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Help organize Queering Wikipedia 2022!

QW2022 is a global LGBTQ conference with an approved and funded grant proposal; see the proposal for more information.

The QW2022 proposal team has an active group on Telegram, see Communications for the different ways to join the WMLGBT+ community. Once the grant is awarded, the Conference Team will be formalized and it will be a key goal to have a wide representation of LGBTQ+ communities with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, languages and especially providing a voice for LGBTQ+ people in emerging communities. The conference will have a mix of public and closed events focused on improving Wikimedia project content better to represent LGBTQ+ cultures and communities, providing a unique safe space for sharing experience and learning best practices.

You can get involved by joining the proposal team, adding your name to the endorsements section on the proposal to stay informed, or you can email qw2022(_AT_)wmlgbt.org to put yourself forward to help by offering your skills and experience in any of the following teams:

  • Conference team
  • Communications, social media
  • Conference registration and operations
  • Conference programming
  • Safe space team and technical support
  • Translation team
  • Wikimedia training
  • Special support needs and user surveys
  • Partnering by running a local "node" in your country, including countries with no local WMF Affiliate

Refer to the roles detailed at 2021's volunteer roles.

QW2022 has a special need to respect anonymity, especially in the context that some volunteers will want to take part from regions where there are significant risks to being identified as LGBTQ+ or just an active contributor on LGBTQ+ subjects. You can take part in any of the above roles anonymously, and there will be a vetting process to ensure the conference and support activities are a safe space.

LGBTQ+ and LGBT+ are used here as inclusively as possible, welcoming all queer, genderqueer and trans communities and our allies.

Key dates

A detailed timeline is included at the proposal.

7 February 2022
Conference grant proposal submitted
1 April 2022
Grant approval
October 2022 (dates to be set)
Conference runs