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Movement Strategy den Governance/Movement Charter Ambassadors Program/About

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Dem create de Movement Charter Ambassadors Program so say e go ensure say dem hear all voices, especially those wey dey comot from communities wey be underrepresented for de Movement inside, wey dem go include den engage dem for de Movement Charter community review process inside.

MC Ambassadors be individuals or groups wey go help ensure say dema communities go engage fully for de community review process inside, wey dema communities go fully understand de Movement Charter content, wey dem fi easily provide dema feedback.

Roles and commitments

MC ambassadors go help for chaw ways inside:

  • Dem go organize community review conversations (online/offline) for dema communities, dem go collect dema feedback, wey dem go report back for Meta-Wiki top
  • Dem go translate de Charter content so say e go be accessible to dema communities ein languages
  • Dem go distribute Movement Charter-related announcements go dema communities

Movement Charter Ambassadors dema commitments

  • MC Ambassadors go commit say dem go abide by de Universal Code of Conduct
  • MC Ambassadors go commit say dem go organize at least one conversation for dema communities inside
  • MC Ambassadors go commit say dem go report back dema communities ein feedback wey dem collect during de conversations

Join us today!

Funding is available to support Movement Charter Ambassadors' time and effort in engaging their communities. More details on how to apply for the grant are here. If you need assistance with the process or the grant application, please send us an email at strategy2030(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org.