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Timeline for What is about - C'est quoi. A series of communication tools about Wikipedia. Cameroon pilot project[edit]

Timeline Date
Starting date 01 January 2014
Mid report 15 April 2014
Communication tools ready (videos and comics) 07 May 2014
Project ends 01 July 2014
Presentation in London at Wikimania 6-10 August 2014
Final report (initially by 30 July 2014 but postponed by 30 October 2014 with an approved extension). Definitive version of the project guidelines October 2014
The video is reused in 10 projects-communication initiatives by the end of 2014. < December 2014
3 projects imitate the experience in 2014-2015. < December 2015

Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

December 2013[edit]


  • Done Meeting in Douala. Marilyn Douala Bell, Michael Epaka, Didier Schaub, Iolanda Pensa (6 December 2013 and 9 December 2013).
  • Done Solution to have doual'art receiving and administrating the grant. Fiscal sponsor (thanks Siko).
  • Done Administrative documents - information and bank details.
  • Done Strategy - target, content, format, distribution (Mike Epaka, 30/12/2013)

Modification from the original project and further details

  • Experimenting interpretations and new communication tools which address the public in Cameroon in Douala, Edéa and Limbe => Experimenting interpretations and new communication tools which address the public in Cameroon in Douala. Motivation: The focus on Douala allows us to concentrate the distribution on one city (in particular TV, radio and local press), to better invest our resources and to evaluate them more efficiently.
  • Language: French (it respond properly to the choice of concentrating the distribution in Douala; French is the spoken language in Douala).
  • Evaluation: we will report all the distribution steps and we will evaluate the impact with a series 2 focus groups (beginning of the project and after the distribution) and with 15 qualitative interviews. doual'art will be managing also the evaluation process within the distribution budget.
  • Individual grantees: Marilyn Douala Bell and Iolanda Pensa
  • Budget "project management": 20% administrative costs will cover doual'art costs (general expenses and internal staff - including victor njehoya coordinator ICT projects - and Artistide Laure Pokam - administrative and accountant assistant). this budget will not be further distributed and it will NOT be used to finance consultants or external people.
  • Period: 1 January - 1 July 2014
Thanks for documenting these, Iolanda. Agreed on all of these points, and I appreciate that you're using your project page as a living plan. Please do continue to roll updates like this into your proposal page when we've agreed on them. Cheers! Siko (WMF) (talk) 21:44, 14 January 2014 (UTC)

I. January 2014[edit]


  • Done Checking with Wikimedia Foundation credits, potential involvement of sponsors (essentially media partners), use of the trademark and rights management. Questions and answers.
  • Done Notification on the project on the Communications committee notification board.
  • Done Administrative documents - fiscal sponsorship (sending original document from doual'art to Wikimedia Foundation).
  • Done Administrative documents - signed agreement of Marilyn Douala Bell and Iolanda Pensa for the fiscal sponsorship (sending the scanned documents to Wikimedia Foundation)
  • Done Checking if approval for project modifications is requested; collecting approval for December modifications.
  • Done Checking if the "for free" is ok. Post in the project discussion page. Critical.
  • Done Validation of the Strategy - target, content, format, distribution
  • Done Involving a comic artist Bibi Benzo. Request of a proposal and reception of a proposal. http://bibibenzo.over-blog.com
  • Done Meeting in Douala Marilyn Douala Bell, Michael Epaka, Didier Schaub, Victor Njehoya.
  • Done Facebook page opened. Not active jet https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wiki-cest-quoi/257114217791490?fref=ts
  • Done Discussion about partnerships (radio, TV, papers) and possible distribution systems (including social networks). Contacts with people one-by-one. Possibility to collaborate with university.
  • Done Presenting the video at the Dakar Biennale in May 2014? It is a perfect gathering to meet intellectuals and key stakeholders. Possibility to ask to move the travel grant for Marilyn Douala Bell from Wikimania London to Dakar.
  • Done Checking if we can contribute to a science exhibition that is to travel Germany and Austria next year on a riverboat (project w:en:Wikipedia:GLAM/Ship) - reference Daniel Mietchen (talk, reference message December 2013.
  • Done Draft of the project guidelines
  • We are worried about the difficulties of creating partnerships with media for the distribution to obtain the largest impact. We are not expected to establish those partnerships by the project (it was not included) but we think this is a key step to get the greatest impact and to make the best use of fundings.
  • It is important to reach intellectuals too.

II. February 2014[edit]


  • Done Script and writing.
  • Done Proposal to present the project and its communication tools during Wikimania London. The call for proposals is open until 31 March 2014 (notification 30 April 2014). I discussed the issue with Isla Haddow-Flood; the idea is to present it or show it during the Africa discussion she would like to propose.
  • Free as free beer. Words and concepts do not seem to mean the same and to explain them in different contexts the meaning changes quite drastically (unless you provide a background knowledge about somewhere else)
  • Africa is filled with educational campaigns which are meant to teach people what is good for them. There is a big amount of cooperation and developing stuff on media. Presenting Wikipedia as something like "use it, it is educational and it is good for you" might seem the most obvious approach but it is actually the worst if you want to make sure that Wikipedia is not perceived as jet another cooperation and development project. Collaboration and cooperation can get mixed up pretty easily. This confusion is also based on the new support to cooperation project with foreign institutions working together with local institutions, community-based projects and the approach of seeking and establishing partnerships. The communication tool we produce need to take a clear distance from the cooperation and development projects. they need to have a different esthetic, rhythm and they need to avoid patronizing and telling people "it's good for you".
  • Mike Epaka has worked on several proposals for the video. There are at the moment 4 proposals.

III. March 2014[edit]


  • Done Definition of the production needs for each script: locations, number of actors, background, equipment --> cost.
  • Done Definition of the team. The team needs to be able to produce the tools, to know the local audience, to know the local context and to know about Wikipedia. We are not looking for a person with all those skills and information, but to bring together an international team.
  • Done Sending the documentation for w:en:Wikipedia:GLAM/Ship. Sent information about possible delay and inability to link with the project.
  • Done Validation script and writing.
  • Done Preproduction
  • Done Commissioning the work to relevant artists/authors. Director Regis Talla.
  • Done Text for the contract with definition of the rights. All non exclusive rights (including the right to sublicense the works) go to doual'art and Wikimedia Foundation; the authors maintain all their non exclusive rights and their moral rights (in particular attribution). We have included the authorization for the cc by-sa in the text.
  • Done Update of the project guidelines. The project guidelines have been restructured as a learning pattern.
  • Done Preparing the mid report.
  • Done Asking Wikimedia Foundation if it is possible to move the travel grant for Marilyn Douala Bell from Wikimania London to Dakar (Dakar Biennale May 2014).
  • Done Sent again information about the credits for the communication tools. Related to Wikimedia Foundation support this sentence needs to be included (translated in the relevant language; French if the communication tools are in French): This project was funded by an Individual Engagement Grant from the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia and the Wikipedia Puzzle Globe are registered trademarks of the Wikimedia Foundation used with permission.
  • Done At the moment. 2 491 970 Fcfa (3 799 €) have been spent with 2 millions in payments (3 049 €).
  • The proposals for the video have been converted into production costs. There is some debate around them. Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub are discussing the proposal with Mike; their experience in curatorial work is very valuable in this phase because it allows to exchange about content and it is a precious process to make sure the artist is supported and guided in a way which allows him freedom but also links the production to the general aim of commissioning it. This process is taking more time than Mike planned, but it is essential to produce something relevant.
  • The decision about the video has been taken. The video selected requires to move 350 € in the budget from distribution to production; this change allows to produce the video considered best and we expect this difference of budget to have a marginal impact on the activities planned for distribution.
  • Victor Njehoya has left his job at doual'art unexpectedly. Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub are filling his role meanwhile; it is not obvious to find in Cameroon a person with ICT and management skills who has the Wikimedia experience comparable to the one Victor has (he coordinated WikiAfrica and participated in the organization of Wiki Loves Monuments); probably Marilyn and Didier will take over his role for the rest of the project. Marilyn Douala Bell is traveling in Europe between March 31st and April 13th. The change in the staff and this trip have a little disturbed communication and shifted the review meeting; maybe we can plan our review meeting April 15th or 16th.
  • It is actually quite problematic to have this transparent system of online timeline: you can not lie to your team about deadlines. Telling fake deadlines to a team (telling them the deadline is 1 month earlier than the real one) is a very efficient system to include the regular delays and to actually have some chances to respect the timeline :)

IV. April 2014[edit]


  • Done Production starts.
  • Done Filming April 12-13, 2014. As Mike says "Despite the usual techncal issues (No power in Yaounde the whole saturday, heavy rain in the afternoon...), everything is in the box. We move to postprod now."
  • Done Submission of the mid-report.
  • Done Video production ends.
  • Done According to the feedback editing of the mid-report. Upload of further documentation and adding specificities about the challenges.
  • Done Request of authorization for budget change (one person traveling to the Dakar Biennale). Request made and approved. The budget line has become a general travel budget.
  • Done Video post production starts.
  • Done Pilot comic production (using also some ideas which come from the scripts of the videos). African Wikisdom
Bibi Benzo, African Wikisdom.
  • Done Production of the first spot with some editing to make.
  • Done Signed letter-job description for Mike Epaka with the license.
  • Done Bibi Benzo signed the contract with the license.
  • Done Information on how to include survey and questions in videos on youtube. Thank Siko.
  • Done Facebook page recreated to have access Facebook Wiki C'est Quoi? Cameroun. Iolanda also invited her Facebook network.
  • Done Checking the budget lines of the expenses: 2 491 970 Fcfa (3 799 €) have been spent with 2 millions in payments (3 049 €).
  • The usual technical issues :)
  • Wikipedia, Wiki, Wikimedia, Wikimania, WikiAfrica... It is just a very confusing mix. It seems the world will never naturally use those terms correctly :(

5. May 2014[edit]


  • Done Video ready.
  • Done Comics ready.
  • Done Deadline May 15. Submission to present the video at Wiki Indaba in Johannesburg South Africa. Iolanda Pensa will be attending the event in the frame of another project (Wikipedia Primary School). The proposal has been selected.
  • Done Presentation of the project at the Dakar Biennale (8-15 May 2014). Didier Schaub and Iolanda Pensa attended the event. Informal presentation of the communication tools.
  • Done OTRS ticket for the project Wikipedia What is about. [Ticket#2014050110011601] Single ticket including the work of Michael Epaka and Bibi Benzo (their written and signed agreement were scanned and sent to the permission.
  • Done Focus group 24 May 2014.
  • Done Wikimania London. Including the presentation of the project in the frame of Activating Africa panel proposal during Wikimania London. The call for proposals is open until 31 March 2014 (notification 30 April 2014). Discussed with Isla Haddow-Flood; at the end people working on African topics and Wikimedia in Africa decided not to propose a panel but a series of presentations. the video will be included in the session and our team will be involved in the discussion.
  • No formal presentation of the communication tools at the Dakar Biennale. For some postponements at the end Iolanda Pensa has attended the event and she has presented the videos only in informal conversations. Didier Schaub could not attend the event. There is a formal presentation planned at Wiki Indaba.
  • No formal presentation at Wikimania London. At the beginning the plan was to include the presentation of the communication tools within the session Activating Africa; the idea was to not have a project presentation (which is self congratulatory, but to attend a more collaborative session to present the communication tools within a broader frame). At the end the session was not organized and we are planning to present the videos by squatting another session related to Africa.

6. June 2014[edit]


  • Done Unplanned. Meeting with Orange to discuss the distribution (5 June 2014, 12 June 2014). Report in French available on demand.
  • Done Upload of the comics on Wikimedia Commons. All the documentation about Wikipedia What is about on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Done Preparation of the participation to Wikimania London. Iolanda Pensa and Michael Epaka will attend. Iolanda Pensa has registered.
  • Done Discussing how we want to use the travel budget. Iolanda Pensa and Mickael Epaka will attend Wikimania London. we will use the other travel grants for internal travel in South Africa. The participation to Wiki Indaba is also very pertinent for our project.
  • Done Taking the decision if we want to extend the project to facilitate the distribution phase. Decided to implement the distribution in June and July. Request for the extension until the end of September to manage unplanned delays. Extension approved.
  • Done Report of the focus group.
  • DonePresentation of the communication tools at Wiki Indaba in Johannesburg South Africa. Iolanda Pensa will be presenting it Saturday 21 June 2014 between 12:00 and 12:40 in the frame of "Tools for Outreach" (Wiki Indaba schedule). Slides. Upload of the videos of Vimeo password protected (it is still a demo version): dance and maladie
  • Done - Unplanned. Agreement with Orange mobile company for the distribution of the videos on TV.
  • Done Contracts with the authors. All contracts finalized.
  • Done Checking the credits in the communication tools. We used the sentence provided by the lawyers and we double check if there are problems if we do not include the logo (it seems there are no problems).
  • Done Checking if it is possible to present the videos in Cote d'Ivoire to see reactions and how it works.
  • Done Asking Mike if it is possible to have the comics with empty box to allow translations.
  • Done Mike and Iolanda will attend Wikimania London. Registration done, accommodation will be managed directly by both.
  • Done Press conference planned at the beginning of July at the same time of the TV distribution and paper press.
  • Done Checking if it is possible to have statistics on the number of audience on TV. The service doesn't exist in Cameroon.
  • Done The works are uploaded by Iolanda Pensa on vimeo (closed account)
  • Correctly including the credits. On the TV spot we are making the credits as short as possible. We didn't include the Wikimedia Foundation logo because at WikiIndaba we talked about it and it appears it is not necessary. It is strange because there is more about how to NOT use the Wikimedia Foundation logo and name rather than "how to use it". Maybe it is a good idea to make a best practice about it.
  • New version of the video for the distribution on TV with Orange (more orange, 40 seconds, specific credits, one frame on Orange).
  • Possibility to use a Wikipedia banner to present the video. Discussion with Adele. It the video doesn't include Orange or reference to commercial stuff maybe it can be made available in Cameroon with a sentence like "Cameroon has been contributing to Wikipedia with this video. Do you know you can contribute too? Click the modify button."

July 2014[edit]


  • Done Checking the credits in the communication tools.
  • Done Editing of the videos with corrected credits
  • Done The works are uploaded by Michael Epaka on youtube.
  • Done Launch and distribution
  • Done Unplanned. Distribution of the videos on TV with the support of Orange.
  • Done Checking the Wikimania London schedule to discuss with participants if it is possible to present the communication tools within an existing session.
  • Done The authorization by the film director received signed.

August 2014[edit]


September 2014[edit]


  • The distribution of the videos was implemented on TV and the distribution of the comics was implemented in the national newspaper Le Messager. For practical reasons we focussed on these distribution systems which guaranteed a national distribution of the tools and we collected data related to access to Wikipedia in Cameroon (presented in the final report). The communication tools produced target a general public who does not know Wikipedia. We reduced the involvement of intellectuals (to provide feedback) because of the limited results obtained at the Dakar Biennale and because the tools do not trigger explicitly the meta-discuourse around Wikipedia and the Wikimedia project (this topic would be more relevant to engage African intellectuals). We asked some volunteers and people active in the community to provide their feedback on the project (included in the final report).
  • The distribution – in particular the negotiation with Orange company to obtain the financial support and their direct engagement in the TV broadcasting – has required less costs for distribution but higher cost of working hours of the management. The financial report explains and presents it.

Is your final report due but you need more time?

Extension request[edit]

New end date[edit]

We would like to ask a project extension until 30th September 2014. The final report will be delivered by October 30th (<30 days from the project end).


The communication tools have been produced. We would like to have more time for the distribution of them and to properly collect feedback. We are currently distributing the videos and we plan to accomplish all the distribution envisioned by the end of July. We request the extension until September to make sure we have the proper time and we can eventually manage unexpected delays. Furthermore having setting the final report by October allows us to be less trapped with the holidays and other working duties.


I'm approving this extension request, in hopes it will give ample time for collecting data on the overall effectiveness of the tools. We'd like to see survey results, etc as an outcome, in your final report which is now due on October 30 2014. Cheers! Siko (WMF) (talk) 22:43, 11 June 2014 (UTC)