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Prizes for WLE / Glam Days Spring 2019
Wikimedia Portugal is organizing Wiki Loves Earth this year together with Wikimedia España. We agreed to contribute 400€ (if possible) for prizes, adding to the sum of 600€ Wikimedia España had allocated for it, so that we together get a total of 1000€ for prizes. We are also organizing a new edition of the successful initiative GLAM Days, partly at the National Library of Portugal, partly at Nova School of Business and Economics, and we would like to invite Alessandro Marchetti (WikiDonne, Gruppi locali di lingua italiana/Toscana, Wikimedia Italia, Wikimedia Switzerland, Wikimedia Sweden) to be here to participate in talks and workshops about Wikidata, Scholia on the context of the initiative, but also in preparation for Wiki Loves Monuments (September) and Wiki Science Competition 2019 (November)
targetWikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Portuguese Wikipedia
start date1 May
end date1 July
budget (local currency)1630€
budget (USD)1,818.60USD
grant typeorganization
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• GoEThe•
organization (if applicable)• Wikimedia Portugal
website (if applicable)•
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Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Recruit new editors (WLE Prize & Glam Days)
  2. Add quality content to projects (WLE Prize & Glam Days)
  3. Increase skills and wikimedia literacy for existing editors (Glam Days)
  4. Train existing editors on a specific skill (Glam Days)
  5. Promote the Wikimedia movement in Portugal (WLE Prize & Glam Days)

Project Plan[edit]



Wikimedia Portugal is co-organizing Wiki Loves Earth 2019 with Wikimedia España. We agreed with Wikimedia España to join efforts to get a more attractive sum for the prizes, with Wikimedia Espanã placing 600€ and Wikimedia Portugal 400€. That way we would have a total of 1000€ for prizes, which is way more attractive to engage both new users and Wikimedia community members. This will give a good participation and visibility in a contest we are preparing very carefully, updating the lists of the natural parks and protected areas on wikidata, and reaching out to nature photographers aiming at getting new Commoners and wikimedians on the projects. We are asking the help of the WMF to get this sum of 400€ for the prize, helping us with the organization. Prizes will be photographic material, either bought by the winners and reimbursed by the organizers (WMPT and WMES) up to the value of the prize or in the form of gift vouchers.

Glam Days Spring 2019[edit]

In late May, Wikimedia Portugal will be organizing the second edition of GLAM Days, with a total for 3 days, comprising 1 day of conferences/seminars/workshops and 1 day of practical workshops at Nova Business School of Economics, where a Wikidata/Scholia project is taking place, focusing in Wikidata, Scholia, the relationship between Science and the Wikimedia projects and the Wiki Science contest. In a 3rd day we will hold practical workshops at the National Library, focused on basic and intermediate Wikidata training, as part of our GLAM initiative with the National Library, but also in preparation for Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM), which we will be organizing this year.

The presence of Alessandro Marchetti is key for the success of these events. Alessandro has experience organizing the Wiki Science contest and is organizing this year's edition. He is an expert on Wikidata literacy, and is developing with other volunteers a guide on the use of Wikidata for WLM, and is giving workshops on those subjects. We count on him to participate in all three days of events, as speaker and trainer, helping the Portuguese Wikimedian community (and, we expect, new members from the Civil Society), particularly in Lisbon, to develop and build up capacities, specially on Wikidata, Scholia, but also on other aspects of the contests Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Science.

We also allocated part of the budget to bring 2 Wikimedians from northern Portugal to participate in the events.


Note: In addition to your project-specific measures of success, you will also be asked to report on some Global Metrics at the end of your final report. Please keep this in mind as you plan, and we'll support you as you begin your project.


We are focusing not only on the improvement of content on Wikimedia Commons on natural parks and protected areas of Portugal, but also, and mainly, on attracting new users to the Wikimedia projects, and improving community engagement on these initiatives. To this purpose, having an attractive prize is key, That's why we are joining efforts with Wikimedia España on a joint organization of the contest. This makes sense in many ways: Many Portuguese and Spanish citizens often pass their holidays across the border, or can easily get to the neighboring country and photograph there as well - we have noticed this a lot in past editions of the contest. Also, a joint organization means higher and much more attractive prizes for both our communities and targets, greatly increasing the competitive side of the contest - and, we expect, a corresponding increase in quality.

On the metrics, we would like to get more uploads and more users for Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) this year than in 2015, the last year that Wikimedia Portugal organized WLE. In 2015, 153 users uploaded more than 1800 pictures of protected areas in Portugal. This year we would like to beat those numbers, so we are aiming at getting at least 2000 uploads. We also aim at improving the percentage of photos used on the projects, which is currently at 6%.

  1. Number of total participants: ~100/150 uploaders
  2. Number of people who will help organize the event: 5 people from Wikimedia Portugal
  3. Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons (if applicable): 1500/2000 photos
  4. Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects (if applicable): ~15-20%

Wikidata/ Glam Days Spring 2019[edit]

The first edition of the Glam Days in November last year was a success, both in terms of new users engagement, development of new projects, and outreach to the civil society in Portugal. It helped the still small, but steadily growing Wikimedian community in Lisbon to get more solid and confident, so that when an Wikimedia educational project with ISCTE was proposed during Glam Days'18, the community was able to handle it on their own. Glam Days'18 was developed as part of the ongoing GLAM project with the National Library of Portugal. One of the main motivators of this GLAM was Miguel Mimoso, a librarian then working at the National Library. He and Helena Patricio, also a librarian at the National Library, participated actively at the Glam Days giving talks and workshops. Now it is Miguel Mimoso himself, currently working at the library of the Nova Business School of Economics (Nova BSE), who is co-organizing the event himself, this time at Nova BSE, with the objective of reaching out to the academics there. With two days of talks and practical workshops we expect to catch the attention and enthusiasm of teachers, students and librarians on Wikidata and Scholia. With the help of Alessandro Marchetti, new capacities will be developed, and we'll be more prepared for taking part on the Wiki Science competition later this year.

A second part of this edition of the Glam Days will be entirely dedicated to practical workshops, with the key presence of Alessandro Marchetti, aiming at developing and build the capability of participants (teachers, librarians and members of the Portuguese Wikimedia/Wikipedia community) with Wikidata, from a basic to an intermediate level, and work out a better Wikidata approach to improve the organization, promotion and results of this edition of Wiki Loves style contests. It will also be hosted at NOVA BSE.

  1. Number of total participants: ~ 50 participants: librarians, university teachers, students, wikimedians (possibly members of the OSM community)
  2. Number of people who will help organize the event: 5 people


  • Prize for WLE: 400€ in photographic material (which will be added up by Wikimedia España to a total of 1000€), planned to be awarded with a breakdown similar to this: 300€ 1st prize, 250€ 2nd prize, 200€ 3rd prize, 150€ 4rd prize y 100€ 5rd prize
  • Venue: 0 $ (we will arrange the venues through one of out partner institutions)
  • Travel costs for Alessandro (plane Pisa-Lisbon-Pisa, or Florence if necessary): 250€

* Travel costs for Paulo (plane Funchal-Lisbon-Funchal): 100€

  • Travel costs for 2 persons from Porto region (train Porto-Lisbon-Porto): 120€ (60€ each)
  • Accommodation costs for 4 persons: 3 nights, 2 rooms, 50€ per room: 300€
  • Food and transportation costs for 4 persons/3 days at 30€ per person: 360€
  • Catering (coffee, refreshments, cookies, etc.) for three days of events in both venues (Nova BSE & BNP) - 200€

Total: 1730€1630€