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This page provides details of tools, scripts and extensions maintained or developed by IndicTechCom till date.

User scripts

  • FileLinkTool: FileLinkTool will help to make a link to the source file for a derivative work and is helpful for the users who are working with derivative works on Wikimedia Commons.
  • FloatableEditingButton: FloatableEditingButton script gives you the option of editing a page without scrolling to top. This script will reduce the scrolling time while editing and which sometimes may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • MoveAndReplace: This script helps sysops to use "Move & Replace" button in file namespace. So that sysop can move image/file on local Wiki and this script will replace all the usages of the particular file on the local Wiki immediately.
  • qrCodeGenerator: To genreate QR code onwiki.
  • MassMove: This Script provide the user to move the page in mass. This script also supports regex based mass move.
  • WikidataCoord: This UserScript provides the ability to the user to add map coordinate in the Wikidata item.
  • BookReader: Integrate BookReader tool within wiki.
  • FindAndReplace: This script adds Mass Find and Replace link in the sidebar for replacing the text.
  • ShortUrlLink: This is UserScirpt to generate a shortURL from metawiki and provide link in front of the title on the local wiki.
  • InsertWikiDataImage: This script allows users to insert image from Wikidata in their local wiki's page.


  • IndicOCR, a tool for Indic community to OCR pages on Wikisource
  • Indic Wikisource Stats, a tool for Indian Wikisource communities to retrieve the statistics for each Wikisource.
  • Wikifile Transfer, helps the users to upload non-free images from one wiki to another wiki.
  • BookReader, allows to read PDF/DjVu wiki files in book format.
  • Indic Wikisource Contest, allows the Wikisource community to run the proofreading/validation contest.
  • Imagebulk, a tool that allow user to download Wikimedia Commons file in bulk as zip.


  • IndicBot, a simple bot for Indic community