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Wikipedia Asian Month 2015

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Wikipedia Asian Month is an online Edit-a-thon aimed at enhancing the understanding among Asian Wikipedia communities. The Wikipedia Asian Month was held in November 2015; each of the participating communities runs a local Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on their own language Wikipedias, which promotes the creation or improvement of the Wikipedia content about Asia except their own country. Although this is an Asian Month, the participating community is not limited to Asia.

As one of the parts of friendship of Wikipedia Asian Community, each participant who creates at least five articles that fulfill the criteria will receive a special designed Wikipedia postcard from other participating countries.

Participating Communities

Click the local page on each Wikipedia to join the Wikipedia Asian Month. Didn't find your home Wikipedia? Sign up below to be the local organizer!

India: দিব্য দত্ত
Russia: Аль-Гимравий
Azerbaijan: Serkanland, Wertuose
Russia, Bashkortostan: Рөстәм Нурыев, Ryanag, Саган, MORATSOLTAN, Айсар
Uzbekistan: Ochilov - Translation help
Bulgaria: Лорд Бъмбъри
India: User:Bodhisattwa
Bangladesh: User:NahidSultan
Philippines: User:Filipinayzd
Hong Kong: Meracritus
China: User:AddisWang
Hong Kong: User:春卷柯南
Taiwan: User:Shangkuanlc & User:Reke
Japan: User:永続繁栄
German: User:Sebastian Wallroth
India: Titodutta
Philippines: Sky Harbor
Uzbekistan: Ochilov
Faroe Islands: EileenSanda
Iran: User:Mardetanha, User:Darafsh
France: Eponimm
India: A. R. Bhatt
Israel: Ravit
Indonesia: User:Ricky Setiawan, User:Hiro Hamada 1, User:Kenrick95, User:Iwan Novirion, User:Bonaditya, User:Aldnonymous
Japan: User:永続繁栄, User:Takot, User:Katota1114, User:Psjk2106
India: User:Csyogi
South Korea: User:Motoko C. K.
Israel: User:Maor X
Latvia: User:Papuass
Nepal: Biplab Anand
India: Manoj Karingamadathil, Ranjith Siji
India: Satdeep Gill
Uzbekistan: Ochilov
Russia: Lazyhawk
India: Udit Sharma
Russia: HalanTul
Pakistan: Jogi Asad
Sri Lanka: L Manju, 1100100, Randeer
Philippines: KisekiLacroix, Sky Harbor
No local organizer
Philippines: Sky Harbor, Jojit fb, Titopao, Bluemask
India: Ravi, Dinesh
Sri Lanka: Aathavan
India :Rahmanuddin Shaik
Thailand: User:Taweetham
Ukraine: アンタナナ
India: Muzammil
Uzbekistan: Ochilov
Vietnam: Namnguyenvn

No local page so far


Participating Wikimedia Affiliates

Postcards Sent from

Wikipedia Asian Month - Written Postcards at Wikimedia Taiwan.
Postcards written by volunteer Taiwania Justo. These will be sent to global participants of Wikimedia Asian Month 2015.
Postcards from Wikimedians in Thailand. These were sent to 48 global participants on 23/02/2016

Other Supporting Affiliates


During the Wikipedia Asian Month, an editor on each Wikipedia who contributes at least 5 (five) articles about Asia except one's own language speaking countries may join the culture exchange project, and will receive a postcard from other Wikipedia communities. These articles must meet the following criteria:

  • The article is newly created (i.e. not expanding stubs) by you between November 1, 2015 0:00 and November 30, 2015 23:59 (UTC).
  • The article should be at least 3,500 bytes and around 300 words in length.
    Word count is excluding infoboxes, tables, lists, references, categories, images, etc.
  • The article fulfills the article notability criteria
  • The article must have decent references; doubtful or controversial statements in the article should be verifiable by the citation(s) listed in that article.
  • The article is not purely machine translated, and has a decent language style
  • There are no issues (no tags) within the article
  • The article is not a list
  • The article is informative
  • The article is about an Asian Country or region except [your language speaking country(s)]
  • Articles submitted by an organizer need to be checked by other organizers.
  • Notes 1: In the end, human judge(s) from the local Wikipedia will determine whether an article is accepted or not.
  • Notes 2: Local organizers can change the standard if 3,500 bytes and 300 words means too much in your language.

Organizer's Guideline

  • Preparation (Please finish before 30 October 2015)
    • Set-up a event page on local Wikipedia, then put the link to your local event page in the list above. (You can use this well-designed sample page)
    • Translate the rules into your language, and maybe slightly adjust the rules if needed.
    • Call a few Wikipedians to join you as local organizers (Local organizers (up to five) can get one additional postcard from another country, i.e. if they also accomplish the requirement, they can receive two postcards from two countries)
    • Design a "Honor Title" (such as "Asian Culture Ambassador") for the editor who creates the most articles (optional, depends on each community)
    • Post an invitation message on thee village pump, Community bulletin board, mailing list, or even make a Site Notice, around two weeks before it starts.
    • Note: Please list down the list of participants at Wikipedia Asian Month 2015/Participants.
  • During the event (November 2015)
    • Continue to call for participants to participate at the village pump, community bulletin board, mailing list, site notice, etc.
    • A tool for keeping track participants' progress shall be available here (hosted at Tool Labs).
  • Wrap-up (before 2016)
    • Check articles fulfill the article criteria
    • Have a list of Wikipedians who finish the task (5 articles)
    • Ask them fill in a global Google Form with their Mailing address in both the local language and English
    • Help to translate the address if editors are not able to provide an English version
    • The mail address will be randomly distributed to the communities which are able to send postcards
    • Announce your "Honor Title" in your local Wikipedia if applicable.