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This is the first Annual Report of the Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group, capturing the journey and accomplishments throughout the productive year of 2022-2023. As advocates for knowledge sharing and community empowerment within the Wikimedia movement, our user group embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening the Kashmiri Wikimedia projects. We organized various activities throughout the year for enrichment of knowledge representation and accessibility in the Kashmiri language. This report serves as a testament to the collective efforts and achievements of our passionate members and partners who have played a vital role in advancing the cause of an inclusive and thriving Wikimedia ecosystem.

Creating online training resources for Kashmiri Wikipedia

Creating Online training resources for Kashmiri Wikipedia project was the first initiative undertaken by the User group members with the support of a $478.29 grant from the Wikimedia Foundation. The project was implemented July 1 to September 15, 2022, and focused on creation of help pages and tutorials in Kashmiri Language.

How to create an account (Kashmiri language)

During the project, 70 Wikipedia help pages, 10 videos, and 28 audio files were created to enhance the skills of users and facilitate a smooth transition of new editors to experienced users. To ensure the quality of the training resources, a collaborative approach was adopted. The workload was divided among project participants, and peer review by a project advisor was implemented. This process facilitated error identification and correction, resulting in enhanced content quality and better learning experiences for readers.

The project's outcomes demonstrate a significant step towards improving the Kashmiri Wikipedia. The "Creating Online Training Resources for Kashmiri Wikipedia" project provided valuable insights for future initiatives. There by increasing the capacity of the User group to execute future projects with increased confidence and effectiveness in supporting the growth and development of the Kashmiri Wikipedia community.

Movement Charter

The Movement Charter Ambassador Program, organized by the Kashmiri Community MC Ambassador, aimed to actively involve the Kashmiri community in providing feedback on the first three chapters of the Movement Charter. Supported by Movement Strategy grant of 855 USD, the program comprised a range of activities.

Translations circulated to Non-Wikimedians.

Research was conducted to explore the significance of the Movement Charter in facilitating better project coordination and strategic development. This research highlighted the Charter's crucial role in fostering a unified environment for the Movement's growth.

To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, the Charter content was translated into the Kashmiri language. This extensive translation effort spanned numerous pages. The objective was to make the Movement Charter accessible to the Kashmiri community, enabling their active participation.

The program's core focus revolved around conducting meetings with community members, allowing for meaningful conversations and feedback collection. These meetings were crucial platforms for explaining the Movement Charter, discussing its implications, and collecting valuable insights. The first Movement Charter Conversation, held on 9th December 2022, witnessed the active participation of eight community members, including non-Wikimedians. Subsequent one-to-one meetings were conducted to facilitate detailed analysis and comprehensive feedback collection.

Efforts were also made to circulate PDF versions of the translate Charter content among native Kashmiri speakers, including language experts and non-Wikimedians. This initiative aimed to receive their feedback on the Kashmiri language translation, with a specific emphasis on simplifying the content for better comprehension by the general public. The feedback received was analyzed and incorporated into the Kashmiri version while preserving the essence and meaning of the Charter.

The MC conversations held as part of the Movement Charter Ambassador Program served as a valuable precursor to the monthly meetings within the Kashmiri Wikipedia community.


The Kashmiri Wikimedians organized a series of meetings and meet-ups on different dates. These gatherings provided opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic discussions among the community members. Here are the details of the meetings:

  • 20th February Online Meetup: The user group conducted a 30-minute online Zoom meeting focusing on the advancement of the Kashmiri Wikipedia. The discussion revolved around providing participants with basic knowledge about Wikipedia usage and introducing them to other Wikimedia projects like Wiktionary.
  • Kashmiri Wikimedians March Meet-up: On March 19, the Kashmiri Wikimedians organized a meet-up, providing a platform for members to meet in person, engage in discussions, and strengthen community bonds. This gathering likely included activities such as workshops, editing sessions, and project planning.
  • DCW Kashmiri Wikimedians Collab Meeting: The collaborative meeting was held on May 27, bringing together the Kashmiri Wikimedians and the DCW (Deoband Community Wikimedia). This joint meeting aimed to foster collaboration, exchange experiences, and explore potential joint projects.
  • Kashmiri Wikimedians June Meeting: This meeting took place on June 18, where members of the Kashmiri Wikimedians community came together to discuss various topics, share ideas, and plan future initiatives.

These meetings and meet-ups played a crucial role in promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building among the Kashmiri Wikimedians. They provided opportunities for members to engage with each other, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards advancing Wikimedia projects in the Kashmiri language.

In person engagement during WCI
Presentation by KWUG member at WCI

The first in-person interaction of the Kashmiri Wikimedia community with the wider Wikimedia movement took place at the WikiConference India 2023 from 28 April to 30 April. This milestone event provided the community with a platform to learn, present their challenges, and engage with fellow Wikimedians. 3 Wikimedians from Kashmiri Wikimedians user group attended the conference. During the event, a session was presented by a member of the Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group, highlighting the challenges faced by the Kashmiri Wikipedia. The session shed light on specific issues such as limited resources, low awareness about Wikimedia projects, and technical barriers to contribution. The presentation aimed to raise awareness and seek support from the broader Wikimedia community to address these challenges.

Feminism and Folklore 2023

The Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group, in collaboration with the International Feminism and Folklore team, organized the Feminism and Folklore 2023 Edit-a-thon on the Kashmiri Wikipedia. The event took place from 1st February to 15th April and aimed to promote representation and diversity on the platform.

Articles Number

The Feminism and Folklore 2023 Edit-a-thon on Kashmiri Wikipedia served as an ignition for participants to create and expand articles related to feminism and folklore in the Kashmiri context. During the edit-a-thon, a total of 97 articles were created by the participants. These articles covered a wide range of topics related to feminism and folklore in Kashmir, shedding light on the historical, cultural, and social aspects of the region. The collective efforts of the participants resulted in 71 articles being accepted, indicating the quality and relevance of the content produced.

The collaboration with the International Feminism and Folklore team brought a global perspective to the edit-a-thon. This partnership facilitated the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, enriching the content created during the event.

DCW-K Editathon

The DCW-K Editathon, organized collaboratively by the Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group & the Deoband Community Wikimedia, took place from 21 June 2023 to 20 July 2023. The main aim of this flagship event was to bridge the knowledge gap on themes supported by the Deoband Community Wikimedia within the Kashmiri Wikipedia. To achieve this goal, Kashmiri language enthusiasts were encouraged via social media channels to actively participate and contribute their expertise to the platform. The participants created a total of 77 articles. The success of this inaugural edition highlights the potential for future collaborative initiatives in promoting knowledge sharing and preservation in the region. More details at DCW-K Editathon.

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