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Sunset near Königswalde, Saxony, Germany
Sunset near Königswalde, Saxony, Germany

Wikimedia Deutschland[edit]

By Elian

Status : Editing - Proofreading - Translating - edit

Wikimedia Deutschland actively promoted Wikimedia projects this quarter, organizing presences at the world's biggest computer fair, Cebit, in Hannover, and at the book fair in Leipzig. These two events, one sponsored by Linux New Media AG, and the other by Directmedia Publishing (the producer of the Wikipedia DVD), were successful. The people manning the booths, including Southpark, Mathias Schindler, Nina, Arne Klempert and Elian, had no need to explain to visitors what Wikipedia was - this was already widely known. However, they answered many questions about how Wikipedia actually works.

On the invitation of Axel Schäfer, a member of the German parliament, Mathias Schindler, Kurt Jansson and Elian spent a week in Berlin, taking initial steps in the political arena. They spoke with several politicians, explaining the workings of Wikipedia and its special problems with copyright law as it stands.

On a sadder note: Achim Raschka, beloved organizer of the international and German writing contests, left the board for personal reasons.

As of the end of March, there were around 150 members of the German Verein.

A brief breakdown of contributions since the founding of the Verein:

Month Contributions # of donations
September 2004 4,589.37 EUR 183
October 2004 1,820.96 EUR 81
November 2004 1,049.00 EUR 37
December 2004 7,259.00 EUR 50
  Total:   14,718.33 EUR from 351 donations
Q1 2005
January 2,119.10 EUR 67
February 11,048.66 EUR 429
March 8,319.38 EUR 229
  Total:   21,487.14 EUR from 725 donations

The only considerable expenditures in 2005 were 2,714 EUR for legal advice. Everything else (a fax number, Wikimedia stamps, &c.) cost under 100 EUR in all.

Wikimedia France[edit]

Status : Editing - Proofreading - Translating - edit

Wikimédia France, the association representing the French chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, held its first regular Assemblée générale (general meeting of members) to elect the new Conseil d'administration (board) and to discuss many things. The newly elected board can be seen here, and a short summary about the association should soon be displayed.

The règlement intérieur (a complement to the initial bylaws) was voted on and officially adopted. The association Treasurer can finally open a bank account after a formal vote from the board. And many new people joined the association. In the coming weeks, the board is expected to organize teams to work on different matter; in particular, to find money and partnerships for the Wikimedia projects.

The association purchased the wikimedia.fr domain name. It plans to set up a public chapter website at that domain, using a wiki running on one of the Paris squids.

Chinese House in Sanssouci park in Potsdam.
By Tillea

Orangery in the ground of the Palace of Versailles, outside Paris.
By Urban