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विश्वव्यापी आचार संहिता/समाचारपत्र

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विश्वव्यापी आचार संहिता
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Welcome to the fourth issue of Universal Code of Conduct News! This newsletter will help Wikimedians stay involved with the development of the new code, and will distribute relevant news, research, and upcoming events related to the UCoC. Feedback or ideas for the next issue can be left on the UCoC News talk page. You can also help us by translating the newsletter issues in your languages and sharing the newsletter in your community portals and platforms.

Please remember to subscribe here if you would like to be notified about future editions of the newsletter, and also leave your username here if you’d like to be contacted to help with translations in the future.

Thank you for reading and participating!

Enforcement Draft Guidelines Review Wrap-up

The Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Draft Guidelines Review will come to a close on 17 October 2021, after more than two months of consultations. A team of more than a dozen facilitators from the Movement Strategy and Governance Team have engaged with the community in more than 20 languages and have organized several meetings with different stakeholders, in order to ensure that the process is open to everyone.

In the last days of the review and consultations, the team will hold conversation hours with Affiliate Staff and consultations with staff and contractors in the Wikimedia Foundation. The Universal Code of Conduct will apply to every person working and volunteering within the Wikimedia Movement, so it is important to gather feedback from as many places as possible.

After the consultations close on the 17 October 2021, the Drafting Committee will have a chance to read the feedback gathered by the facilitators. Later, based on this feedback, they will revise and improve the Enforcement Guidelines, before presenting the final version up for ratification.

Roundtable Discussions and Conversation Hours

On September 18, 2021, Universal Code of Conduct facilitation team hosted the roundtable session to talk together about Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement draft guidelines review (EDGR). There were two sessions, first one at 03:00 UTC (Asia/Pacific friendly time zone) and second one at 15:00 UTC (Western/America friendly time zone).

Total of 25 participants attended roundtable sessions. In this session, to accompany the request of the drafting committee, we exclusively covered the Open Questions from the Drafting committee as well as ratification. You can read the full version of the report posted on meta.

Do you have any further questions or comments to share with us? Join the one last conversation hour on October 15th, 2021 on 03:00 UTC and 14:00 UTC.

Movement Charter Drafting Committee Elections

The Movement Charter Drafting Committee selection process will kick off October 12 and will be open for 2 weeks until October 25, 2021. Contributors to the online projects can elect their favorite candidates and appoint 7 people to the committee. Affiliates are putting forward regional selectors to appoint another 6. The Wikimedia Foundation will appoint 2 people to bring together a 15 people committee to curate the Movement Charter drafting process in the upcoming months. Details regarding the process can be found on meta

To make an informed decision, we invite everyone to take a look at the candidate statements, where people elaborate on their wiki and team collaboration experience, as well as share the reasons why they should be part of the Drafting Committee. We are also working on an “election compass” that will help to navigate in the pool of 70 candidates, which will be published together with the election announcement.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to strategy2030(_AT_)wikimedia.org or attend the Office Hours on Tuesday, October 12 at 19:00 UTC.

New Direction for the Newsletter

As we round-up the consultation processes for the Universal Code of Conduct, the facilitation team is currently envisioning new directions for the newsletter. For this reason, this issue of the UCoC Newsletter would be the final full issue in the year 2021.

We’d be getting back in touch next year to communicate the next steps for the UCoC process, as well as this newsletter. During this hiatus, you can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: ucocproject(_AT_)wikimedia.org. Please also follow the main project page, in order to stay updated on any changes to the process.

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