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This had been a submission to the Wikimedia Participation Support process, but was withdrawn or otherwise cancelled (not denied).

summaryAda Camp Montreal 2015
event locationMontreal, Canada
event date(s)April 13-14, 2015
amount requestedUS$ 1,820
home countrySingapore (school)
submitted on19:52, 9 March 2015 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

About me[edit]

I've actively started editing English Wikipedia as well as releasing a lot of photos to Wikimedia Commons since 2011. I am very interested in implementing communications strategies that involve communities into building something for an important cause. I have presented a talk about "community building" at 2012 WikWomenCamp in Argentina, and there I was interviewed in this Wikipedia video about the Wikipedia situation in Cambodia. After my participation in WikiWomen 2012, I got a few volunteers to contribute to Wikipedia Takes Phnom Penh by going around Phnom Penh to take pictures of Cambodian government buildings and upload them to Wikimedia Commons. I was later featured in WikiWomen's Collaborative, a global initiative to feature active women in editing Wikipedia. Seeing the lack of Khmer wikipedia articles, I worked with a few Khmer Wikipedian editors to translate a lot of English Wikipedia articles, some of which I wrote into Khmer and publish them on Khmer Wikipedia.

Media-wise, I got featured in two The Phnom Penh Post articles to raise awareness about the importance of editing Wikipedia, "Young Khmer pioneers blaze Wikipedia trail and Wiki activists help to write Cambodian women's history. By profession, I am a journalist, and a digital media consultant. Because of my connections with a large network of reporters, a few good articles about Wikipedia and Wikimedia movements to raise awareness of these projects among young Cambodians were written on The Phnom Penh Post: Axiata offer free Wikipedia mobiles, Free Wikipedia pleases fans and business alike, and Wiki activists help to write Cambodian women's history.

To help spread words even more about Wikipedia, I included tracks of "Wikimedia and Wikimedia Commons" into the events that I co-organized such as BlogFestAsia 2012 and Wikipedia-related workshop organised at Development Innovations Cambodia, a USAID-funded tech project in 2014. During the International Women Right's Day, a group of Khmer Wikipedia editors and I myself will do an online and offline Wikipedia meet up to feature Cambodia's prominent women, to take part in WikiWomen History Month 2015.

Ada Camp, Montreal[edit]

Ada Camp is a conference dedicated to increasing women’s participation in open technology and culture. AdaCamp brings women together to build community, share skills, discuss problems with open tech/culture communities that affect women, and find ways to address them.

I have never participated in Ada Camp before, and I would like to attend, contribute, and present a topic about "community building" and organising events, as well as mobilising volunteers to do a certain Wikipedia project. I would very much like to learn from other participants of the event how as women they have persevered in their professional and personal field. And if possible, we can collaborate on a Wikipedia-related project. Because the only Wikipedia-related event which I have attended so far was WikiWomen Argentina 2012, I believe this would be a very experience-enriching opportunity to get in touch with other female participants who are involved in great projects like Wikipedia, Mozilla and other open source projects.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

At Ada Camp, Montreal, I plan to propose sessions and engage in discussions about the problems I have observed and faced myself as a volunteer in Wikimedia projects. Furthermore, I would like to share how I build communities of bloggers and organise events such as FilmCamp, Blogfest Asia 2012, TEDx Phnom Penh, Khmer Film Khmer Generation, FossAsia 2014, which bring communities together and do something meaningful to the next generations and the world. The lessons learned from the brainstorming sessions at Ada Camp will definitely help me to organize wikimedia outreach sessions better for women and other interested participants in Cambodia and the country where I'm currently studying in. I will blog about my learning from Ada Camp on my personal blog Blue Lady Blog and Empower Women Blog.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Item Expense Remarks
Round trip economy class airfare from Singapore USD 1,300
Visa cost USD 160 [1] (B1 visa) USD 160 The nearest Canada consulate is in Phnom Penh/Cambodia. Travel expenses to the Consulate and back will be borne by me.
Accommodation (USD 70 per night x 4) USD 280
Food (USD 20 per day x 4) USD 80
Grand total USD 1,820

The air tickets and accommodation may be booked by the Wikimedia Foundation directly instead of transferring the grant to my account.

Other instructions[edit]


  • I have known Anilakeo from WikiWomenCamp 2012. She is very passionate about free knowledge, women's rights and open education. I am sure that her attendance at Ada Camp, Montreal will add value to the event. I am endorsing her application. --Netha Hussain (talk) 16:18, 9 March 2015 (UTC)
  • I met the proposer at Wikiwomencamp'12, and was impressed with her initiative and her desire to further the WMF mission in Cambodia. I learned from her, she was a great addition to that conference, and AdaCamp could be a good opportunity for her to network and share experiences and learn new things, which is why I am happy to endorse this application. Raystorm (talk) 15:58, 10 March 2015 (UTC)
  • Endorse. I've met her at WikiWomenCamp. I've followed her subsequent work via Facebook, and have been very impressed by it. While she may not be as active as I would generally expect someone in applying for a grant, I think her overall credentials and behind the scenes work in promoting the women make her worthwhile spending money on in her continuing efforts to do this. --LauraHale (talk) 16:23, 10 March 2015 (UTC)
  • Kounila is a dedicated wikimedian and a passionate advocate for women's rights and free knowledge. I am happy to endorse this application with the confidence that she will be a great addition to this conference. Patricio.lorente (talk) 10:00, 11 March 2015 (UTC)
  • I met Kounila at Bar Camp Kampong Cham in Cambodia in 2013; she was involved in a session about Wikipedia there. She came to a session I ran about women in technology, sharing my experiences from the first AdaCamp in Melbourne. She's an inspiring advocate for open technologies for development and women in technology. I wholeheartedly endorse her proposal. Alixos (talk)
  • I met Kounila 2012 at WWC in Buenos Aires and also met her in Phnom Penh. Kounila is very commited to her work and is able to create links between the cultures. I think her knowledge and experience in open knowledge, journalism and event organisation is a perfect mix that will add value to Ada Camp and also will assure that she will spread and use her experiences from AdaCamp in future campaigns. --Nkoepff (talk) 22:11, 11 March 2015 (UTC)
  • I know Anilakeo since 2011. She's very active and passionate in sharing knowledge and motivating wowen in the world of technology. She has been to many workshop in many provinces of Cambodia in order to share her knowledges around blogging, her works in technology, and ask women at that local to put interests in the Internet world. Besides this, she also has been to other workshop including WikiMedia-related workshop in other countries.
  • I believe that if she get this support, she will share this marvolous experience to many people in Cambodia, especially women; to guide them and show them what they can do, to guide them how to think big and how to make change in the society. ទេព សុវិចិត្រ (talk) 16:23, 16 March 2015 (UTC)
  • ENDORSE. Greetings from Khmer Wikipedia! Kounila has been very supportive and has shown her great efforts in engaging with Cambodian youth, esp. women to actively get involved, have their say and have their voice heard in Cambodian society. I believe her presence in AdaCamp will both benefit the camp participants as well as the Cambodian community through her experience sharing and future projects that we will co-lead in local Wikimedia community. --វ័ណថារិទ្ធ (Vantharith) (talk) 15:44, 17 March 2015 (UTC)
  • Kounila is one of the active lady in social activities, media and has organized and also participated in many events. AdaCamp will push her to the next level to pursue her dream for Cambodia and the world. សុខគឹមហេង (talk) 08:12, 18 March 2015 (UTC)