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Annual Plan Grant for Wikimedia UG Georgia, 2022
The annual plan of Wikimedia UG Georgia, based on the Strategic Plan of the UG, consists of 5 program areas:
1. Content Gap
2. Increasing Participation
3. Community Support, Development and Promoting Wikimedia
4. Collaborate with GLAM, Universities, Educational Institutions and Governmental Institutions
5. Collaborate with Wikimedia and Non-Wikimedia organizations
All these programs have been carried out intensively and with success by Wikimedia UG Georgia for two years now.
start date2022-01-01T00:00:00Z
end date2022-12-31T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency)124574 GEL
amount requested (USD)39800 USD
amount recommended (USD)32460
grant typeWikimedia Affiliate (chapter, thematic org., or user group)
funding regionCEECA
decision fiscal year2021-22
funding program roundRound 1
applicant and people related to proposalMehman Ibragimov – User:Mehman97 Mikheili Chabukashvili - User:MIKHEIL and User:Mikheil (WMGE)
organization (if applicable)Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
Midpoint Learning Report 
Final Learning Report

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Applicant details[edit]

Wikimedia username(s):

Mehman Ibragimov – User:Mehman97

Mikheili Chabukashvili - User:MIKHEIL and User:Mikheil (WMGE)


Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia

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Organization details[edit]

What is your organization or group's mission?

The mission of UG-GE is to aid and encourage Georgians to collect, develop and disseminate knowledge and other educational, cult., hist. content in the public domain, that allows everyone to freely use the knowledge, and to distribute and modify said content for free. Promotion of Knowledge (initiation and stimulation of public interest in Knowledge and in means of creation, development and spreading of Knowledge and access to it), promote access to knowledge and education for all citizens.

If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has. (optional)

Wikimedia UG Georgia wiki -

WMGE Facebook - Georgian Wiki Facebook - WMGE Twitter - Georgian Wiki on Instagram -

Grant proposal[edit]

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Annual Plan Grant for Wikimedia UG Georgia, 2022

Where will this proposal be implemented?


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If you have answered regional or international, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

What are the main challenges you are trying to solve and your proposed solution?

Unfortunately, in Georgia, as in other areas of the post-Soviet world, the volunteer culture is not sufficiently developed, which prevents us from developing a volunteer network around Wikimedia projects. We are trying with our programs and projects to develop a volunteer culture and network in Georgia.

There is also a problem in Georgia regarding freedom of panorama, as well as licenses. We are working with our partners on a bill to submit it to the Georgian parliament. We hope that we can achieve our goal and soon there will be freedom of panorama in Georgia.

What is the main objective of your proposal?

The annual plan of Wikimedia UG Georgia, based on the Strategic Plan of the UG, consists of 5 program areas:
1. Content Gap
2. Increasing Participation
3. Community Support, Development and Promoting Wikimedia
4. Collaborate with GLAM, Universities, Educational Institutions and Governmental Institutions
5. Collaborate with Wikimedia and Non-Wikimedia organizations

All these programs have been carried out intensively and with success by Wikimedia UG Georgia for two years now.

Describe your main strategies to achieve this objective and the main activities you will be developing as part of these strategies.

The annual plan is based on 5 programs, which are as follows:

1) Content Gap: Through various projects and programs, including through article contests, photography contests, contests aimed to improving the content of projects and marathons, WMGE for two years in a row tries to improve and develop Wikimedia projects in Georgian and other regional languages of the Caucasus. Contests and projects are both internationaland local. Our experience indicates to us that we are working in the right direction and that we must continue our projects to expand content in Wikimedia projects. 2) Increasing Participation: A key activity of WMGE is to attract new volunteers, editors and people to the initiative of the Wikimedia movement, to develop and improve Wikimedia projects. The increase of the number of participants in Wikimedia projects, primarily in the Georgian language, is strategic for us, since the growth of the Wikimedia content and the quality of the content created depend on the number of participants. 3) Community Support, Development and Promoting Wikimedia: Community development, support and preservation of community sustainability is one of the most important goals of WMGE. Self-organized community of Wikimedia in Georgia continues to develop and WMGE helps them in their development and sustainable existence. This direction has long been part of the Organization's programmatic activities, and we will continue to use the proven ways of working with the WikiCommunity. 4) Collaborate with GLAM, Universities and Educational Institutions: WMGE began to actively cooperate with GLAM, Universities and various educational institutions and will continue to develop these ties and network of cooperation. We actively cooperate with various educational institutions such as schools and universities, where we try to create a network of WikiClubs. We will continue to cooperate in this area and develop our network of cooperation with other institutions to develop Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia movement in Georgia, as well as to create a sustainable Wikimedia community in Georgia. 5) Collaborate with Wikimedia and Non-Wikimedia organizations, Gov structures: WMGE actively cooperates and establishes close ties with organizations within Georgia, that have similar goals and objectives as WMGE.

Please state if you will be carrying out any of these activities within your programs? Select all that apply.

Organizing Meet-up online, Organizing Meet-up offline, Workshops, Edit-A-Thons, WikiCamp, Contest, Wiki Loves campaign, Conference/Event Organizing, Media outreach campaign

Are you running any in-person events or activities?


Please state if your proposal aims to work on any of the identified content knowledge gaps?

Content Gender gap, Age (regency) , Geography, Language, Socioeconomic Status, Cultural background, ethnicity, religion, racial

Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or thematic focus.

Education, Culture, heritage or GLAM , Advocacy, Human Rights, Diversity

Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities? Select all categories that apply.

Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Geographic , Ethnic/racial/religious or cultural background, Disabilities, Linguistic / Language, Socioeconomic status, Age

Please tell us more about your target participants.

Wikimedia UG Georgia is actively pursuing various programs and projects, where participants from different geographic regions of Georgia are involved, they represent different strata of society, including representatives of different religion and ethnic groups. We also pay great attention to ensuring that there is a gender balance among the participants in Wikimedia projects.

We introduce quotas on our projects (for example, during WikiCamps), where representatives of gender groups are represented in equal numbers.

Wikimedia UG Georgia currently has two active WikiClubs created in two regions of the country, from where one is also a tool for integrating national minorities of Georgia into the community, since it was created in the region of Georgia, where the sensible part of the population is an ethnic minority.

Do you have plans to work with other Wikimedia communities, groups or affiliates in your country, or in other countries, to implement this proposal?


Please tell us about these connections online and offline and how you have let Wikimedia communities know about this proposal.

Wikimedia UG Georgia will continue to be an active affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation and part of the global Wikimedia movement. It will keep building on its relationship with Wikimedia UG Azerbaijan, Wikimedia UG Turkey, Wikimedia Russia and seek other relationships with other chapters, UG's and thematic organizations in order to share lessons learned and resources, and to conduct projects in partnerships. The UG aims at increasing the involvement of Georgians in the Wikimedia movement.

Wikimedia UG Georgia in order to achieve its goal in cooperation with other Wikimedia Foundation affiliations, it will conduct joint projects with these organizations that will strengthen and develop bilateral relations, which in turn will contribute to the development of Wikimedia projects.

WMGE has already been running contests for 3 years with regional WM affiliations (for example Wiki Loves Caucasus and fully financing them from its budget.

Will you be working with other external, non-Wikimedian partners to implement this proposal?


Please describe these partnerships.

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia - Together with the ministry, we conduct joint projects, trainings and contests aimed at developing Georgian-language Wikimedia projects (at the first stage, this is Georgian Wikipedia). All contests costs are paid by the ministry.
  • Georgian Association of History Teachers - Together with them, we conduct trainings for history teachers, as well as for students and schoolchildren.
  • Palace-Museum of Culture of Georgia - We are actively working with the museum to digitize their resources and upload them to the Wikimedia project (Commons, Wikidata, Wikipedia).

How do you hope to sustain or expand the work carried out in this proposal after the grant?

We are actively working to expand programs and projects, based on our experience and work done. We evaluate the work done by us and we develop or supplement existing programs and projects. We also develop new projects that will help us expand our area of work and action.

Do you have the team that is needed to implement this proposal?

1) Mehman Ibragimov (User:Mehman97) – Chairman of UG, is engaged in the preparation of reports on behalf of the UG and controls the layered work of the organization. (Volunteer)

2) Mikheili Chabukashvili (User:MIKHEIL and User:Mikheil (WMGE)) – UG Program and Social Media Manager, is involved in the preparation and implementation of all programs and projects of the UG. (Paid staff) 3) Jaba Labadze (User:Jaba1977) – Assists in project preparation, actively conducts trainings and is involved in WikiClub's management. (Volunteer) 4) George Melashvili (User:Melberg) – Helps in the development of programs. (Volunteer) 5) David Asriashvili (User:David1010) – Assists in contests preparation. (Volunteer) 6) Anry Kiknavelidze (User:Anrykiknavelidze) – Helps in evaluating contests. (Volunteer) 7) Mikheil Chkhikvadze (User:Surprizi) – Helps in evaluating contests. (Volunteer) 8) Nino Turmanidze – Actively conducts trainings. (Volunteer)

In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select a maximum of three options that most apply.

Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement, Improve User Experience, Provide for Safety and Inclusion, Ensure Equity in Decision-making, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development, Manage Internal Knowledge, Evaluate, Iterate, and Adapt

Please state if your organization or group has a Strategic Plan that can help us further understand your proposal. You can also upload it here. (optional)      

Upload Strategic Plan

Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation[edit]

What do you hope to learn from your work in this fund proposal?

We have been improving our processes for two years now based on our previous experience.

Specifically, we are studying the following issues:

1) How strong is Wikimedia Georgia organizationally? 2) How strong is Wikimedia Georgia organizationally? 3) How strong is Wikimedia Georgia to increase its programming volume? 4) To what extent has Wikimedia Georgia been able to achieve its programmatic objectives? 5) Do you need additional resources to implement the programs? 6) Do you need professional support from the Wikimedia Foundation or other affiliates? 7) Are there enough human resources within Wikimedia Georgia to achieve the goals? 8) What needs to be changed in the processes to achieve the goals?

This is a short list of the questions by which we measure our processes and achievements. Of course, additional questions appear here, to which we, the whole community, are looking for answers or solutions to problems.

Core Metrics[edit]

Enter a description of the metric and a number in the target field. If the metric does not apply to you, enter N/A for not applicable.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target
Number of participants The number of participants who will take part in all Wikimedia Georgia projects and programs. At least 30 participants were newbies. 150
Number of editors Number of editors who will participate in all Wikimedia UG Georgia projects. At least 20 will be newbies. 80
Number of organizers Number of Organization Members who will oversee the implementation of Wikimedia Georgia projects and programs. 10
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target
Wikipedia New or improved articles 2000
Wikimedia Commons New images 300
Wikidata New or improved elements 200

If for some reason your proposal will not measure these core metrics please provide an explanation.


Additional Metrics[edit]

Enter a description of the metric and a number in the target field. If the metric does not apply to you, enter N/A for not applicable.

Additional Metrics Description Target
Number of editors that continue to participate/retained after activities Participants who will continue to participate in WMGE projects. 50
Number of organizers that continue to participate/retained after activities UG members who will continue to participate in WMGE projects. 10
Number of strategic partnerships that contribute to longer term growth, diversity and sustainability New and existing partners. 7
Feedback from participants on effective strategies for attracting and retaining contributors N/A N/A
Diversity of participants brought in by grantees N/A N/A
Number of people reached through social media publications The total number of people who will see our publications in social networks. 10000
Number of activities developed Total number of projects (Trainings, lectures, sessions, edit-a-thons, contests, meetings). 20
Number of volunteer hours N/A N/A

What other information will you be collecting to learn about the impact of your work? (optional)

We will prepare surveys for the participants in our projects and ask them how efficiently we worked and how they were able to understand us.

This will help us understand what we did right and what did not, which serves as a tool for improving our processes.

What tools would you use to measure each metric selected?

1) For contests – Fountain tool

2) We will use common tools for assessing participants. 3) We will develop a program for evaluating the effectiveness of our trainings and meetings.

How do you hope to share these results so that others can learn from them?

Make a short presentation of the experience, Share results on social media, Share results with our communities, Share it on Meta-Wiki

Financial Proposal[edit]

What is the amount you are requesting from WMF? Please provide this amount in your local currency. If you are thinking about a multi-year fund, please provide the amount for the first year.

124574 GEL

What is this amount in US Currency (to the best of your knowledge)?

39800 USD

Do you want to apply for multi-year funding?      


If you have calculated it, please provide an estimate of the year 2 or year 3 request.


Please share your budget for this proposal.  

Please see :

What do you do to make sure there is a good management of funds?

Wikimedia Georgia is organizationally quite strong affiliation which has its own control mechanisms. Wikimedia Georgia has a Board of Trustees that oversees all actions of the organization's executive bodies and shares information about this with all members of the organization and the Wikimedia community in Georgia.

The organization also has a strong executive team (along with an accountant) that makes sure that all funds are spent wisely on projects.

We are also a transparent organization that carries out all our actions through digital technologies represented by the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

How will you contribute towards creating a supportive environment for participants using the UCOC and Friendly Space Policy?

Wikimedia UG Georgia places great emphasis on inclusion and safety in the implementation of its programs and projects. We make sure that no one is discriminated against for any reason.

We are going to develop our UCoC for the organization next year based on the Universal Code of Conduct developed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Please use this optional space to upload any documents that you feel are important for further understanding your proposal.

Staffing plan or organogram:
Other public document(s):

Final Message[edit]

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We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.