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Note: This Wikimedia Foundation grant has a fiscal sponsor. Wikimedia New York City administered the grant on behalf of SuperHamster.

Wikipedia Asian Month 2017
Wikipedia Asian Month 2017 is a global month-long edit-a-thon in November. This grant will fund resources to sustain and expand the event.
targetMultiple language versions of Wikipedia
start dateOctober 1
end dateApril 1 May 1
budget (USD)US$2000
grant typean individual
contact(s)• kevinpayravi(_AT_)

Wikipedia Asian Month is an annual online editing event occurring every November, all month long, since 2015. The edit-a-thon asks participants to create and/or improve articles on Asian topics.

In the past two years (2015 and 2016), over 10,000 quality articles have been created in more than 50 language editions of Wikipedia. The event helps improve Wikipedia's coverage of Asian topics, which is lacking on several language versions of Wikipedia. The event also encourages participants to learn more about Asian topics, particularly ones they may not be familiar with; the event mostly requires participants to write on topics from countries other than their own.

Last year's budget and grant funded materials and resources that helped make the event possible. As the event continues to grow on a global scale, this year's grant is being requested to help sustain, expand, and improve the event globally, and increase its impact on Wikipedia.

Project Goal[edit]

Successfully repeat and improve Wikipedia Asian Month for 2017, with the following key goals:

  • Invite more than 50 Wikipedia projects to get involved (last year involved 50 projects).
  • Have more than 1,000 Wikipedians participate by contributing articles (last year involved 734 Wikipedians).
  • Create more than 7,000 high-quality articles (last year resulted in 7,970).
    • Each Wikipedia projects have requirements for articles to ensure decent quality (e.g. English Wikipedia requires 3,000 bytes and at least 300 words).
  • Facilitate the organization of offline edit-thons in more than 15 locations around the world (last year had 9 offline edit-a-thons).
  • Completely overhaul the organizational structure for a more sustainable model with less dependence on single individual.

Project Plan[edit]


Wikipedia Asian Month primarily consists of its online, month-long edit-a-thon that lasts the entirety of November. Each language version of Wikipedia can facilitate its local online edit-a-thon with its own organizers, who report back to the international team. Wikipedia Asian Month also promotes and facilitates the organization of offline edit-a-thons around the world that feed into the online event.

1. What content will the contest focus on, and why is it important to your community?

Wikipedia Asian Month focuses on Asian content, which is under-represented on many language editions of Wikipedia. This event is global, having taken place on 50 different language versions of Wikipedia last year. This event can be viewed as important to many Asian communities, as it results in better coverage of information about numerous countries.

2. How will you let people know about the contest?

  • Social media, including posts and advertising on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Site notices.
  • Promotion through local affiliates.
    • Last year included the support of UG-CN, WMTW, WMPH, WM-HK, UG-PAN, UG-JP, UG-KO, and WMBD; we expect similar or greater support this year.

3. How will you judge the contest and award prizes?

Wikipedia Asian Month uses the volunteer-developed Fountain tracker and judgement tool. Each participating Wikipedia will have their own judging run by their local organizers.
Prizes are as follows:
  • Postcard for creating at least three qualified articles.
  • Certificate for creating the most articles on a Wikipedia project (Wikipedia Asian Ambassador).


  1. Number of participants: 1,000 (only counting individuals who contribute articles)
  2. Number of articles created : 7,000
  3. Wikipedia Projects involved: 50 language versions
  4. Improve the organization of the event (delegation of tasks and reducing delays), and re-create the structure of the organizing team
  5. Improve event tools and reduce manual work required to run the event
  6. Expand outreach efforts
  7. Assisting more small communities, from participating Wikipedia Asian Month to host local event


Postcards from WAM 2015, sent all around the world.

We will utilize the remaining postcards and stamps from last year's WAM event.

Resources requested:
  • Certificate Printing: $30
  • Certificate Shipping: $200
  • Facebook Ads: $20
  • Site Domain Name and Server: $100
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as Project Manager in the international team: $750 (Numbers are subject to change)
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as Outreach Manager in the international team: $450 (Numbers are subject to change)
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as Media Manager in the international team: $450 (Numbers are subject to change)
Total: $2,000

Wikimedia New York City will provide fiscal sponsorship to this project.


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