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Wikimedia TN User Group/Annual plan 2015-2016
Annual program of Wikimedia TN User Group activities from August 2015 to August 2016
Wikimedia TN User Group logo.svg
targetAll Wikimedia projects
strategic priorityIncreasing Participation and Improving Quality
start dateNovember 1st
start year2015
end dateOctober 31st
end year2016
budget (USD)$5 150
grant typegroup
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• tounsi.yassin(_AT_)• touzrimounir(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia TN User Group


To ensure Wikimedia TN User Group financial autonomy to carry out its projects forward for one year. Future projects the group will be listed on various aspects and will allow members to enrich their experiences through workshops edict-a-thons and lectures.

This project aims

  1. Increase the number of new active users;
  2. Improve the quality and quantity of the articles on Wikipedia Arabic, French and English;
  3. Increase the number of images under a free license.


The following sections describe the activities that the TN User Group has planned.

Wiki Loves Monuments 2015[edit]

The Wiki Loves Monuments Tunisia project is a contest of free pictures of historical monuments in Tunisia. Its aim is to help disseminate knowledge about heritage by photographing the sites in different Tunisian cities. This site presents the competition to Tunisia, which is co-organized for the third consecutive year by the Wikimedia Tunisia User Group , the CLibre Association and the Association Carthagina. The national contest allows participants to take and upload photos of 937 monuments as listed in the National Heritage Institute. At the end of this period, a jury will select the best photographs and prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony.

Contest objectives[edit]

  • Number of participants: 20
  • Number of uploaded photos: 1500
  • Number of new users: 10
  • Four months after the competition, 200 photos will be used on wiki projects


Diocesan Library[edit]

Two members of Carthagina joined the team of the Diocesan Library and who will be "Wikimedians in residence" with the aim to digitize works and cards in the public domain.

  • Number of uploaded photos: 3000
  • Number of items: 100

Education Program[edit]

Launching the program in the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) in partnership with the club free software G2 FOSS.

  • Number of new contributors: 15
  • Number of items: 50


Among the most important aspects for the TN User Group promotes its activities and expansion of active members. To do so, it includes the following activities:

  • Website maintenance and improvement
  • At least 6 meetings / workshops / Wikipedia edit-a-thon and commons wikimedia
  • Allow members of the group to attend the conferences Wikimedia
  • Number of new contributors: +20
  • Number of items: 100

Measures of success[edit]

During this year and after the completion of the above projects, is estimated to have:

  • + 2500 photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  • + 1 million bytes added to the Arabic Wikipedia.
  • + 1 million bytes added to the French Wikipedia.
  • 0.5 million bytes added to the English Wikipedia.
  • Recruiting 50 new editors / contributors
  • Improve the skills of new users by edit-a-thons
  • Recruit at least 20 new active women contributors to Wikipedia.
  • + 400 new items added to the Arabic Wikipedia.
  • + 400 new items added to the French Wikipedia.
  • + 200 new items added to the English Wikipedia.


Below is the list of team members, including user names:

  1. Mounir Touzri
  2. Yassine Tounsi
  3. Émna Mizouni
  4. Habib M’henni
  5. Yamen Bousrih
  6. Nizar Kerkeni
  7. Wael Ghabara
  8. Hamed Gamaoun

Here is a complete list of members of the user group that can help.

Successful projects organized by the TN User Group:


Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Category Quantity Unit price (TND) Total TND Total USD Notes
Prizes 5 N/D 1500 750
  • 500 TND 1st prize
  • 400 TND 2nd prize
  • 300 TND 3rd prize
  • 200 TND 4th prize
  • 100 TND 5th prize
Advertisting 20 30 600 300
Ceremony 1 600 600 300
Other N/D 300 300 150
Total 3000 1500

GLAM:Diocesan Library[edit]

Category Quantity Unit price (TND) Total TND Total USD Notes
Scanner 297 x 420 1 1000 1000 500
Digital camera 1 1500 1500 750
Total 2500 1250

Education program[edit]

Category Quantity Unit price (TND) Total TND Total USD Notes
Wikipedia Workshops: Commons and Mediawiki 4 200 800 400
Communications N/D N/D 400 200
Total 1200 600


Category Quantity Unit price (TND) Total TND Total USD Notes
Website maintenance and improvement 1 600 600 300
Meetings 6 500 340 3 000 2040 1 5001020
Travel 7 1500 9000 4500 Allow 2 active members attending Wikimania 2016

Allow 2 active members to attend the Wikimedia Conference 2016

Allow one active member to attend GLAM-Wiki 2016

Allow one active member to attend wikisource 2015

Total 11600 3 600 5800 1800


Category Total TND Total USD
Wiki Loves monuments 3000 1500
Diocesan Library 2500 1250
Education program 1200 600
Logistics 11600 3 600 5800 1800
Total 10 300 5 150
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
10 300 TND = $ 5,150 USD
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non-financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requests for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance, if any


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