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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Research Fund/Structures of Wellbeing to Increase Knowledge Equity

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statusnot funded
Structures of Wellbeing to Increase Knowledge Equity
start and end datesMarch to December 2022
budget (USD)5,000-9,999 USD
applicant(s)• Medea7




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Structures of Wellbeing to Increase Knowledge Equity

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Sandra Becker

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The research aim is to find out how wellbeing in Wikimedia communities can be increased.

Therefor I want to do surveys with active and not active members in the community as well as with groups that are not yet active in the Wikipedia Community. These groups include people with migration backgrounds, single mums, unemployed parents, students from non academic backgrounds as well as indigenous people with language skills that are not yet represented in Wikipedia projects.

After evaluation of the surveys a publication is planned with the results. The conclusions will be discussed with different scientists who do research in knowledge processes.

In order to increase knowledge equity the final outcome of the research project is to construct a toolkit for wellbeing in the Wikimedia community. With Wellbeing knowledge can be spread more easily and also representatives of marginalized groups can stay in Wiki projects contributing their knowledge.

In my research on ways of knowledge creation I found out that the situation of wellbeing is key in order to include all groups. Covid shows us how certain groups have now even less access to participate than before. It seems important to create ways of including them. With wellbeing in knowledge processes underrepresented groups can contribute as they feel respected and acknowledged.

What tools can be developed to increase wellbeing in the wikipedia-community? With a toolkit of wellbeing structures it might be possible achieving more knowledge equity.



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  • 2000 for technical tools ande quipment
  • 2000 for publication
  • 500 monthlyforresearchwork,10months=5000

total amount: 9000 $



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One of the big goals is to achieve knowledge equity.

The crisis displayed more gaps in knowledge than before as well as less contributions by marginalized groups.

At the same time we need more than ever the knowledge of underrepresented groups.

The project will have an impact on the community building activities in the Wikimedia Movement.



Plans for dissemination.

Through the surveys community members reflect the issue. In consequence awareness is created on how to address new groups.

Besides the research will be part of the research group on learning processes at two universities in Germany and Austria:

The publication shall be shared in the Wikimedia Community as well as in NGOs and networks of the targeted groups.

A campaign on instagram is planned including art+feminism.

Past Contributions


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On Wiki:

Founder FemNetz:

Online Harassment:

planned contributions:

  • use toolkit in FemNetz projects as well as in Wikipedia communication projects
  • develop awareness workshops
  • implement new culture in learning environments in Wikipedia Education

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