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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund/Conference Fund/WikiWomenCamp 2023

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WikiWomenCamp 2023
proposed start date2023-05-10T00:00:00Z
proposed end date2024-03-05T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency)13678965.3 INR
amount requested (USD)165845.84 USD [note 1]
amount recommended (local)13678965.3 INR
decision fiscal year2022-23
applicant• Chinmayee Mishra
organization (if applicable)• N/A
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Applicant details[edit]

A. Are you applying as a(n)


B. Full name of organization presenting the proposal.


F. Do you have an account on a Wikimedia project?


F1. Please provide your main Wikimedia Username.

Chinmayee Mishra

F2. Please provide the Usernames of people related to this proposal.

User:Chinmayee Mishra, User:Manavpreet Kaur

G. Are you legally registered?


If you are applying as an individual or your group is not a legally registered nonprofit in your country, we require that you have a fiscal sponsor.

Objectives and Strategy[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal.

WikiWomenCamp 2023

2.1. When will the event begin? Please enter the event start date.


2.2. When is the last day of your event?


3.1. When will you begin preparing for your event?


3.2. When will you expect to complete your last event payment?


4. Where will this proposal be implemented? Where will the conference take place?


5. Is it a remote or in-person event?

In-person event

5.1. What will be the total number of participants at the event? (including scholarship recipients + organizing team + other guests + self funded guests) (required)


6. Please indicate whether your work will be focused on one country (local), more than one or several countries in your region (regional) or has a cross-regional (global) scope.


6.1. If you have answered regional, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

Cross regional: Global. Focus countries: India, USA, Nigeria, Sweden, Egypt, Bangladesh, UAE etc.

7. If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has.

https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiWomen%27s_User_Group https://www.facebook.com/WikiWomenSA

8. Do you work with any thematic or regional platforms such as WISCom, CEE, Iberocoop, etc.


8.1. Please describe what platforms and your work with them.

9. Please describe the target participants for this event.

It will be an attempt to gather and review our past activities and brainstorm for the future of women- their role and representation in the free knowledge movement. Planning programs by keeping in view of Wikimedia 2030 strategy the free knowledge movement. The event will be open to all women involved with the Wikimedia movement and involved with wikis in general including commercial, non-profit and educational wikis. We intend to provide an enriching experience and quality information, ideas and collaboration for participants to explore in the future. We are trying to bring women from diverse backgrounds to join the three day program encompassing keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops and discussion groups, focused on the role and future of women in the movement along with a primary focus to bridge the online gender gap.

10. Please provide the link to the event's page if you already have one.


The following questions (11-14) will refer to the Community Engagement Survey which is required in order to submit a proposal. Here is the survey form that you can copy and use (if the link does not work): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ieEI8EFf2vxjD9wN_h8-srYeRCp4fhSp7_1_wiR2jh8/edit. This survey is required to access a Conference grant.

11. How many people did you send the community engagement survey to?


11.1. When did you conduct the survey, and for how long?

Survey was done in 2020. 70 women participated. Meta page:WikiWomenCamp_2020:Pre-Conference_Survey/pre-covid The latest survey has been routed again to all portals and will close on Feb 28, 2023.

12. How many people responded to the survey?


13. What are the main objectives of the event?

Bringing together women from different countries of the Wikimedia movement, leaders of their respective communities and with strong experience and proven engagement with the gender gap topic. The objective is to have a broad representation from around the world, with many experiences to be shared, to create a strong network of women across the globe and will also help in designing more impactful, mutually beneficial and multifaceted activities; or programs. We intend to provide an enriching experience and quality information, ideas and collaboration for participants to explore in the future.

14. Based on survey responses, what are the most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve these objectives?

To focus on gender gap and related subject matters like online campaigns, DE&I initiatives and strategic planning for future of women in wikimedia movement.

15. Please state if your proposal aims to work to bridge any of the identified CONTENT knowledge gaps (Knowledge Inequity)? Select up to THREE that most apply to your work.

Content Gender gap, Sexual Orientation, Cultural background, ethnicity, religion, racial

15.1. In a few sentences, explain how your work is specifically addressing this content gap (or Knowledge inequity) to ensure a greater representation of knowledge. (optional recommended).

This event will give us an opportunity to brainstorm about the challenges and ongoing projects. This will offer us space to evaluate the projects and plan future initiatives. Women wikimedians have self led various campaigns but need more synchronization and support for better outcomes and balanced representation.

16. Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or THEMATIC focus. Select up to THREE that most apply to your work and explain the rationale for identifying these themes.

Advocacy, Diversity, Other

17. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities?

Gender Identity, Geographic

18. Do you intend to invite or engage with non-Wikimedian individuals or organizations? If so – can you explain your intention for this outreach?

YES, the UN Agencies and educational institutions in the region. The intention is to work with these organisations on regular basis especially focusing on creating safe and inclusive spaces. Also, a regular engagement for gender gap projects.

19. What will you do to make sure participants continue to engage in your activities after the event?

This is the traced ask from our survey. One of the intentions is to prepare workflows ensuring regular engagement. The conversation about hubs has been disconnected in the last year, the intention is to bring together interested people and create a support group.

20. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select a maximum of THREE options that most apply.

Provide for Safety and Inclusion, Ensure Equity in Decision-making, Invest in Skills and Leadership Development

Logistical Aspects[edit]

21. Do you have any proposed venue for the event?

There are two possible venues. The final decision will depend on partner organization, safety and associated costs. Accessibility is the primary consideration. All identified venues are easily accessible within 200kms from transportation hubs.

22. Is the event venue and hotel accessible for people with physical disabilities?


23. How many scholarships would you like to offer?

We would like to offer 50-60 full scholarships and 10-15 partial scholarships (NO travel. Only stay and food)

24. What expenses will the scholarship cover?

The scholarships will cover 4 nights (with breakfast) in a double room at the hotel, travel costs to New Delhi Airport from the origin (not including local ground transport) and lunch and dinner for the three days of the conference. It will also provide a fixed amount as reimbursement for local travel.

25. How will scholarship recipients be selected?

We have asked all the individuals taking the survey (Survey-1 2023) to choose the team they would like to join to assist the organizing committee. On the basis of individual preference, the committees will be formed. Along with this, an open invitation will be sent to women and gender-variant wikimedians with experience of handling similar tasks of selecting the scholarship recipients to join the committee.

26. In which ways can Wikimedia Foundation staff support your event onsite?

Specific conversations about gender, gender gap, initiatives and their impact Diversity and Inclusion Editor retention Inclusivity measures for all gender identities Discussion and alignment support for Strategic discussions

26.2. Do you intend to invite any WMF staff members to your event? (please note that all WMF staff travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the foundation). Please indicate what is the limit number of WMF staff members you would like to welcome at your event.

We have identified 10-15 in the initial conversations. We will have more clarity when teams and program are final.

27. Please outline the roles and responsibilities of the organizing team for the conference.

Planning and Coordination Scholarships Program Communications Safety & Inclusion

28. Do you have plans to co-organize the event with other Wikimedia communities, groups or affiliates?


28.1. If yes, can you please explain how you are going to co-organize the event and what responsibilities each partner will have.

Yes, Regional affiliates in Indian subcontinent and gender focused groups

29. What kind of risks do you anticipate and how would you mitigate these?

Due to character limits link is being given here. Kindly refer page : https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Resources_and_risks

30. Friendly space policy - Please add the link to the friendly space policy that your community will be using for this event.

UCoC will apply to the event with customized CoC

Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation[edit]

31. What do you hope to learn from your work organising this conference?

Considering the diverse groups from where women will be coming, we can't specify numeric targets. But we have definitely decided our desired targets on the basis of inputs gathered through Community engagement survey.

More women in leadership roles and affiliate representation Policy inputs to combat harassment Research Projects on Gender Gap and Harassment and Civility issues. More collaborative Projects Reduced Gender Gap. Collaboration with Institutions and allied organisations Planning New initiatives in line with Strategy. Progressing the Hubs discussions

Along with this, we would like to share that we have initiated our work on building collaboration with some organizations as knowledge partners to work on different projects (Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata) related to Gender Gap.

32. Main open metrics
Main Open Metrics Data
Main Open Metrics Description Target
Awareness of gender gap status and challenges in different communities https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Expected_Outcome/Success_Markers 40
A central team for women centric projects/ initiatives https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Expected_Outcome/Success_Markers 15
Training on DE&I https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Expected_Outcome/Success_Markers 5
Promoting women in leadership https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Expected_Outcome/Success_Markers 10
Strategic discussions on future of women in the movement https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference/WikiWomenCamp_2023#Expected_Outcome/Success_Markers 10

Financial Proposal[edit]

33. What is the amount you are requesting from Wikimedia Foundation? Please provide this amount in your local currency.


34. Select your local currency.


Requested amount in USD
165845.84 USD [note 1]
  1. a b The following amount in US dollars was calculated by Wikimedia Foundation staff using the fixed currency rates. This amount is approximate and may not reflect the actual currency exchange rates on the day of submission or distribution. If the application is funded, the funding will be sent in the recipient’s local currency.
35. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it.


36. Do you expect to receive funding for this conference from other organizations to support your work?


36.1. If yes, what kind of resources are you expecting to get?

We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.


Please use this optional space to upload any documents that you feel are important for further understanding your proposal.
Other public document(s): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vbgFwroquCAN2gC_4_JCan_yHAUa0w7a4yNq0g44bcg/edit#gid=0

Endorsements and Feedback[edit]

Please add endorsements and feedback to the grant discussion page only. Endorsements added here will be removed automatically.

Community members are invited to share meaningful feedback on the proposal and include reasons why they endorse the proposal. Consider the following:

  • Stating why the proposal is important for the communities involved and why they think the strategies chosen will achieve the results that are expected.
  • Highlighting any aspects they think are particularly well developed: for instance, the strategies and activities proposed, the levels of community engagement, outreach to underrepresented groups, addressing knowledge gaps, partnerships, the overall budget and learning and evaluation section of the proposal, etc.
  • Highlighting if the proposal focuses on any interesting research, learning or innovation, etc. Also if it builds on learning from past proposals developed by the individual or organization, or other Wikimedia communities.
  • Analyzing if the proposal is going to contribute in any way to important developments around specific Wikimedia projects or Movement Strategy.
  • Analysing if the proposal is coherent in terms of the objectives, strategies, budget, and expected results (metrics).