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This page is a translated version of the page Meta:Bots and the translation is 70% complete.



詳細: Bot policy


  • 人間の編集者と区別しやすくするために、ボットアカウントの利用者名には「bot」という単語が明確に含まれている必要がありますが、例外が認められる場合があります。
  • A bot must be run using a separate account from the operator, as no human editor should be granted a bot flag. Its user page should clearly and visibly denote it as a bot to distinguish it from human editors (this can be achieved using the templates {{bot}} or {{Infobox Bot}}), and operators must be available to answer any comments themselves. No user is permitted to make use of automated answering scripts. Some operators may choose to redirect the bot's talk page to their own, if their bot is not configured to detect messages.


Bot accounts malfunctioning may be blocked by any administrator to prevent further damage to the project. Administrators are advised to turn off autoblocks when blocking legitimate bot accounts to avoid those running from shared platforms (such as Wikimedia Cloud Services) be blocked as well.


Administrators may block bot accounts performing edits or tasks for which approval has not been granted either by policy or community consensus.


This wiki uses the standard bot policy, and allows global bots and automatic approval of certain types of bots. Requests for bot flags should be made on Meta:Requests for adminship § Requests for bot flags, providing information about the bot account, the bot owner, and the intended tasks for which approval is being sought.



  • 運用者の要望に応じて。
  • Bots not respecting these requirements and/or the bot policy ones may have their bot flags revoked. Users can also seek removal of bot flags by filling a request on Meta:Requests for adminship § Requests for bot status in the same way a bot flag request, providing evidence of wrongdoing. After a week, a bureaucrat will close the discussion and determine if there are reasons to justify the removal, and will act accordingly. In emergencies or flagrant bot flag misuse, removal can take place immediately (see Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat). In both cases, operators should be contacted and informed. No removal discussion can start without evidence that the operator has been notified that the bot status of their account(s) is being contested.
  • Bot accounts that have made no edits or log actions for 14 continuous months will have their bot flags removed by a bureaucrat . Operators will be warned seven days in advance before removal can take place. If the operator replies and states that they will intend to be active again with the bot, removal won't take place.