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Grants:Project/Rapid/Wiki Hour Initiative/Wiki4SDG’s Ghana Campaign

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Wiki Hour Initiative/Wiki4SDG’s Ghana Campaign
“Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can drive progress and generate the means to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.”

― Oscar Auliq-Ice

With this quote in mind, Wiki Hour Initiative seeks to bridge the literature gap of some SDGs on Wikipedia and its sister projects; we will achieve this through Edit-A-Thons and training on Climate Change, Human Right and Inclusion.

This would be a continuous project, and a follow-up to events held last year, such as WikiForHumanRights - Edit Contest Ghana , Wiki4ClimateChange Edit Contest Ghana and Wiki 4 inclusion 1.0

This will be done in collaboration again with Global Platform Ghana and its network for Human rights and environmental interest, and also with the University of Development Studies Winneba, Special Education Department.
targetWikipedia, Wikidata, Gurene, Twi & Hausa Wikipedia, Commons
start dateApril 1
end dateSeptember 30
budget (local currency)31,175.1
budget (USD)4,250
grant typeIndividual
contact(s)• stellaagbley(_AT_)gmail.com

Review your report

Please see the sample Editathon/Training application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Recruit new editors
  2. Increase skills for existing editors
  3. Create and improve WikiData items on Human rights and climate topics.
  4. Increase skills for existing editors on Human rights, institutions and climate topics, healthy natural systems.
  5. Add or improve and create content SDGs which includes; Climate, Human Rights and Inclusion topics.
  6. Uploads to Wiki Commons in all areas above

The project will increase participation during World Environment Day, Climate Change Day, SDGs Week and International Day of Sign Languages During the entire project period.

Project Plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. Be sure to answer the following questions:

1. Are you doing one editathon or training or a series of editathons or trainings?

We will organise (3) edit-a thons, (2) trainings and a general contest as described below;
  • Wiki4Climate Change in Ghana 1.0 [1 edit-a-thon and a contest fused with point B]
  • Human rights edit-a-thon [1 edit-a-thon and a contest fused with point A]
  • Wiki4Inclusion 1.0 [ 2 Training, 1 edit-a-thon & A contest]

Virtual participation will be encouraged and supported as well. All Edits will be tracked using a dashboard.

2. How have you let relevant Wikimedia communities know about this proposal? You are required to provide links to on-wiki pages to inform these communities about your proposed work. Examples of places where this can be done include community discussion pages, affiliate discussion pages, or relevant project talk pages.
You may also provide information about external social media channels you may be using.

Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram will be mostly utilised (since it's difficult to get the link to posts via email).

We will share it with the Hausa and Twi communities here [1]. Also, the respective target Wikimedia groups we belong to such as Wikimedia Ghana User Group, Wikimedia for Sustainable Development User Group [as Wikimedia for Sustainable Development User Group [2] and the Wikidata Community [3].] would all be notified in an attempt to attract the Ghanaian audience on the site that are interested in enhancing WikiData articles and are passionate about the SDGs. 3. How will you let participants know about the edit-a-thon? In what ways will you be communicating with them?
For example, these can include on-wiki spaces, social media channels, mailing lists, messaging apps, or physical/online gatherings.

The project will be announced on all social media, WhatsApp and each partnered organization will announce it on their various channels. That notwithstanding, a telegram group has been created for all Ghanaian participants of the edit-a thon and further announcement will be shared via social media accordingly.

To add, we hope to use channels like radio stations and partner networks to further announce the project and contest. Further collaboration and Support from;

  • Global Platform Ghana
  • Strategic Youth Network for Development
  • Joy Aid Foundation
  • Youth Opportunities Ghana
  • Ghana National Association of the Deaf (GNAD).
  • University of Development Studies Winneba, Special Education Department
  • Young Urban Women Movement
  • Activista Ghana
  • Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities

4. Do you have experienced Wikimedia editors to lead the event? Please provide links to the usernames of these individuals.
For example: User:I JethroBT

Yes we have experienced editors, sign interpreters and advisors for this project.
  • Training & Engagement

Stella Agbley User:SAgbley has over 6 years as a Wikimedian trainer. She is a GLAM advocate and very passionate about SDGs. She would lead training and also handle event planning. (Climate & Inclusion)

Daniel Anyorigya- User:Uprising Man is also a climate and Human rights activist, an avid Wikimedia contributor and a journalist. He will train and assist with online communication and reporting.(Human Rights)

Lady Patience: User:Patketeku - would assist with Logistics and youth mobilisation.

Martin Atta User:Martinattakee is a sign language interpreter who has been trained on how to edit Wikipedia and its sister projects, he will also be an advisor and sign interpreter for the inclusion section. (Inclusion)

  • Advisory and Tech Team

Joy Agyepong: User:Joy Agyepong is an experienced wikimedian/ environmental advocate and long time contributor who would serve as an advisor and also a facilitator.

Nii Commey User:Cnii an active Wikimedian and would be technical lead/research support.

Anita Adu- Yeboah - User:Edapa Annie an avid contributor and would handle resources and community engagement

5. Do participants have the equipment or skills needed to participate and contribute high quality content? If not, how will you support them?

The team will lead training for all participants. However, participants have the necessary computer devices for the project since that's part of the requirements and they will have a convenient space for the training.

Data scholarships for participating in the edit-a-thons and those who will participate virtually.

6. How will you engage participants after the event(s)?

  • Feedback forms
  • Telegram group page already in existence
  • Virtual discussions with partners and new recruits
  • Survey and group interactions

As our overall goal, all participants will also be redirected to other local affiliate groups to help improve content and in a community in their region.

7. Are you running any in-person events or activities? If so, you will need to complete the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment protocol related to COVID-19. When you have completed these steps, please provide a link to your completed copy of the risk assessment tool below:

Yes, but the training will have only 15 participants physically present and all COVID-19 safety protocols will be adhered to.[4]

8. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets:

  1. Number of events- 3 (2 Physical Trainings, 5 Edit -a-thon & 2 Contest)
  2. Number of participants- 15 (for each events, making it a total of 45)
  3. Number of new editors - 15 (for each events, making it a total of 45)
  4. Number of of articles created or improved on topics of climate, human rights and inclusion - 200+
  5. Number of repeat participants (for projects that include a series of events) - 15


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

Item Details Quantity amount (USD)
Refreshment This will cater for food, snacks, water and drinks,for the training and edit-a-thon for participants at $130 per each event 5 650
Communication & design Engagement time, promotional materials, boosting and design, cost of printing/scanning of documents 1 200
Venue This will serve as the training ground for the 5 workshops (USD110)  per each event 5 workshops 550
Data scholarship participants who have a need for data support. This will be approximately $10 each for an estimation of 15 participants 2 300
Internet bundle for router for all meetings and training 1 200
Jury This comprises of transportation cost, souvenirs and internet support to  Jury members for all 2 contest 5 350
Administrative expense Internet/gift and support for the team and organisers 8 800
Transportation To and from winneba and also transportation in Accra, for team members for 5 in person trainings 6 350
Awards Although certificates will be given to all top 10 winners, special prizes will be given to the top three (3) winners as indicated below. per each event 400
Protocol kits This will support the acquisition of nose masks and hand sanitizers for the 15 participants 1 100
Hardware needs such as extension board, Hdmi to support the campaign 1 200
Space rental and food The cost here is for only securing a place and provide food for the working meeting 1 300
Miscellaneous Thus bank and transfer charges, conversion and transportation charges 50
Total (https://www1.oanda.com/currency/converter/) 4,250


Community members are encouraged to endorse your project request here!

This project will provide digital skills while making knowledge accessible to everyone. Uprising Man (talk)