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Besked fra Katherine Maher

This message, "July 14: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#21)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 14 July 2017.

Hi all!

For the last few months, we’ve all been talking together - on wiki, and in person - about our own personal and community hopes and goals for the Wikimedia projects and movement. But while this has been going on, members of the strategy team have been doing research into the world outside the movement.

This month, during Cycle 3, we’re sharing what we’ve learned from outside - from readers, experts, and partners from our New Voices initiative. Right now, the focus is on ensuring that the voices that normally aren’t part of our strategic discussions are present and well-represented, and that those of us in the movement have the opportunity to see into the future, and think ahead about the way the world is changing. One of my recent updates provided a summary of the broader context and goals for Cycle 3. Today, I wanted to share some new resources and materials we’ve published in the past two weeks, and note that there’s much more to come!

June Wikimedia Foundation Metrics Meeting. During the meeting, the New Voices team members provided an overview of initial findings from ongoing research projects and affiliate-led salons and events.

Considering 2030: Misinformation, verification, and propaganda. The Foundation is working with independent research consultants to understand the key trends that will affect the future of free knowledge. This assessment is based on a review of more than one hundred reports, articles, and studies, and it includes a framework to discuss and monitor trends in misinformation. Please join the conversation on Meta-Wiki or your local wiki in the next couple of days.

Discussions with experts on the evolving history of knowledge sharing. We summarized and published videos and transcripts and outcomes of three recent brown bag events with experts in social mobilization, emerging communities, and new readers.

WikiWomenCamp 2017. At the second WikiWomenCamp in Mexico City, attendees discussed challenges and opportunities for women participation in the movement (the inaugural event was held in Argentina in 2002, and we’re thrilled to see its return). There are some excellent published photos from the event to check out as well as a summary of the event on our blog.

Bene habeas (Latin translation: “May it be well for you”)