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Grants:PEG/Grant Advisory Committee

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The Project & Event Grant (PEG) and Individual Engagement Grant (IEG) programs are no longer active. Please read about our current grant programs on Grants:Start.

Grant Advisory Committee

The Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) has two fundamental goals:

1. To help the Foundation evaluate Project & Event grant requests.

2. To encourage and mentor groups to:

  • learn about the Wikimedia Project and Event Grants program;
  • create compelling project plans with an emphasis on strategic alignment and measurable goals;
  • request funding for those projects by submitting grant proposals.

current committee
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committee activities

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GAC members speak many languages. If you have questions about the PEG program, we encourage you to reach out to a GAC member that speaks your language. (N) = native speaker; (4) = near-native; (3) = advanced; (2) = intermediate; (1) = basic.

Current members[edit]

User name Name Affiliation Languages Since
1 Ilario Ilario Valdelli WMCH Italiano (N); English, Français (3); Deutsch (2); Spanish (2) 2011-06-03
2 Kiril Simeonovski Kiril Simeonovski Shared Knowledge/WMMK македонски јазик (N); српскохрватски, English (4); Deutsch, български език (3); русским языком (2) 2011-06-03
3 Lankiveil Craig Franklin WMAU English (N); Gaeilge (1) 2011-06-03
4 Packa Pavel Hrdlička WMCZ čeština (N); Deutsch (2), English (2) 2011-06-03
5 Polimerek Tomasz Ganicz WMPL Polski (N); English (3); русским языком (1) 2011-06-03
6 Nasir8891 Nasir Khan Saikat WMBD বাংলা ভাষার (N); English (4) 2012-07-24
7 3BRBS WMCL Español (N); English (4) 2012-07-24
8 MikyM Mile Kiš WMRS српски / srpski (N); English (3) 2012-07-24
9 Alleycat80 NLIGuy Ido WMIL עברית (N); English (4) 2012-07-24
10 Danny B. cs & sk sister projects českého jazyka (N); English (4); Slovensky, Français (3); русски (1) 2013-08-31
11 Léna Caroline Becker WMFr Français (N); English (3) 2014-04-01
12 Indexum Gheorghe Zugravu ROWP Române (N); English, русски (4); Deutsch, Français, українською (1) 2014-04-01
13 Islahaddow Isla Haddow-Flood ENWP, Project WikiAfrica English (N) 2015-01-17
14 rubin16 WMRU русский (N), English (4), Tatar (N) 2015-01-17
15 Beria Béria Lima de Rodríguez Português (N) 2015-01-17
16 Violetova Snezhana Shtrkovska MKWP/WMMK македонски јазик (N), српскохрватски, English (4), български (2) 2015-01-17
17 Wertuose Wertuose WMAZ Azərbaycanca (N); Turkçe (4); русский (4); English (2) 2015-01-17
18 Hasive Hasive Nurunnaby WMBD বাংলা ভাষার (N); English (4) ; Hindi (3) 2015-01-17
19 Dry Martini ITWP Italiano (N); English (4); Français (2); Svenska (1) 2015-01-17
20 Karthikndr Karthik Nadar WMIN English (N); Tamil (N); Marathi (N); Hindi (N); 2015-01-17
21 Rebecca Cotton Rebecca Cotton WMDE English (N); Deutsch (N); Espanol (1) 2015-01-17

See past committee members

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membership criteria
join the committee

We invite Wikimedians who meet the criteria to become members during an open call period 1-2 times a year. Membership is for a 1-year term, which is renewable.

To be considered for membership:

  1. Review the membership criteria below and make sure you meet them.
  2. Review the committee's tasks and make sure you're willing and able to fulfill them.
  3. Add your name to the list of candidates. Please include a brief statement about your background and Wikimedia involvement, demonstrating how you meet the criteria.
  4. Wait for the next open call for new members. This typically happens in the Spring and Fall of each year.
  1. Provide feedback on grant proposals: Review new grant proposals, engaging in talk page discussions to help improve them and asking questions to ensure that sufficient information is provided and that goals and estimates are realistic.
  2. Review finalized proposals: Once revisions to the proposal have been made, score proposals and give feedback to applicants. Members are not expected to engage on every proposal, but are encouraged to engage as much as possible and at least once every two months.
  3. Recommend proposals for funding: Wikimedia Foundation staff will take GAC input into account, and will only make a decision about open grant proposals after at least some GAC members have commented and scored.
membership criteria


  1. Experience with the Wikimedia movement and at least one Wikimedia project.
  2. Ability to edit basic wiki-markup (grant proposal discussions are largely conducted on Meta).
  3. Understanding of diversity, including cultural, linguistic, and gender differences. Reasonable facility with English, for reviewing and discussing grant proposals.
  4. Experience with programmatic or project-based work, e.g. editor engagement, outreach, events, partnerships, research, education.
  5. Have a track record of constructive engagement in community discussions and an orientation toward collaborative problem solving.
  6. Ability to actively engage in the review process at least once every 2 months. Members who have not engaged for at least two months will be asked privately if they're still interested in serving on the GAC. GAC membership of those who do not step down but who remain inactive for another month will expire.


  1. Experience leading, coordinating, or managing projects with an intended on-wiki impact.
  2. Experience applying for grants or working in grants programs (in the Wikimedia, academic, or wider non-profit world).
  3. Experience handling externally provided money and working with and within budgets, preferably in a non-profit context.
  4. Experience with organizational issues, including governance, due diligence, accountability processes, auditing, and finance.
  5. Ability to read and write in multiple languages.

Members may themselves apply for Project and Event Grants, but must recuse from reviewing their proposal. GAC membership does not conflict with membership of other Wikimedia committees, except for the Funds Dissemination Committee.

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Would you like to join the committee? Add yourself to the list of candidates here!

Candidates who are determined to meet the criteria will be added and notified during the next open call for new members.

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