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Policies and guidelines Meta:Bot inactivity policy
Approved by community consensus on 28 March 2019.

Any bot inactive on Meta will have the bot flag removed.

  • "Bots" are defined as accounts that are members of the (bot) user group.
  • "Inactivity" is defined as making no edits or log actions for a continuous period of 14 months.

Removals will be periodically reviewed and processed by bureaucrats. Bots that are deflagged may no longer perform actions at high speeds or without human supervision. To reactivate a bot, a new requests for bot status must be approved to operate again on Meta-Wiki.

Removal criteria[edit]

  1. Bots that have made no edits or log actions in the 14 months immediately before the periodic review are subject to deflagging
  2. Operators of inactive bots will be notified on their Meta-Wiki talk pages
  3. Operators will have one week to reply if they wish to keep their bot(s) flagged
  4. The bot flag will be removed from bots where the operator indicates that the access is no longer required
  5. The bot flag will be removed from bots where the operator is unresponsive to the query