Iraqi Wikimedians

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Iraqi Wikimedians User Group

Location Iraq
Country codeIQ
Approval date15 October, 2015
Official language(s)Arabic
Other language(s)Kurdish (Sorani)

Iraqi Wikimedians is a Wikimedian user group that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Iraq, supporting Iraqi Wikimedians, and becoming the recognized user group in Iraq in October 2015.


  1. To have a recognized entity in Iraq to lead the projects properly.
  2. To have a proper place to gather all Wikipedians in Iraq.
  3. To have a base that can control the upcoming Wikipedia Education Program in Iraq.


  1. Launching the Wikipedia Education Program for the first time in Iraq.
  2. Supervising the Wiki Loves Monuments contest in Iraq.
  3. Monthly and quarterly meetings to increase the Wiki culture in Iraq.
  4. Editathons and workshops to teach people how to edit Wikipedia.
  5. Contacting Libraries and Museums to make an effective contribution in GLAM.


  • Successfully finished three workshops in Erbil to teach people about Wikipedia and how to edit it.
  • About to distribute flyers regarding Wikipedia and how important it is in both languages Arabic and Kurdish.
  • Started already the process of beginning the first WEP in Iraq.

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