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Translation requests/WMF/Wikimedia visual identity guidelines

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Welcome to translation of Wikimedia:Wikimedia visual identity guidelines. This page is our working center for that task.



Add your favorite language, if any.


  1. Make a link to your language version above, if it does not yet exist.
  2. Copy the original (en, usually) to your workspace.
  3. Translate the original.
  4. If you have finished translation, ask someone else to proofread it. Two pairs of eyes are better than one; three are better still.
  5. If you have access to the WMF website, upload the proofread work under a suitable title. If not, leave a note here besides the link to the language you worked on saying "Please upload!", and someone will care for your version. Please also translate the title into your language.
  6. Once your language version is on the WMF website, you can distribute the URL to people who want to know about Wikimedia guidelines for Wikimedia logos.

Thank you for your cooperation!