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What should I do if I got an Orange/Red/Dark red on my Risk Severity Matrix? Can I still submit a proposal?

No, you can’t. This will indicate you do not have the proper controls to mitigate the risk for your event/activity attendees. You should go back and think how you can improve the controls you put in place or adjust the scope of the event/activity, to mitigate the risk. Please review the In-Person Gathering Checklist to see how you can improve your controls.

How can I know what the level of active community spread in my region?

You can use the ISOS covid-19 by location page;  IATA Travel Centre or the CDC-Travel Recommendations by Country to determine your region status.

What should I do to avoid an outbreak in my event?

We have outlined all of the best practices that we recommend to ensure the health and safety of your attendees in our In-Person Gathering Checklist. They include:

  • Engage with local and national public health authorities  early on.
  • Ask and remind regularly: minimize contact and handshakes, wash your hands often for 20 seconds, use hand sanitiser, a face mask and keep distance as possible.
  • Do not allow activities that require participants to come into close personal contact. Such as using someone else's computer; social activities such as cooking class; Karaoke etc.
  • Make sure your venue can accommodate social distancing.
  • Provide only pre-packaged food and beverage and ask to avoid any exchanging of items (such as swag).
  • Provide face masks and sanitising stations to all participants.
  • Require participants to stay home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or if they had direct contact with an individual diagnosed with or suspected to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

What if my local health authority does not mandate social distancing or wearing a mask in indoor spaces?

By accepting a grant, you are committing to follow all local laws and restrictions. If those do not include keeping social distancing or wearing a mask, you are not obligated to do so. However, social distancing and masks remain a best practice to reduce the chances for an outbreak.

What should I do in case a participant displays symptoms of COVID-19 during my event?

Separate them from other participants as soon as possible, provide them with a new facemask, and contact a clinic or health services station immediately for further instructions. If this person is later diagnosed with COVID-19, contact, contact local public health officials to let them know. Make sure you have direct contact details of all the event participants.

האירוע שלי בוטל. מה עליי לעשות?

Please contact your program officer and let them know. They will guide you to the next steps.

Can I organize an event that requires international travel?

No. International events are not eligible at the moment. This includes traveling between states or within the EU. Please find more examples of events and activities that are within scope here.

What if one of the participants at my event will not wear a mask or practice social distancing, even though it is required by my local health authority?

You should assign an event staff/ volunteers to enforce these rules. Make it clear in advance that complying with safety policies and procedures is a prerequisite for attending the event. Any participant that will violate the safety policies will be asked to leave the event.

What if I find out after my event that one of the participants has contracted COVID-19?

Contact your local public health authorities immediately. We strongly recommend that you collect direct contact details of all participants at your event, in case there is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among participants. You should make it clear to participants that this information will be shared with the local public health authorities to enable rapid contact tracing if a participant at the event becomes ill with COVID-19.

What if I cannot find an example of my proposed event on the eligibility criteria list? Will my event be eligible for funding?

If you can’t find your proposed event or activity on this list, it does not mean it can not be considered. This is just to provide you with some examples of things that comply with our guidelines regarding COVID-19.