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Grants:Project/Rapid/Igbo Wikimedians User Group/Anambra Hub Monthly Meetup

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NGA IG/Anambra Hub/Monthly Meetup 2019
Monthly meetups with planned agenda that will include: Training, Actual Meeting, and Scheduled Edit-a-thons.
targetIgbo Wikipedia, Igbo Wiktionary (still in the Incubator)
start date1st June 2019
end date3rd August 2019
budget (local currency)₦432,000
budget (USD)$1206
grant typeGroup
contact(s)• *uzzherself(_AT_)yahoo.com
  • tochiprecious2(_AT_)gmail.com
  • blossom@blossomozurumba.com• ndewo(_AT_)wikimediaigbo.org
organization (if applicable)Igbo Wikimedians User group

Review your report

Please see the sample Meeting application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Socialize with community members
  2. Recruit new editors
  3. Increase skills for existing editors
  4. Add or improve content

Project Plan[edit]


  1. What is the purpose of the meeting and why is it important to your community?
  • To build Igbo Wikimedians User Group, Anambra Hub, since it is a new one.
  • To train existing members.
  • To get members involved in project activities and planning.
  1. If applicable, what benefits have you seen from doing this kind of meeting in the past?
  2. How will you let participants know about the meeting?
  • Through social media
  • Igbo Wiki group chat (telegram)
  • By sending e-mails
  1. How will you keep participants engaged after the meeting is over?
  • Igbo Wiki group chat (telegram)
  • Through their talk page
  1. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?


Note: In addition to your project-specific measures of success, you will also be asked to report on some Global Metrics at the end of your final report. Please keep this in mind as you plan, and we'll support you as you begin your project.

  1. Number of total participants 20
  2. Number of people who will help organize the event 3


Item Description Per Event Number of Events Total NGN Total USD
Space rental 35,000 X3 105,000 293.100
Food and Drinks for 20 participants 30,500 X3 91,500 255.416
Logistics(Including Travel expenditures for coordinator from Abuja) 150,000 418.7
Miscellaneous (Presentation screen, stationaries, graphic design, Internet and logistics) 28,500 X3 85,500 238.7
TOTAL 94,000 X3 432,000 1,206 150,000
amount requested 432,000 1206