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Grants:Project/Rapid/WM UY/Uruguayan Culture Editathons

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WM UY/Uruguayan Culture Editathons
Wikimedia Uruguay will hold 2 editathons focused on adding and improving articles about two areas of knowledge: Uruguayan cinema and Afro-uruguayan culture, in cooperation with other civil society organizations.
targetWikipedia in Spanish
start dateSeptember 07
end dateNovember 18
budget (local currency)46,500 UYU
budget (USD)1,610.00 USD
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
granteePepe piton
contact(s)• contacto@wikimedia.uy• jorgemet@gmail.com
organization (if applicable)• Wikimedia Uruguay
website (if applicable)http://wikimedia.uy/

Please see the sample Editathon/Training application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Recruit new editors and teach them the skills and values of Wikipedians.
  2. Deepen collaboration with other civil society organizations.
  3. Add and improve content about two topics that are not well represented in the Spanish Wikipedia: Uruguayan cinema and Afro-uruguayan culture.

Project Plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. Be sure to answer the following questions:

1. Are you doing one editathon or training or a series of editathons or trainings?

Wikimedia Uruguay is planning to host 2 editathons over 4 months focused on adding and improving articles about two areas of knowledge:

  1. Uruguayan cinema: September, 8th at Centro Cultural de España (Montevideo)
  2. Afro-uruguayan culture: November 18th, at ACSUN (Montevideo)

We have a lot of experience organizing editathons. In recent years we have organized 6 editathons with very good results. The complete list of editathons organized by Wikimedia Uruguay is here: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categor%C3%ADa:Wikipedia:Editatones_de_Uruguay

Those editathons had good impact, since they allowed to improve articles and reduce gaps (especially gender gaps) in the content about Uruguay in Wikipedia. They also helped us to get closer to communities and civil society organizations that address social and cultural issues. Thanks to the editathons we were able to share with these organizations the values of free culture and the skills to participate in Wikimedia projects. What is more, several people who attended the editathons joined the WM Uruguay Chapter. Over the last weeks we have been in contact with two local organizations which are interested in editathons: Creative Commons Uruguay and Asociación Cultural y Social Uruguay Negro (ACSUN).

- Creative Commons Uruguay organizes annually a local edition of the Creative Commons Film Festival. This year, we have talked with CC Uruguay that it would be very interesting to organize together an editathon about Uruguayan cinema. The editathon will help to improve the information about Uruguayan cinema, which currently has a lot of gaps. It will also help to get in touch with local cinema institutions, like the Cinemateca Uruguaya and the Dirección del Cine y Audiovosual Nacional (ICAU). The Centro Cultural de España in Montevideo (a cultural center of the Spanish Embassy) will support the activity, providing the space and the connectivity for the editathon.

- Asociación Cultural y Social Uruguay Negro (ACSUN) is a cultural association, founded in 1941, that fosters the visibility of the contributions of the afro descendants to the Uruguayan identity. They are mobilized against the racism and social exclusion that even in the XXI century must face afro descendants in Uruguay. We have talked with them to organize together an editathon about Afro-uruguayan culture. The editathon will help to improve the information about artists, organizations and cultural manifestations of the Afro-uruguayan culture, which currently has a lot of gaps. The editathon will take in the ACSUN cultural center. ACSUN has a library that will provide sources of information to create the articles.

From the 6 editathons that we have organized in the last years, 5 of them were organized without requesting funds. Only the first editathon, called “Autoras de Uruguay”, which was one of the activities that took place in the 2015 Uruguayan Wikiconference, was organized as part of a grant request. As for the next editathons, we were able to find the places and the resources to organize them without money.

However, the two editathons that we will organize in the next months require a different approach. In the first place, we have realized that providing food and drink to the participants would improve the activity. In the editathons that we organized without funds, people had to go outside to buy food and drink, which interrupted the activity. Although we always give an introductory talk about how to edit Wikipedia, we think that printing cheatsheets will help the participants to work in better conditions. The cheatsheets would also help the people if they want to continue editing after the editathon is over. Additionally, this time we will need to buy books to create the articles in the editathon of Uruguayan cinema, and we will need to provide connectivity in the editathon of Afro-uruguayan culture. We also need to print Wikimedia Uruguay merchandising to distribute among the participants, and to have for future events (currently we have not any remaining merchandising). All this circumstances lead us to request a rapid grant.

2. How will you let your community know about the event? Please paste links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.

- The editathon about Uruguayan cinema will be part of the CC Film Festival. CC Uruguay and Centro Cultural de España will communicate the event in their respective newsletters and websites, and will invite relevant Uruguayan cinema institutions like Cinemateca Uruguaya and ICAU to the event. We will communicate the event in our website and advertise it in Facebook.

- The editathon of Afro-uruguayan culture will be co-organized with ACSUN, which is an important institution among the Afro-uruguayan community. We will also communicate the event in our newsletter and website, and will make Facebook advertising.

3. Do you have experienced Wikimedia editors to lead the event?

On our team we have at least five experienced editors to help lead editathons and to support participants. We also have experience being in charge of event logistics.

4. Do participants have the equipment or skills needed to participate and contribute high quality content? If not, how will you support them?

- The editathon about Uruguayan cinema will take place at the Centro Cultural de España. This venue has good connectivity, which we have used in previous editathons without problems. As for the laptops, we will highlight in the call that the participants should come with their computers. We will also have between 3 and 5 laptops to provide to participants that come without one.

- The editathon of Afro-uruguayan culture will take place at ACSUN cultural center. We will provide the connectivity through access points with mobile 4G Internet. In the same way as in the other event, we will highlight in the call that the participants should come with their computers, and we will also have between 3 and 5 laptops to provide to participants that come without one.

In both events the participants will be provided books and materials that can be used as references. In the editathon of Uruguayan cinema, we will buy some books and we will borrow some others from the Centro Cultural de España library and other libraries. In the editathon of Afro-uruguayan culture, we will use the books and other sources in the ACSUN library.

5. How will you engage participants after the event(s)?

One mentor will send a message to new editors after the event, inviting them to Wikimedia Uruguay and making him/herself available for questions. Experienced Wikipedians will also review the articles created in the editathon, helping the participants to improve them when it is necessary.

6. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets:

  1. Number of events: 2
  2. Number of participants: 20 in each editathon (40 in total)
  3. Number of new editors: 10 in each editathon (20 in total)
  4. Number of articles created or improved: 20 in each editathon (40 in total)
  5. Number of repeat participants (for projects that include a series of events): 5 (this low number is because the two editathons target different communities)


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

  1. We have at least 5 experienced Wikimedians who will attend both events, and will plan and carry out the activities.
  2. For the Uruguayan cinema editathon, Centro Cultural de España will provide location, connectivity and diffusion of the event. Creative Commons Uruguay will provide diffusion, planning and contacts with cinema institutions and communities.
  3. For the Afro-uruguayan editathon, ACSUN will provide location and sources of information from their library.
  4. Available funds from a previous grant = 8,419 UYU (291.51 USD)

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

  1. Food and drink = USD 180 x 2 events = USD 360
  2. Books to use as sources of information in the editathon of Uruguayan Cinema = USD 250
  3. Prepaid 4G connectivity services for the editathon of Afro-uruguayan Culture = USD 150
  4. Cheatsheets and Wikimedia Uruguay merchandising (stickers and pins) = USD 600
  5. Facebook advertising = USD 150
  6. Unpredicted expenses = USD 100
Total budget = 1,610 USD
Unused funds available from a previous grant = 8,419 UYU (291.51 USD)
Total new funds requested = 1,318.49 USD


Community members are encouraged to endorse your project request here!

  • Support Support These events are fantastic opportunities to approach communities and specific topics in Uruguay, wich actually have a lack of representation in Wikimedia Projects. Señoritaleona (talk) 19:23, 31 July 2017 (UTC)
  • Support Support Events like these allow to approach to communities that are important for our country and to visualize Wikimedia's activities inviting some other volunteers to join the Movement. Miacara76 (talk) 8:23, 1 Augost 2017 (UTC)
  • Support Support Both editahtons would be It great opportunities for learning about wikipedia, improve editing skills, meet other editors and improve the wiki with information relevant to the Uruguayan culture. Ileanasilva (talk) 14:12, 1 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Support Support These activities represent a way to approach communities that have been hard to approach by the wikimedia movement and have a lot to offer to the diversity and richness of the projects.--Zeroth (talk) 15:50, 1 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Support Support The group that is presenting this proposal is working really hard to spread the use of open licenses in connection with opening up & creating content. They have a tremendous amount of energy, and they are definitely qualified to carry this proposal, and any support will help them boost their activities, which are already a lot. Scann (talk)
  • Support Support It is very important to support this kind of activities because they will enrich our movement.--Jaluj (talk) 12:51, 7 August 2017 (UTC)