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WikiConference Uruguay 2015
WikiConference Uruguay 2015 is the first annual conference for Wikipedians and Wikimedians in Uruguay. It will take place at La Paloma, Rocha, on March 20–21, 2015. Over the course of the conference, a team of organizers from the Wikimedia Uruguay chapter, as well as other Wikimedians throughout Uruguay and Argentina will collaborate to curate panels and workshops with substantive advocacy, educational, and community building tracks, encouraging edition in gender topics, as well as increasing woman participation.
targetSpanish Wikipedia
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateMarch 20
start year2015
end dateMarch 21
end year2015
budget (local currency)145,434 UYU
budget (USD)5,843
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• user:Fedaro• user:Ganímedes
organization• Wikimedia Uruguay
created on22:22, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

Facade of the place where we will hold the event
Interior view of the venue.
Interior view of the venue.
One of the cottages for lodging of attendance. Up to three people each.
Interior view of the cottages.
Interior view of the cottages.


The mission of the conference is to create a forum for Wikipedians and non-Wikipedians in Uruguay, including academics, professionals, students and activists to engage in a meaningful discussion of the Wikimedia movement in Uruguay with special interest in the participation of women. Importantly faculty members and teachers in Uruguay are mostly represented by women. This can be of significant interest on projects of the Wikimedia Foundation to become involved in various forms of transmission of culture, being multipliers from her feminine and teaching role. Perhaps merely attending can collaborate on projects and disseminate women from diverse cultural backgrounds, to be participants or simple multipliers. The conference will nourish the growing community of Wikimedia, address the problems of both the local community and online, stimulate the creation of new content, and facilitate new participation. It is also a way to measure our logistical capacity to organize large events, to determine if we can address major events such as IberocoopConf or eventual Wikimania.



Conference program[edit]

Panels and Workshops: The Conference will be divided in two days. First one is dedicated to panels, and second to edit-a-thon:

Friday 20th

Panels will last approx. 30 minutes with 10-15 min to answer questions of attendance

  • Talk about WMFoundation by user:Patricio.lorente (guest, to confirm)
  • Quality articles in Spanish Wikipedia by user:Ganímedes
  • Using of multimedia resources by user:Fedaro
  • Advances in GLAM Projects and planes by WMUY
    • Wiki Loves Monuments 2015
    • Wiki Loves Earth 2015
    • Wiki Loves Libraries 2016
  • Session on Copyright by CC-Uy guest.
  • Wikipedia Education Program: Case study presentations by user:Roxyuru, user:Mevrob
  • Gender in Wikipedia by User:Jaluj

At the end of the afternoon we will have a seassion to sign agreements with at least one of the invited organizations

Saturday 21th
Workshops for Newcomers by Advanced Users: We will be holding workshops where newcomers can learn from expert editors and anyone can hang out to edit articles. The workshop will be focus on gender issues and will include an edit-a-thon in biographies of notable females with no article in es:WP or than need improvement.

Note: Topics for Panels and Workshops have not been finalized.


Target readership[edit]

This project will most directly affect the Wikipedia in Spanish, although we have some users that also contribute to the English Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects, as Wikinews and Commons.

Fit with strategy[edit]

The conference will support increased reach and participation through engaging a broad and diverse audience, specially of women. The conference will make an extra effort to reach out to Wikimedians at the East of the country, who do not have regular access to Wikimedia chapter activities. This project will primarily benefit Wikipedia in spanish by bringing together editors from all across Uruguay and Argentina, and engaging with various institutions that incorporate Wikipedia into their work.

The conference will be an environment where:

  • Newcomers will have the opportunity to learn from expert editors and expert editors will be able to direct new users to relevant projects, resources and learning tools which they are developing.
  • Wikipedians can share and create best practices in areas including editing, article credibility, community and educational outreach in localities, in several toppics, as gender gap.
  • Stimulate excitement about being part of the Wikimedia movement!

Measures of success[edit]

Throughout the conference, we will be asking participants to fill out comment forms and surveys that will be available on paper and online. We hope to compile participant comments as a quantifiable measure of participant engagement, as well as a measure of effectiveness of each curated session.

Following the conference, we will have obtained the following important datasets -The results will be published in a formal conference report which will also include a comprehensive financial report-:

  • Conference attendance - at least 60% of women
  • Geographic representation - at least 1 attendent by each one of the 19 departments –states— of the country
  • Organizational and institutional representation - at least two representant by each invited organizations
  • At least 30 news/imaproved articles by attendance during conference about gender issues
  • Reports from scholarship recipients post-conference
  • Sign of agreement with at least one of the invited organizations
Documentation and analysis[edit]

The conference will be documented by reporters who will publish updates and recaps on the conference blog, as well as invited press and bloggers. We will strongly utilize social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook to generate a following for the conference. We will also create a repository of conference materials, including flyers, media presentations, and recordings that will be compiled for online documentation during and after the conference. Additionally, scholarship awardees will be required to submit reports on their conference experience, which will be analyzed and used to design future Wikimedia outreach programs. Media reporting and documentation will be overseen by a volunteer media point person.

Resources and risks[edit]


List of Team Members[edit]
Position Name
Conference Director Fedaro
Deputy Conference Director Rangelo
Program Chair Zeroth
Program Officer, Budget Manager Ganímedes
Volunteer media point person NaBUru38
Scholarship Chair Ganímedes
Volunteer Coordinator José Mignone
Technical Supervisor Fixertool
Endorsements from community members or movement groups[edit]
  • Wikimedia Uruguay
  • Ceibal
  • Consejo de Formación en Educación (CFE - Education Training Council)
  • Intendencia Municipal de Rocha (City Hall of Rocha)

Note: We are currently working on obtaining official endorsement of the conference from multiple organizations and institutions.

Groups we will be contacting for endorsement:

  • Creative Commons Uruguay
  • National Library Association (Asociación de Bibliotecólogos del Uruguay - ABU)
  • Daily Women (Cotidiano Mujer)
Evidence of past success in executing similar projects[edit]
  • We've organized smaller Meetings of Wikipedians in 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Wikimedia UY has demonstrated an ability to execute a variety of organization activities within the Wikimedia community, GLAM, the Education Program, and outreach projects.
    • Institutional Partnerships: Wikimedia Uruguay has sucessfully participated in Soumaya Edit-a-Thon
    • Education Program: We've supported Wikipedia in the Education Project, and School of Medical Technology
    • Outreach Projects: Organizational head of WikLoves Monuments 2013, with first place in South America in number of pictures uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (7000+)


One of our biggest risk is the exchange. Dollar is fluctuating and increasing fast in these days, so we're unsecure about prices hold on till march. However, we are working hardly in order to find ways to reduce costs as much as possible. Also, we don´t have financial management experience, and never origanized an event of such size. If necessary, we're ready to find a financial expert (maybe volunteer, perhaps not) to help us in this matter.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines. Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost (UYU) Total cost (USD) Notes
1 Location Venue 1 1 72,717.0 0 0 We have got a conference room on a free basis. But if we would have had to pay for it the cost would have been 72,717.0 (to get wifi conection and the infrastructure we need). The grant was awarded by the City Hall of Rocha.
2 Food & Beverages Snacks for day 1 Per person 4 126,25 30298,75 1,217 We're working to get a discount in this item. However, this is the best price we get so far.
3 Food & Beverages Snacks for day 2 Per person 4 126,25 30298,75 1,217 We're working to get a discount in this item. However, this is the best price we get so far.
4 Travel scholarships Bus 1 Bus for 30 passengers 1 31,510.7 31,510.7 1,266 In order to reduce costs we will hire a bus for 30 persons. It will be used for the Wikimedians who came from Montevideo plus some guests. The Education Training Council (CFE - Consejo de Formación en Educación - a national government organization) will cover travel expenses of its 31 fellows but their lodging expenses will be covered by WM-UY. The whole travel scholarship expenses will be detailed below. We are currently working on securing group deals for affordable hostel accommodations.
5 Travel scholarships Boat ticket 1 Boat ticket Buenos Aires - Montevideo - Buenos Aires 3 3231,87 9,695,6 390 Three full scholarships will be given. Two will be for Wikimedia Uruguay members that live in Argentina and the other one is for a plenary speaker who also lives in Argentina.
6 Lodging Lodging for one night Per person 61 468,89 28,602.0 1,149 Lodging for 61 people for 1 night.
7 Lodging Lodging for one night Per person 3 969,56 2,908.68 117 Lodging for one night for grantees who come from Argentina
8 Contingency Contingency - - 12,119.5 12,119.5 487 This item was added for unforeseen expenses.

Total cost of project[edit]

269,401.00 UYU

Total amount requested[edit]

145,434.00 UYU/5,843 USD

Additional sources of revenue[edit]

Additional sources of revenue, other than the Project and Event Grants Program, that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded.

Wikimedia UY responsibilities
Item Projected Cost Notes and Comments
Venue UYU 72,717.0 We have got a conference room on a free basis. But if we would have had to pay for it the cost would have been 72,717.0 (it has wifi conection and the infrastructure we need). The grant was awarded by the City Hall of Rocha.
Scholarships UYU 55,749.7 The Education Training Council (CFE - Consejo de Formación en Educación - a national government organization) will cover travel expenses of its 31 fellows but their lodging expenses will be covered by WM-UY.
Total Cost UYU 128,466.7

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

We hope to be in touch about publicity for the conference and publishing a blog post on our project on WMF's blog, so in our Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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We've been actively discusse this event in our mailing list. We're also atrating to discuss in our wiki. Invitations and others notifications including communities will be shortly advice, via Wikipedia Talk Page, village pump, Facebook, Twitter, our blog, our site and WMF's blog if possible.


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