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Research:Tech support satisfaction poll/Questions

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You have been randomly selected to take a very short survey by the Wikimedia Foundation Community Tech team! This survey is intended to gauge community satisfaction with the technical support provided by the Wikimedia Foundation to Wikipedia, especially focusing on the needs of the core community. To learn more about this survey, please visit Research:Tech support satisfaction poll.

To opt-out of further notices concerning this survey, please remove your username from the subscription list.

Landing Page

Thank you for participating in our survey! This short survey will help us know how well Wikimedia Foundation is providing technical support.

The Wikimedia Foundation will treat your information and survey answers in accordance with our privacy policy. By answering these questions, you permit us to record your responses and agree to donate them to the public domain. This allows us to freely share your answers with others for the purpose of open analysis, research, and study. We will not share publicly your name, address, phone number, or email, except as required by law. This commitment assumes you do not incorporate your personal information in response to a question that doesn't ask for it. Wikimedia is a worldwide organization. By answering our questions, you consent to the transfer of your responses to the United States and other places as may be necessary to carry out the objectives of this project.


English Wikipedia
Spanish Wikipedia
German Wikipedia
Japanese Wikipedia
Russian Wikipedia
Chinese Wikipedia
Arabic Wikipedia
Portuguese Wikipedia
Wikimedia Commons


Do you feel the Wikimedia Foundation is meeting the technical needs for Wikipedia contributors in the following areas?

Reviewing recent changes
Reviewing new articles
Identifying and surfacing content problems
Supporting WikiProjects
Managing media
Working with templates
Categorizing content
Supporting gadgets, bots, and 3rd party tools
Not at all
I have no opinion

What other areas, if any, are missing from the list above which are important to you?

How satisfied are you overall with the technical support provided by the Wikimedia Foundation to Wikipedia?

Very satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied

About how many years have you been an editor or contributor on Wikipedia?

1 year or less
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
11 years
12 years
13 years
14 years or more

Closing Message

Thank you for taking our survey! We want to publish the results at meta before the end of October. You can use the survey talk page at meta for any questions you may have.