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The AfroCine Project/Months of African Cinema Global Contest - Communications' Cost
Months of African Cinema Wikipedia contest is a major annual writing contest which we started in 2018, shortly after the establishment of The AfroCine Project. The contest happens in October and November of every year, and through this contest, about 2,000 Wikipedia articles on African film and arts, have been created in about 10 different languages. Furthermore, about 500 relevant images have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, which are available for illustrations on Wikipedia articles. We aim to continue on this upward trajectory in this year’s edition. The purpose of this grant is to fund communications aspect of the contest.
targetWikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons
start date15th September
end date31st December
budget (USD)$2,000
grant typeIndividual
granteeJamie Tubers
contact(s)• samoye_(_AT_)•• therealayokunle(_AT_)
organization (if applicable)The AfroCine Project

Please see the sample Contest application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.
The Months of African Cinema Wikipedia contest is a major annual writing contest which happens in October and November of every year. This grant application is submitted in order to cover the communications' cost for the 2019 contest to ensure maximum entries and participation across the continent.

The Entertainment Industry in Africa is huge. Yet, it is poorly represented on Wikipedia, as the available information about the various industries is very scanty and difficult to access. The lack of adequate content about Africa's pop culture (which should naturally attract the most attention), points to how big the content gap problem really is. The AfroCine Project aims to fix this problem.

The Months of African Cinema Contest's communication is being designed to:

  1. Bridge the huge African knowledge gap on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, through heavy promotions inviting people to participate in this contest and to contribute to Wikimedia projects as a whole.
  2. Raise the Wikipedia awareness across the continent by using this "fun" topic area, as an easy entry way to make more Africans develop interest in contributing to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  3. Inspire people to share their pride of local knowledge and cultures on global platforms like Wikipedia.
  4. Strengthen the visibility and membership of local Wikimedia groups across Africa, through the support offered in helping them organize their planned local activities for this contest.
  5. Increase the visibility of The AfroCine Project before, during and after the contest.

Project Plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing?

  1. Develop specific coordination elements for the contest, such as utilizing an offwiki project management tool for core coordinators, creating and updating a meta project summary page, designing landing page for English Wikipedia and supervising translations into languages where local organizers have signed up, and so on. A lot of these activities are already being carried out.
  2. Design several contest leaflets and posters which can be used on our social media promotions and can be adapted by local organizers to promote the contest in their communities.
  3. Design two video animation productions; one to be used in promoting The AfroCine project as a whole (useful for longterm and broad usage) and another specifically to promote the contest and demonstrate how people can join us.
  4. Engage the media: Design and release at least one press release and one interview session promoting the project/contest.
  5. Dissemination and promotion of designed materials across all digital platforms, as well as with local volunteer communities.
  6. Organize calls to provide opportunities for volunteer groups to build capacity and project management skills which they may need to organize the contest, most especially in recruiting and training new editors in their communities.
  7. Engage signed up participants to contribute to Wikipedia throughout the contest and beyond.

How will you let people know about the contest?

We will inform existing members of the movement through the different mailing lists available. Contest information would also be shared on different Wikimedia social media and chat platforms, as well as our official pages. As already stated, marketing flyers, posters and videos would also be designed to promote this contest and the project as a whole.
Currently, The AfroCine Project manages 5 official pages, most of which were created recently and are being grown to fully engage the community and the public, especially through the promotions which this grant would fund. Our platforms include:
  1. Facebook Page -
  2. Twitter Page -
  3. Instagram Page -
  4. Facebook Group -
  5. Telegram Group -

Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?

  1. For more information on Afrocine Project - Check out our meta page
  2. To review the metrics and activities carried out for Months of African Cinema in 2018 and 2019 - Checkout our summary page
  3. To review progress on the organization of the contest for this year so far - checkout our meta coordination page
  4. English Wikipedia Contest landing page - en:w:Wikipedia:WikiProject AfroCine/Months of African Cinema


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more: We’d consider the contest a success, when we have been able to help narrow the African content gap on Wikipedia by a significant measure. This would be considered achieved when:

  1. At least 1,000 quality articles about African cinema and arts have been created on Wikipedia (doubles the impact expected in previous editions).
  2. At least 1,000 additional articles are improved across Wikipedia.
  3. At least 1,000 contributions in other Wikimedia projects.
  4. At least 5 African communities/Affiliates organize productive Wiki-events at the local level.
  5. We have significantly improved the awareness level of Wikimedia movement in Africa, through our publicity efforts (we anticipate at least 500,000 reach from our social media promotions).


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

Human resources:
  1. Sam/User:Jamie Tubers - The lead of the AfroCine project; would actively coordinate and oversee every aspect of this contest.
  2. Ayo/User:HandsomeBoy: Would be in-charge of online facilitation during the contest, monitoring all our wikipages across all languages and also managing the social media campaigns.
  3. User:Ebenezer Mlay: Community Liaison for the AfroCine Project; would design a lot of our communications with the community, as well as with the public.
....and several leaders from across the continent to champion local activities during the contest; we currently have seven (7) countries signed up to participate this year.

NOTE: Another grant is being requested from an external organization to supplement social media promotion costs and to cover costs for Press/media engagement throughout the contest. The Wikimedia Foundation would be appropriately informed of whatever decision comes out of that grant request.

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

Funding of the budget ($2,000)


  • Graphics Designs (flyers, posters, covers, etc) and 2 Video Animation Productions - $1000
  • Social media promotions - $400
  • Gifts to Core Coordinators (mainly to support internet costs for more than 6 months of planning and coordination) - $200 X 3 = $600
  • Total: $2,000


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