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This page is for collecting applications for volunteers to help coordinate various elements of the Wikipedia Library. If you think you are a potential coordinator: please create a new section for yourself below these questions to provide your answers (Applications for coordination on English Wikipedia Library can be made on English Wikipedia).

Application questions[edit]

  • What is/are your main Wikimedia project(s) and how long have you been active in those projects? What languages are you comfortable communicating in?
  • What other Wikimedia volunteer obligations do you have? If we selected you to support a TWL partnership, how much time per week would you be willing to spend? Per month? Depending on your role, an average week may require 1–4 hours of work.
  • Does the Wikipedia project you want to coordinate in already has a Wikipedia Library branch and/or other similar projects?
  • Why do you want to volunteer with The Wikipedia Library?

Wikipedia Library Coordinators handle other editors' personal information at times; because of this coordinators may be asked to sign a standard confidentiality agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation that includes your real name. Are you comfortable with this? If so, please continue on and tell us more about your background and interest in helping out!