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Igala Wikimedia Community

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Igala Wikimedia Community

LocationGlobal Online Community-based
Country code
  • NG
Founding dateAugust 3, 2022
Main officeAbuja
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Key people
ReportsIgala _wikimedia_community/Reports
Mobile number+234 (0)7034469421
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Twitterwikimedia @Igala wikimedia
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Instagramwikimedia/ @Igala wikimedia
MottoPromoting Wikimedia projects in Igala languages

Igala Wikimedia Community Igala people are an ethnic group in Nigeria, primarily found in the Kogi State, which is situated in the central region of the country. The Igala language, known as Igala, is a Central Sudanic language and is the mother tongue of the Igala people.

Igala is spoken by a significant population of over two million (2,000,000) people, and it serves as a vital means of communication within the Igala community. The language has its own unique linguistic features, including a distinct phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. While Igala is primarily spoken, there are also efforts to promote its written form and literary traditions.

The Igala people have a rich cultural heritage with traditional customs, art, music, and dance playing important roles in their society. The community has a history that spans centuries, and their traditional institutions, such as the Igala kingdom, have contributed to shaping their identity.

As with many indigenous communities, the Igala language and culture face challenges in the modern era, including issues related to preservation, language vitality, and cultural adaptation. Efforts to document, preserve, and promote the Igala language and cultural heritage are crucial for maintaining the richness of this community and passing it on to future generations. The community is dedicated to promoting Wikimedia projects

The Igala lects with two ISO codes igl

The group's membership is open to all interested individuals.


  • To support new and existing Igala editors in contributing to Wikimedia projects
  • To organize in-person events and online edit-a-thons (edit-a-thons, photowalks, educational outreaches) to grow the numbers of articles in Tyap language and Tyap editors in Wikimedia projects
  • Create more awareness on Wikimedia projects across our region

Proposed activities[edit]

The Igala wikimedia community plans to hold and support the following activities:

  • In-person and online meeting events to gather together its members and prospective members to tutor and share ideas on editing and give support to those in need.
  • Edit-a-thons to improve and create new articles in Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Translatewiki, MetaWiki and others, and in the process improve on their editing skills.
  • Editing contests to increase the momentum of article creation inIgala by providing a morale boost in the form of prizes for winners and runner-ups, as well as encourage prospective members to join.
  • Photographic and audio recording contests and trips to enable users snapshot and upload images and short audio recordings on Wikimedia Commons for general Wikimedia project usage.

Contact information[edit]

Please reach us from our [4] : Talk page

Main pageMembersPeopleProjectsEvents / MeetupsPartnershipsResourcesNewsBylaws