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Mahidol University 15

Mahidol University 15
When and Where
Date:Friday, 6 May 2022
Time:17:30 - 19:00
Address:Mahidol University, 999 Phuttamonthon 4 Road, Salaya 73170
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Event details[edit]

  • Date/time: Friday, 6 May 2022 from 17:30-19:00
  • Location: Soi Tangsin, Salaya

Topics of discussion[edit]

  1. Outcome of the meeting with Embassy of Sweden, Bangkok
    • WikiGap and other relevant activities (e.g., edit-a-thon and workshop) can be supported. The nature of support may include space, snack, diplomas.
  2. WMTH chapter's location (2ndoct and tanapatjms will explore the possibility.)
  3. WMTH foundation's signatories (as directors) (Karto1 has been the main coordinator.)
    • Athikhun.suw, Pongsak.ksm, 2ndoct, Mda
  4. WMTH chapter's lawyer (Athikhun.suw found a person that will do the job for less than 50K THB. Contact was given by 2ndoct.)
  5. Featured article nomination on TH Wikipedia
    • tanapatjms will follow up on Talk page
  6. Wikimania: WMTH will support the following countries and territories (Athikhun.suw and tanapatjms will be the main coordinator.)
    • Past hosts: HK (2013), TW (2007)
    • Emerging hosts: MY, KR, JP, PH
  7. WLE 2022 in Thailand (Karto1 will be the main coordinator.)
    • Despite the crisis in Ukraine, this international event is still on going.
    • Competition period will be 1-30 June.
    • Old contacts will be used (judges and sponsors)
  8. Souvenir production (Teetee taw and U6181299 will explore the possibilities)
    • Calendar by Teetee taw budget around 10K THB for the first batch.
    • For umbrellas, we may need to consider a 'non-automatic' option.
    • t-shirt by U6181299 budget around 20K THB for the first batch - Sizing is always a problem. We need a stable/consistent way to communicate sizing and continue to maintain the same design and inventory of sizes over the years.
    • Other souvenir such as sticker and pen can be considered. If we run out of stock both calendar and t-shirt can be reorder to replenish the stock quickly.
    • There must be a limit on the number of lines of inventories that we must maintain for simplicity e.g. 10 is enough. For this purpose, different size of t-shirt must be counted separately. There should be an upper limit e.g. 100 and threshold for reorder e.g. 10.
  9. Opening ceremony of Girls in ICT Day Thailand 2022
    • The team of tanapatjms, Karto1 and U6181299 will make the video of the event on April 28 available before the UNESCO activity in June. The video will be played in the session.
  10. Wikimedia_Summit_2022
    • We are aware of the delay in the selection process that is often expected in this circumstance. However, we may set our internal deadline(s) with the ultimate consequence of pulling our candidate out of the process should the delay is unreasonably affecting our schedule.
    • Results was updated on May 13 [2]. Follow-up questions were asked on May 15. [3]


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Acknowledgement by absentees[edit]

  1. --U6181299 (talk) 14:17, 14 May 2022 (UTC)[reply]