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Marathi Wikimedians

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  • Work for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Organize more outreach program to increase awareness about Marathi Wikipedia and other Wikipedia project(Like Wikidata,wikisource,wikibooks).
  • Programs for improvement of Gender Gap on Marathi Wikipedia.
  • Technical Programs for editors to improve there work.


Some of the recent activities are as follows.

Women’s Editathon
Women’s Editathon

1) Women's Editathon 2018 on Marathi Wikipedia Event Page Event Dashboard Page

Women's Editathon 2017 on Marathi Wikipedia Event Page

To breach the gender gap on Marathi Wikipedia the group has started conducting Women’s Editathon every year on world women’s day. Started from 2014 this activity is in its 5th year this year which has increased the women’s participation on the Marathi Wikipedia.

2) Reading week

From 15 October 2015 the group has started an online reading week on Marathi Wikipedia as complementary activity to Government of Maharashtra’s reading day activity.

3) Hackathon

We Have Successfully organized Hackathon for continues 3 years started from 2014 to 2016

Hackathon IIT Bombay 2016 Report

Video - Wikipedia IIT Bombay Hackathon 2014

Wikipedia IIT Bombay Hackathon 2015


Marathi Wikipedia has a group of volunteers which are working together in the areas like, outreach, training, partnerships,   technology development, publicity etc. The group is working in the more organized way from 2010-2011 around the wiki conference India 2011 organized in Mumbai. Being Mumbai is in the State of Maharashtra wherein  official language is Marathi there was a special track conducted in the conference “ Marathi Track Wiki Conference 2011”

Since then the group of volunteers is working together which includes Admins, senior editors, technocrats, female editors to make Marathi community stronger. The same group started wiki source in Marathi in 2012 and now working on different projects.    

The different contributions of the working group over the past 7-8 years are as under.

  1. For photo collection on Marathi Wikipedia, a yearly event Photothon was started from the Year 2012 as a regular event. As the submission on the portal is complex process the group developed a photo-sharing android app in 2013 and uploaded on Android play store link here which has more than 1000 downloads.
  2. Year 2013
    • Being network connectivity is an issue in rural India to address the student community of the schools where the computer laboratories are available but no internet connectivity. The group decided to reach out through offline Wikipedia.   On the occasion of Marathi Wikipedia’s 10th Anniversary, Marathi Wikipedia on DVD was distributed to rural schools in Maharashtra.
    • the development  of world's cheapest tablet”Aakash”   by Government of India the group ported the Marathi Wikipedia to android offline variant
      1. Works from internal memory
      2. SD Card version
      3. Flash drive version
  3. Year 2014
    • To address the gender imbalance  problem on Wikipedia for Marathi community the group started Women’s Editathon as an annual activity from the Year 2014
    • For the technology development, the group started conducting Hackathon in 2014 as a yearly event every summer.  
  4. Year 2015
    • Started an online reading week on Marathi Wikipedia as complementary activity to Government of Maharashtra’s reading day activity News Article Link here.
    • Second Wikipedia Hackathon was organised with CIS-A2K.
    • Under Government scheme “Unnat Bharat Abhiyan” Netbook was distributed to student. Those netbooks were preloaded with offline Marathi Wikipedia. News Article Link here
    • Women’s Editathon continued.
  5. Year 2016
    • Wikipedia 15 Event Mumbai India Event Page
    • Third successful organization of Wikipedia Hackathon with wmf. Grant Report Page.
    • Women’s Editathon continued 3rd year. Event Page
    • Reading week
  6. Year 2017
    • Women’s Editathon continued 4th year. Event Page
    • Reading week
  7. Year 2018

Designated contacts for WMF[edit]

Two designated contacts for Wikimedia Foundation:

Harish Satpute - satpute.harish@gmail.com

Kiran Raut - keeran.nale@gmail.com

Contact information[edit]

Harish Satpute - satpute.harish@gmail.com

Kiran Raut - keeran.nale@gmail.com

Dhirendra Singh - dhirendra.ind@gmail.com

Upcoming Events/Meetups[edit]


Bylaws of Marathi Wikimedians user group

Chapter 1 - General[edit]

  • Section-1 (Title)
The Name of this user group is Marathi Wikimedians.
  • Section-2 (Purposes/Aims)
  1. Work for the Wikimedia (Free Knowledge) movement in Marathi Wikipedia.
  2. Maintaining the community and obtaining more community members.
  3. Technical Programs for editors to improve there work..

Chapter 2 - Membership[edit]

  • Section-4 (Membership)
  1. Any person can be a member of this group, support the mission of the group.
  • Section-5 (Rights of Members)
  1. Members can participate in any activity of the group
  2. Graduated members have the right to vote.
  3. Members are given priority in activities of a group
  • Section-6 (Duties of Members)
  1. They obliged to follow the bylaws of the group
  2. They must have to pay the dues.
  • Section-7 (Penalties and Termination of Membership)
  1. Member of the group can be penalized for the following activities:
    1. If any member of group violates the Bylaws
    2. If he defames the group and in any way harms the Image of group
    3. If he obstructs the working of group otherwise or during the meetings.

2. A Member of group can terminate his/her membership by submitting his resignation document.

Chapter 3 - General Body Meetings[edit]

  • Section-8 (Regular Meeting)
  1. Regular meeting should be held once in a year.
  • Section-9 (Special Meetings)
  1. Special Meetings can be held on the call of The President or
  2. When two‐thirds members of the group want to have a meeting.
  • Section-10 (Call for Meeting)
  1. The President should inform all the members a week prior to meeting through email or any other mode communication.
  2. Notification should clearly state the purpose, time, date and place of meeting.

Chapter 4 - Management of the Group[edit]

  • Section-11. (Executive Committee)
  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of 9 members, viz., President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 other Members.
  2. The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Members of the Association at the Annual General Body Meeting and they shall hold office for a period of three years.
  3. All the outgoing Executive Committee members are eligible for re-election.
  • Section-12. (Powers of Executive Committee)
  1. The Secretary may, whenever he finds it necessary, call for an emergency meeting with the consent of the President or on the request of at least 5 Members of the Executive Committee, in writing.
  2. Notices of all the meetings must contain the place, date and time shall and should be sent by the Secretary to the registered addresses of the Committee Members.
  3. Notice should have an agenda for the meeting one week before the date of the meeting.
  4. If any Member of the Executive Committee is absent without leave for three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee, that member shall be removed from the of Executive Committee.
  • Section-13. (Duties of Executive Committee)
  1. The Executive Committee shall normally meet once in six months.
  2. The meeting of the Executive Committee will be presided over by the President. If he is not present or not being able to participate in the meeting, the Vice-President will preside.
  3. If the Vice-President is also not present, then the Executive Committee may choose one of the Members present to conduct the meeting.
  4. All questions arising at any meeting of the Executive Committee shall be decided by a simple majority of the Members present and in case of equal votes, the members shall have a second or casting vote.

Chapter 5 - Officers and Duties[edit]

  • Section-14 (President)
  1. The President heads the work of the Executive Board of the Group.
  2. He presides all the meetings of the Executive Committee.
  3. The President of the Association represents and acts on behalf of the Association in the legal dealings with third parties and sign all the financial documents on behalf of the Association.
  • Section-15 (Vice President)
  1. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President when he is not present and exercise all the powers of the President.
  2. The Vice President shall have the powers given to him by the President and acts as his adviser.
  • Section-16 (Secretary)
  1. Secretary shall keep the record of all the members, committee meetings, resolutions passed in general meetings and committee meeting.
  2. Secretary shall prepare an annual report of the group.
  • Section-17 (Treasurer)
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping of proper accounts.
  2. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys on behalf of the Executive Committee and deposit the same in the name of the Group in the Bank.
  3. The Treasurer shall prepare the annual accounts of the Association and submit it in General Body meeting.
  • Section-18 (Removal)
  1. These officers can be removed by simple majority if they harm the image of the group and disturb the procedure of the group.
  • Section-19 (Resignations)
  1. Any elected or appointed officer of the Group may resign at any time by giving written notice to the President or any person acting on his behalf.

Chapter 6 - Amendment[edit]

  • Section-20

The bylaws can be amended or repealed by simple majority in General meeting or special meeting.


The Marathi Wikimedians User Group annual reports

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