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Wikimedia community user group Rwanda


Instagram: @Wikirwanda

ACTIVITIES IN 2020[edit]


  • Organizing Wiki loves Monuments in Rwanda
  • Organizing wikipedia 20 celebration in Rwanda


On the 29th.09.2020 the committee members made up of Ndahiro Derrick, Bahire BorisRebeccah and Clementine had a meeting to talk and plan about the future which included allocation of tasks and responsibilities to ensure sustainability and development of the user group and various recommendations were developed;

  • Recruiting new members
  • Allocation of tasks and responsibilities whereby

Bahire Boris was appointed as The Project manager. –Rebeccah was appointed as the Treasurer. –Ndahiro Derrick was appointed as the Team Leader. –Clementine was appointed as the General Secretary.

  • Opening up of a user group bank account for easy management of funds from the foundations and donations.
  • Updating the Metapage for the user group after every activity.
  • Enhancing collaborations with other user groups.
  • Deliberate knowledge sharing between committee members and other members of the user group.

on the 21st.09.2020 ,an online award giving ceremony was held to conclude both Wiki loves Africa and Wiki loves Earth photographic from the two contests had a chance to share their experiences and advises to other attendees.......

In AUGUST[edit]

on the 28th.08th.2020, The jury process which was done by 3 jurors, ended with the top ten winning pictures



on the 10th.08.202, An online meeting was held by the jury team to understand the rules of the competition and setting the time frame for the whole process.

In July[edit]

Mid-July Wiki loves Earth contest follow up meeting[edit]

This meeting will be held online, two weeks before the end of the contest to critically analyze if the targets of the contest will be achieved and to encourage the creation of articles related to some of the uploads.


on the 1st of July the Wikipedia wanting photos campaign begun, being under the global COVID 19 pandemic, all preparations and participations are run 100% online and will end on the 31st of August

In June[edit]

'Awarding wiki loves Africa winners'

The top 3 winners of Wiki loves Africa 2020 were announced and congratulated using our social media platforms :

.Kwizera Emmanuel [[1]]

.Mutiganda Mutiganda

.Jean d'amour Uwimana Rwejo


'Starting Wiki Loves Earth 2020' in Rwanda'

The 1st June 2020, marked the beginning of WLE 2020 in Rwanda , This photographic contest organized for its first in Rwanda will end on 31st.July

In April[edit]

As a result of the noval corona virus outbreak , face to face meetings were cancelled responding to guidelines by the World Health Organization to stop the spread of Corona, we participated in Wiki Loves Africa 2020 photographic contest for our very first time and 418 files were uploaded and we were ranked the 15th out 54 countries that participated.

Kabuye Hike

In February[edit]

Launching Wiki loves Africa in Rwanda .jpg

We launched Wiki Loves Africa contest 2020 on 16th February 2020 at K-Lab (telecom house level 6) in Kigali and more than 15 new participants attended, they were introduced to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation and Wiki Loves Africa contest in particular. Since a big number of attendants wished to know how to edit or create articles on Wikipedia we are organizing a Wikipedia edit-a-thon in march to equip them with skills and a better understanding of rules of editing and the 5 pillars of wikipedia.

Launching Wiki loves Africa in Rwanda


Upcoming activities in 2020[edit]

  • Wikipedia edit-a-thon on 13th march to be held at Goethe Institute in Kiyovu (postponed until further notice)
  • Closing Wiki Loves Africa 2020 and award online ceremony (late June)
  • Organizing Wiki Loves Earth 2020 for the first time in Rwanda (from June 1st -31 July)
Wikimedia User Group Rwanda, team meeting on 12 December 2019 for the EAC strategy salon held in Kampala, Uganda.

Activities in 2019[edit]

In September[edit]

East Africa Strategy Summit 2019[edit]

On 7th of September 2019, 7 Members of the user group flew to Kampala, to attend the regional strategy salon whose focus was to bring East African voices to the global conversation on Movement Strategy while building a sense of regional identity and collaboration. [[3]]

In June[edit]

Wikimedia Strategy Salon in Uganda[edit]
Wikimedia2030 Strategy Salon in Kampala Uganda 36

on 29th june.2019, Ndahiro Derrick a Member of the user group travelled to Kampala to represent the group for the strategy salon, This was an opportunity for the User Groups to come together for a day not only to discuss movement strategy but also to strengthen the communities.


In August, the first meeting for new Wikimedians in Rwanda was held at Westerwelle start up house Kigali at air view building, 4th floor.

The meeting chaired by Ndahiro Derrick, was aimed at introducing new Wikimedians to each other towards forming the official user group bu the help of the user group in Uganda, getting more understanding of Wikipedia and responding to an invitation to the East Africa Strategy Salon by Geoffrey Kateregga, the coordinator of the user group in Uganda, and create accounts for the new members.



The group decided on creating a WhatsApp group for follow up and updates and look out for all travel documents for better preparations for the journey to Uganda .

Activities in 2018[edit]