and Wikisource. Georgian participants edited articles in the Georgian Wikipedia and Lebanese Armenian participants in the Western Armenian section of the Armenian Wikipedia. At the camp, 732 articles were improved/created, as well as Hovhannes Karchikyan's "How to Handle" work was proofread in the Wikisource.

Representatives of Wikimedia Czech joined the Wikicamp to learn how it was organized. They were enthusiastic about the idea of camp and the impact it had on campers' life in and out of Wikimedia Movement, thus decided to come and see the actual camp with intention to organize another one in Czech Republic. Wikimedia Armenia representatives presented to Czech colleagues the whole process of camp organizations: from announcement to evaluation.

The participants also had intellectual, sport and cultural events at the WikiCamp. Each morning began with gymnastics. The campers played intellectual games, football, volleyball, table tennis, time management games, table intellectual games and more. The camp hosted the Street Workout team who conducted a demonstration show and talked about a healthy lifestyle. Armenian and Georgian folk songs and national dances were also taught. Participants engaged in handmade arts and made drawings. Cultural events were finalized by a theatrical performance. Two excursions to Kecharis Monastery, Orbeli houses-museum, and ropeway-Tegenis peak were organized for campers.

Summer WikiCamp

(August 18-27)

Number of participants Wikipedia
participants 53


edits 2806
bytes 8290644

Summer school in Aleppo[edit]

The first-ever Wiki Summer-School took place in Aleppo from August 27 to September 1, 2018. The event was organized in close collaboration with the local chapter of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association. It is worth mentioning that this initiative was brought to life with the active support of the local alumni of Wikipedia Teachers’ Training held in Armenia in 2017 and 2018.

The purpose of the Wiki Summer School was to increase the number of involved editors from Aleppo and to encourage their regular participation in writing and improving Western Armenian Wikipedia content.

Over six days of the training, a total number of 25 participants - students and other active members of the local Armenian community - learned about Wikipedia and Wikisource. They were trained in writing Wikipedia articles in Western Armenian.

Following this Wiki Summer School, the Aleppo Chapter of Hamazkayin initiated a WikiClub. Besides this, Summer School participants have started working on forming additional WikiClubs within their schools.

WikiClubs statistics[edit]

Community population (1) Active users (2) Active users index (3) New users New users index (4) Female/male ratio Bytes NET sum (5) Bytes index (6)
Alaverdi WikiClub* 13100 24 0.183% 6 0.046% 31/12 633717 26404.9
Arevatsag WikiClub 821 9 1.096% 0 0.000% 56/47 805436 89492.9
Gyumri WikiClub* (Khrimyan) 121976 3 0.002% 1 0.001% 17/17 39654 13218.0
Gyumri WikiClub* (KASA) 121976 3 0.002% 0 0.000% 5/7 81537 27179.0
Goris WikiClub* 20300 9 0.044% 2 0.010% 25/4 191135 21237.2
Ddmashen WikiClub 2806 21 0.748% 0 0.000% 34/25 1531042 72906.8
Yeghvard WikiGroup 11900 5 0.042% 0 0.000% 18/3 1263489 252697.8
Lernapat WikiClub 1661 26 1.565% 3 0.181% 119/115 4031208 155046.5
Koghb WikiClub 4530 21 0.464% 10 0.221% 34/13 536173 25532.0
Hatsik WikiClub 1044 17 1.628% 10 0.958% 16/5 495097 29123.4
Mrgavan WikiClub 1606 5 0.311% 0 0.000% 30/23 571539 114307.8
Spitak WikiClub* 13100 21 0.160% 7 0.053% 16/17 163482 7784.9
Stepanakert WikiClub* 55309 19 0.034% 1 0.002% 155/56 538053 28318.6
Vanashen WikiClub 2364 25 0.042% 1 0.042% 37/7 1095505 43820.2
Vardenik WikiClub 9880 35 0.354% 4 0.040% 37/18 910212 26006.1
Togh WikiClub 700 11 1.571% 0 0.000% 43/27 282627 25693.4
Karvachar WikiClub 500 18 3.600% 1 0.200% 43/29 590814 32823.0
NET sum 370473 248 11.850% 40 1.754% 13760720 991592.3
General statistics of the Education program (7) 310 17590488
How many % of the Education program participants are comprised from Wikiclubbers 80.00% 78.23%

1 - Permanent population according to the population census (RA - 2011, NKR -2015)։
2 - Users who has done 1 edit during the month.
3 - Active users/population ratio expressed in %.
4 - New users/population ratio expressed in %.
5 - NET sum bytes added in Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource.
6 - NET sum bytes/active users ratio.
7 - Includes also Education program other users.
* - WikiClub established in a city.

Saturday workshops[edit]

Every Saturday Wikimedia Armenia organizes open workshops-edit-a-thons at the WMAM office where new editors are taught how to edit different wiki projects and the experienced editors participate in edit-a-thons dedicated to Yerevan. Anyone interested in wiki projects, Wikipedia, wiki editing and needing assistance, as well as wiki editors, who want to edit in pleasant atmosphere participate in these workshops-edit-a-thons.

Saturday workshops
August 4 August 11 August 18 August 25
participants 18 17 7 4
created/improved articles 1 4 2 0
edits 30 76 22 14
bytes (net sum) 86810 96621 41954 13173

This month in numbers[edit]

5 10918 2636 131 74

articles recorded for
the Spoken Wikipedia

pages digitized for the Digitization

words pronounced for
the Wiktionary

vital articles improved for
the I create a vital article

new editors involved
in all projects