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LimeSurvey piau-tsì
A LimeSurvey in action for the Wikimania 2021's call for volunteers.

LimeSurvey is a free software useful to create basic or very sophisticated forms or surveys. It can be very useful for Wikimedia projects contributors and staff members of Wikimedia chapters.

You have multiple ways to try and adopt LimeSurvey. We can describe them in this page.

Tō-tik kè-ta̍t-kuan

Features apart, LimeSurvey can also be appreciated for some ethical values dear to Wikimedia projects (think about MediaWiki):

Kheh-hōo Bián-huì Ho̍k-bū-khì Bián-huì Bô tē-sann hong High risk of data leak by mistake[1] Provided by WMF
LimeSurvey Yes[2][3] Yes[4] Yes[5] Yes[6] Yes [1]
Google Form No[7][3] No[8] No[8] No[9] No
Qualtrics No[7][3] No[8] No[8] (please add this info) Yes

By the way, you don't have to install LimeSurvey on your server. You can just find a good provider.


Some key-features of LimeSurvey:

  • possibility of 100% data ownership
  • possibility to encrypt answers at database level (e.g. to encrypt name, surname, email, etc.)
  • ability to translate questions in multiple languages[10]
  • support for lot of question types[11]
  • support for weird configurations and dependencies between questions
  • quick backup and restore
  • export answers in multiple open formats (to process them with your favorite tools)[12]
  • ability to edit an already-started survey without losing answers (but don't get used to it! please design a correct questionnaire from the beginning)[13]
  • e-mail notifications (to monitor survey adoption)


There are a lot of good LimeSurvey providers in the world.

You can list here a provider if you would somehow recommend it for a Wikimedia project.

Manager Provider Type Domain Tracking Volunteers can add survey
Wikimedia IT Wikimedia IT self-hosted No Yes info
Wikimedia CH Wikimedia CH self-hosted No No
Wikimedia Foundation LimeSurvey GmbH as a service No No
You LimeSurvey GmbH as a service Yes Yes
You various as a service /
other Yes Yes [14][15]
You You self-hosted custom No It's your decision info

Official LimeSurvey from Wikimedia Foundation

This is an official LimeSurvey available to Wikimedia Foundation staff:

As of 2022, LimeSurvey is being piloted for staff use at the Wikimedia Foundation.

At the moment, there is not a way to request a community survey with this account but the Global Data and Insights team looks forward to exploring options to make this available in the future.

Tsuân-gia̍h ê tsi-tshî

If you need a separated environment with professional support to keep this Free/Libre and Open Source software online for your chapter or your project, you can contribute to this list:

Lé-māu ho̍k-bū

These are other LimeSurvey providers available free of charge as a courtesy and so without any warranty:


Here some human beings who can help you with this tool:

Feel free to add yourself in this category to give an help!


  1. Some solutions are designed to in no way allow the ability to show all survey data to the public.
  2. This solution works without proprietary JavaScript executed on your computer.
  3. a b c
  4. The server of this application is free software.
  5. This solution allows you to exclude any third party company.
  6. LimeSurvey has an option to show aggregate statistics, but it only shows aggregate statistics, it does not show open-ended responses in the clear. This avoids many serious issues caused by human mistake.
  7. a b This solution requires some proprietary JavaScript to be executed on your computer or device.
  8. a b c d In this solution it is not possible to manage everything on your server (on-premise) or it is not possible to do it using only free software.
  9. Google Form has an option that, if set by mistake, can publicly display all personal and sensitive information to all survey participants (such as first name, last name, nickname, email, sexual identification, etc.). This already happened in an official Wikimedia survey on Google Form.
  10. Translating LimeSurvey
  11. Question types in LimeSurvey
  12. Export responses in LimeSurvey
  13. How-to update or add questions to a live LimeSurvey
  14. Search "LimeSurvey providers" on your search engine. There are many independent of them in most countries.